Chapter 1-32 : Turmoil Once Again (part 1)


It had been a year since Mylia visited Hamanulle for the first time.

The flow of time sure was fast.

Mylia turned eleven several months ago, and her height had grown to 140 centimeters.

She tied her long lavender-colored hair with a wooden barrette half-up.

Her face didn’t look as childish as it did a year ago.

Just like her older sister, she grew up to be a beautiful girl.

It was about one month before the lavender began to bud.

She would be twelve soon.

「Mylia, stay focused!」(Titania)

「U, Un…!」(Mylia)

(It’s been about four years since I recalled my previous life’s memories… Finally… It’s entering the final stage of the process… Ahh, I’m really nervous……)

Mylia took a deep breath while concentrating.

「Aging magic… activated!」(Mylia)

Mylia’s full-of-spirit shout echoed throughout the northern forest.

After she activated the magic, the hand-made barrel in front of her began to glow.

(Please… please…!)

After the glow faded, she nervously looked into the barrel.

There was a deep brown liquid inside it.

「…Master, I’ll taste it now…」(Mylia)


Mylia put her index finger in the liquid and licked it.

She then opened her eyes wide, looking really surprised.

「This is….. This is…!!!」(Mylia)

「Mylia, calm down. You look like you’re possessed by a ghost or something. So? How’s it?」(Titania)

「Master! It’s perfect! This soy sauce is perfect! We did itー!」(Mylia)

「Really!? Myliaaaー!」(Titania)


They hugged each other tightly.

It had been a year since they started doing research to make soy sauce, and it was finally completed.

Mylia couldn’t find soy sauce when she went to Hamanulle, but luckily, she found soybeans, and then she got the idea to make soy sauce herself.

However, it wasn’t as easy as she expected.

She repeated the process like heating, stirring, fermentation, ect. with magic hundreds of times, but the soy sauce kept ending up horrible.

She didn’t even know how many times she wanted to give up because it was really frustrating.

However, her gluttonous instinct never allowed her to give up until she could make perfect soy sauce.

(Ahhh… It was a long, long journey…. But finally… Finally I can enjoy food with soy sauce!)

Mylia was deeply moved by this success.

Although it tasted a little inferior to the Japanese soy sauce, the dark-brown liquid in front of Mylia was without a doubt real soy sauce.

Mylia once again put her finger into the soy sauce and licked it.

Watching her doing that, Titania was curious about the taste, she also put her finger into it and licked it.

「Mmm! So this is soy sauce… It has a unique flavor… There’s no seasoning like this even in the elven village.」(Titania)

「Master, let’s eat yakitori with this!」(Mylia)

「Ahh! Certainly, it will taste amazing with this ‘soy sauce’ thing!」(Titania)

Mylia quickly prepared the shichirin (Japanese grill) and started grilling some Dabola meat.

She then took out a brush from her magic bag and applied the soy sauce to the Dabola meat with it.

When a little bit of soy sauce dripped onto the grillー


ーthe delicious scent of burned soy sauce tickled Mylia’s nostrils, making her almost drool.

(Mmm~ This scent… How nostalgic…)

Smelling the scent of the soy sauce, Mylia’s eyes became teary with joy.

The scent of her hometown evoked the feeling of nostalgia.

She suddenly remembered the grilled onigiri her grandmother made.

After a while of grilling, the soy sauce-flavored Dabola meat a.k.a soy sauce grilled yakitori was finally completed.

The surface of the meat was shining brightly. It looked really delicious.

Mylia and Titania both swallowed their saliva at the same time and took the meat with a fork.



They nodded at each other and took a bite at the same time.

「Mmmm~!!! It’s so delicious that I feel like the time has stopped!」(Mylia)

Mylia felt like she was in paradise when she chewed the meat.

「Whoaaaー This is really good! I’ve never tasted something like this before!」(Titania)

Titania also really loved it.

Actually, Titania wasn’t really excited about soy sauce at first because she didn’t know how it tasted.

However, because Mylia kept doing the research, making soy sauce again and again enthusiastically, she decided to help her precious disciple with the research, and now her mind was blown because Mylia has created such a delicious seasoning.

(It would be bad if the other elves found out about this seasoning…)(Titania)

While enjoying the meat, Titania felt a sense of crisis for some reason.

「Ahh! I’m glad that we finally secured soy sauce!… Alright, next, we will make barbeque sauce!」(Mylia)

「Eh!? There are more!?」(Titania)

「Of course. This soy sauce is just a basic seasoning. We still need barbeque sauce to step closer to the “all you can eat yakiniku” dream!」(Mylia)

Mylia puffed out her chest as she took another bite of the Dabola meat.



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  1. I dislike both chicken and soy sauce.

    The former is bland and dry unless you deep fry it or season it in some way and so is good for nothing as a delivery for smoking, sauces or other materials.

    And I’m tired of using soy sauce on everything. It’s incredibly tiresome and generic and does nothing but obscure the flavor of ingredients. Really sick and tired of every Japanese isekai protag getting a hard-on for it.

    1. This and baths…like we get it. You can’t legally be an isekai protagonist unless you go on about how amazing japan is

  2. While salty soy sauce is useful in a world without refrigeration, her next sauce invention seems to require tomato. Otherwise, it would be a bit cloying for beef yakniku.

    It’s also strange there is nothing about her family trying to make sure she does or doesn’t take the examination when she is 12.

    1. There’s no way they’d think she was actually going to take the exam, regardless of what she said to Robin.

  3. Ah, soy sauce, my favorite sauce seasoning. And you guys just don’t know how to select and cook chicken. Chicken is a staple main ingredient here, aside from pork, and it’s REALLY delicious IF you know how to cook it. And soy sauce DOESN’T kill off the taste of other seasonings, it improves and complements them. It can also be used as the main seasoning or as a dipping sauce or as an ingredient to make a different dipping sauce. Chinese cuisine is extremely wide and various and has almost no bounds, and is extremely delicious. Even leftovers are sometimes turned into ingredients for new dishes. The American Chap Sui is one such example. Almost everything can be used as an ingredient if you prepare it properly. Pig’s stomach, or intestines, or liver, or whatever. Even their trotters. Chicken feet are considered a delicacy here too. Or fish eyes and fish heads. Among thousands and thousands of other dishes. Also, I’ve never understood why you guys like to smoke or boil your food. That’s one of the worst ways to cook your food. No wonder it tastes bad. Is it lack of knowledge and skill in cooking or something?

  4. If you cook it that way, especially boiling, all the taste goes away. And you’re left with nothing but bland food.

  5. There’s a common joke in Asia, especially in the orient, that other than the French and Italians, westerners don’t know how to cook food. No offense. So pick up a French, Italian, Chinese, or Japanese cookbook sometime.

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