Chapter 1-33 : Unexpected Visitor


Ella stared at Mylia’s eyes

「When the caravan comes in the summer, we will hand your engagement letter to the captain, and you will be able to live in Hamanulle in the fall.」(Ella)


「Can you at least say something?」(Ella)


After that, Ella went back to the kitchen.

(In the summer, huh?…. I’m going to the Royal Girls’ Academy in spring, so it’ll be okay, right?)

Mylia was a little relieved.

(Once I become a student of that school, they won’t be able to marry me with anyone. But, there’s still a possibility they would rush the marriage, so I can’t let my guard down yet…)

Once Mylia became a student of the Royal Girls’ Academy, she would be under the protection of the Queen.

Anyone, even her parents, wouldn’t be able to make her do something she didn’t want to.

(That’s why they can no longer do anything to Chloe onee-chan. I’ll definitely leave this place and say goodbye to marriage after taking the test!)

While thinking that, Mylia looked at Ella with disappointed eyes.

(Mom… I was thinking of giving her a present, but…)

Mylia was thinking of giving Ella a present before she left because she was grateful to her.

However, now she didn’t feel that way anymore.

(I can leave this family without worrying about anything…!)

Mylia always thought positively.

(I already handed the exam fee to the priest, so all I have to do now is wait for the exam. I believe it will be next month…. Chloe onee-chan, wait for me!)

She got rid of loneliness with the hope of a bright future.

After a while, Aaron, Alex, Bonnie, Robin, and Jasmine came into the dining room.

Now that Chloe and Penelope were gone, the atmosphere of the dining table was colder than before.

Bonnie entered the kitchen and helped Ella serve dinner.

(Um… tasteless soup, hard black beard, and wild grasses as usual…)

And as usual, Mylia was the only one who didn’t get dried meat since she didn’t work.

「Let’s eat.」(Aaron)

Saying that, Aaron took a bite of his dried meat.

The muscle-brained lord was in a bad mood because the result of the day’s hunting wasn’t as good as usual.

Ella, Bonnie, Robin, and Jasmine started eating after they prayed to Goddess Celis.

While eating the soup, Alex glanced at Mylia with a creepy face and said something with a very low voice.

(Hiiiyy…! Stop looking at me, you disgusting perverted man!)

Still with an absent-minded face, Mylia soaked her black bread into the soup and started eating.

She had no appetite at all because she just ate delicious roasted Dabola meat with soy sauce earlier, but even so, she kept eating.

(I don’t want to eat this garbage, but they would be suspicious if I don’t act as if I’m hungry because I only got little food everyday…)

Mylia encouraged herself while kept eating her meal.

There was only a sound of people chewing dried meat.

After a while, Aaron raised his face and started talking.

「Everyone, listen. Mylia will be engaged to Baron Hansen soon.」(Aaron)

Everyone looked at Aaron.

「He said he would rethink about giving me the right to use the forest. I’ll give the engagement letter to the captain when the caravan comes in the summer….. If only Chloe became his wife, I would have been hunting in the southern forest today… It’s so frustrating…! Right, Alex!?」(Aaron)

「Y, Yes, you’re right…!」(Alex)

Alex nodded as if he was Aaron’s sycophant.

Suddenly, Robin started applauding.

「Wonderful! Finally this useless pipsqueak can get married! Congratulations, Mylia!」(Robin)

(Uhh… She’s annoying as usual…)

Everyone was just making an awkward expression while Robin was applauding.

「Do your best to make the baron and your family happy!」(Robin)

Robin was smiling but her eyes looked terrifying.

(Hiiiyy…! There it is! Robin’s special devilish smile!)

Mylia shivered a little as if a cold spoon touched her back.

「Replacing Chloe who abandoned Baron Hansen is your fate! I hope he won’t hurt you too much, kyahahahaha!」(Robin)

The sound of a devil’s laughter filled the dining room.

Even Aaron, the lord of the family, couldn’t stop Robin.

Mylia turned her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

(Aaahh… This woman really makes me sick…)

The rest of the family members kept eating, trying not to pay attention to Robin.

The next moment, someone’s voice was heard from the entrance.

「Aaron-sama, I’m sorry for interrupting your mealtime! The knights! There are knights coming here!」(villager)

Robin immediately stopped laughing while Aaron and Ella looked at each other.

「Do you know what’s going on?」(Aaron)

「I have no idea…」(Ella)

「Go see them.」(Aaron)

「U, Understood…」(Ella)

Ella went out of the living room with a pale face. She thought that the knights had bad news for the family.

(Knights? Did Robin do something bad so they came to catch her? I hope so.)

Mylia looked at the entrance while wondering.

After the sound of people talking at the entrance was heard for a while, the knight entered the dining room.

(Ah! She isー!)

「I’m sorry for visiting during your meal time. My name is Amnesia La Blue Eyes, the third daughter of the Count Blue Eyes, and who is in charge of supervising the examination to enter Adrashelm Kingdom Royal Girls’ Academy. Two years ago, I was honored to bring a genius young lady from this family to the royal capital.」(Amnesia)



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  1. All I can say is that other than Chloe and Mylia, the Atwood family is completely full of Dumbo’s and bimbos.

  2. Mylia doesn’t get meat because she “doesn’t work”?! She brings in rock salt every single month! Much more valuable stuff than what all the rest of them put together bring in! What nonsense!

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