Chapter 1-32 : Turmoil Once Again (part 2)


「Soy sauce is just a basic seasoning, but barbeque sauce is the ultimate seasoning that can make yakiniku a million times better!」(Mylia)

「Ultimate… seasoning…!?」(Titania)

Mylia’s theory of yakiniku was developed even more.

She hadn’t forgotten about her plans she wrote on paper.


Magic plan number 1 : Mastering teleportation magic. (Currently, she could teleport 500km away in one jump.)

Magic plan number 2 : Mastering how to completely control my magical power. (Mylia could now control about 80% of her magical power)

Yakiniku plan number 1 : Looking for delicious meat. (She had hunted countless monsters, but unfortunately, she still didn’t find the perfect meat for yakiniku yet)

Yakiniku plan number 2 : Finding a way to make barbeque sauce. (She will soon begin the research to make barbeque sauce)

Yakiniku plan number 3 : Making equipment to make yakiniku. (She had made a shichirin / Japanese grill, iron plates, small plates, chopsticks, air purifying magic tools, etc.)


Even though Mylia still could only control 80% of her magical power, she had become stronger than Titania because she had a lot more magical power than Titania.

However, Mylia’s clairvoyance could only reach Hamanulle while Titania’s could reach the royal capital.

Perhaps because Titania had more aptitude in clairvoyance than Mylia.

But because Mylia could now control almost all of her magical power, she could master a wide variety of magic if she kept practicing.

If Mylia turned all of her magical power into an explosion, she could create a crate about 10km in diameter.

She could always blow the royal capital away anytime if she felt like it.

No one knows what Her Majesty would do if she found out about Mylia’s existence.

Not only did she practice controlling her magical power, but she also practiced to improve her defensive magic.

As a result of her daily magic training, she was now invulnerable to any mental magic.

Moreover, with her enormous magical power, she could activate a defensive spell that would automatically protect her for 24 hours.

If there was an enemy who attacked her with magic, a cat-shaped defensive magic aura would repel the attack and capture the enemy. They wouldn’t be able to escape because the spell would home in on them and wouldn’t stop until it captured them.

The reason why it was cat-shaped was probably because Mylia likes cats.

No one knew who she was going to fight and what she was aiming for.

However, average magicians would never be able to defeat her.

「Master, once our perfect yakiniku is complete, I’m sure you will really love it!」(Mylia)

「Un. Let’s do our best. Ah, by the way, the fact that elves hate meat is just a stereotype, so please don’t believe it.」(Titania)

「I see. Okay!」(Mylia)

Mylia smiled at Titania.

She looked just like an ordinary girl with a carefree personality.

「Before we begin, I need a lot of soybeans, but… Usually, I don’t buy a lot of them in Hamanulle because I don’t want to stand out…」(Mylia)

「Then, why don’t you buy it in the royal capital later?」(Titania)

「Royal capital, huh… You’re right. Maybe I should stop buying soybeans at Hamanulle.」(Mylia)

After the two of them talked about soy sauce and barbeque sauce for a while, they took a bath together and enjoyed a relaxing time in Titania’s living room.

「Fwaaahh~~…….. I’m sleepy…..」(Titania)

Titania yawned bigly.

「Do you want to sleep now?」(Mylia)

「Yeah… Maybe I’ll sleep for about two days…」(Titania)

「Two days, huh…」(Mylia)

「Well, you see. I practiced a lot lately, so I want to catch up on sleep… By the way, how’s your family? When the knights come, they will find out that you’re going to take the exam.」(Titania)

「Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. If I tell them, Robin will definitely do something to prevent me from taking the exam.」(Mylia)

「Ahh… Indeed she will definitely do that.」(Titania)

「Actually… Robin has been really weird since Penelope onee-sama got married and left this territory.」(Mylia)

「Hm? Wasn’t she already weird from the beginning?」(Titania)

「Haha, you’re right.」(Mylia)

Just a week ago, the fifth daughter, Penelope, married the second son of Curtis Family.

The Curtis Family was an aristocratic family, but its title was a ‘Knighthood’ just like the Atwood Family, so they were not a rich family.

(Even so, I’m glad that Penelope onee-sama can leave this territory. When I secretly gave her rock salt, she gave me a hand-made barrette. Unlike Robin who always bullies me, she never hurt me. She rarely talked to me, but she is a good person.)

The only person who didn’t like Penelope getting married was Robin.

She yelled at the second son of the Curtis Family who came to pick Penelope to take her with him too, and that annoyed the people around her.

Even her mother, Ella, who was always quiet, harshly rebuked her for disgracing her own family.

However, Robin insisted on asking the second son of the Curtis Family to take her with him, and eventually, Aaron and Alex had no choice but to restrain her and lock her in the mansion.

(That was so messed up… I wonder if that woman loves the Curtis Family’s second son…)

Since then, Robin has become weird.

But actually, that wasn’t only because of Penelope’s marriage, but also because of Mylia.

Because Mylia always ate a lot of food with high nutrition, she grew into a healthy body and had smooth skin.

Now that Chloe was gone, Mylia had become the most beautiful girl in the village.

When Robin saw Mylia, she always hit her head with all of her might out of jealousy.


(Well, it’s all good because I used body strengthening magic to make my head as hard as iron.)

ーthe one who was always moaning in pain wasn’t Mylia, but Robin.

(Just one more month and it will be over…)

When Mylia thought like that, she felt like Robin’s bullying wasn’t a big deal.

「Well then, I’m going to sleep now. You can wake me up anytime if something happens. I’ll help you right away.」(Titania)

「Un! Master, I love you!」(Mylia)

「Fufu. I love you too.」(Titania)

Titania gently stroked Mylia’s head.

After having a lot of fun with Titania, Myla left the forest and went home.

(Alright, now I have to act as an absent-minded girl. After all these years, I have gotten used to this.)

Mylia opened her mouth a little, made a hollow expression, and walked down the village road.

「Hello, Mylia ojou-sama. It’s a nice day, isn’t it?」(villager)

「Yes… it is…」(Mylia)

Sometimes the villagers greeted her, and she would reply with a faint voice.

She kept walking through the lavender fields that were swaying in the wind.

(Let’s see where Robin is….)

Before she got home, Mylia used sonar magic first to find Robin’s whereabouts.

(Nice. She’s still working in the warehouse.)

After she confirmed where Robin was, Mylia washed her hands in the pail in the backyard, entered the mansion and took a seat in the dining room.

Her mother, Ella, was now preparing a meal in the kitchen.

「Mylia, how many times I told you to say “I’m home” when you get home.」(Ella)

「…I’m home…」(Mylia)

「Hahh… Mylia, I have good news for you.」(Ella)


Ella took a seat in front of Mylia and looked at Mylia with a smile.

(…Mom rarely smiles like that… I have a really bad feeling abot this…)

「Mylia, you will become Baron Hansen’s wife. I’m glad for you.」(Ella)


Mylia was about to make a surprised expression, but she held it.

「The captain of the knight told Baron Hansen about your beauty, and then Baron Hansen became enthusiastic to marry you. Honestly, we will be troubled if you leave though…」(Ella)

Shocked by the sudden bad news, Mylia slipped off the chair.

「Mylia? Are you okay?」(Ella)

(Of course not! What the hell are you talking about, Mom!? If you’re troubled because I won’t be able to give you rock salt anymore, then please stop that fat-ass perverted man from taking your cute daughter!)



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  1. Grilling meat (what yakiniku is) is so fucking simple. There is no way that this medieval world doesn’t have it.

    1. Grilling definitely exist however the issue is the sauce m8. The ingredients like spices are simply to expensive back in those day it’s actually worth more than gold iirc. If any pre-modern peoples come to modern era and saw the amount of spices on supermarket shelves it’s probably broke thier mind.

  2. The author mentioned grilled meat exists in this world, but she prefers the one with a taste close to her home country. It was said a few chaps ago if you paid attention.

    “Of course there were restaurants that serve grilled meat”
    “However, the ‘all-you-can-eat yakiniku’ restaurant for Mylia was the restaurant like Jojoen”

    NOTE: */Jojoen is one of the famous Japanese yakiniku restaurants

  3. There’s a big difference between normal grilled meat and Oriental grilled meat, you know. Our grilled meat has to be very specifically cooked and our dipping sauces have to be very specifically made. They’re no ordinary grilled meat and dipping sauces. That’s why there are people who specialize just in making certain particular types of grilled meat and dipping sauces. Asians, especially Orientals, are very particular about food. After all, the Oriental motto is Face (Image/Reputation), Money, Food. And to make money you need… Education. So, yeah, we love our food. So we’re extremely particular about it. Enough that any good girl/woman and some men know how to cook pretty good food.

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