Chapter 1-31 : The Southern City of Hamanulle (part 2)


Following Titania’s guidance, Mylia arrived at the grocery market in a couple of minutes.

There were hundreds of stalls in this area.

Mylia used magic to sharpen her sense of smell and started sniffing the air.

(Soy sauce… Soy sauce…)

『What are you looking for?』(Titania)

『Soy sauce!』(Mylia)

『Say souce…?』(Titania)

『No, it’s soy sauce. It’s a very versatile seasoning! I don’t know if anyone sells it in this market but… Ahh, I want it so badly!』(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia inflated her nose while breathing heavily.

『…You look like a bull ready to attack anyone in front of you… Ahh, Mylia’s cute face is ruined…』(Titania)

『Shh, Master, please be quiet for a moment.』(Mylia)

『Okay, okay.』(Titania)

(Hahh… she’s always serious about weird things…)(Titania)

Mylia closed her eyes and concentrated on sniffing the air to find soy sauce.

For Titania, it might be a weird thing, but the existence of soy sauce in this world is a matter of life and death for Mylia.

(Soy sauce… Soy sauce…)

After a while of sniffing the air while walking around the market, Mylia still couldn’t find soy sauce.

(Uhh…. Is there’s no soy sauce in this world…?)

Mylia dropped her shoulders in great disappointment.

She couldn’t find soy sauce, but she bought wheat, cheese, ham, olive oil, apples, oranges, grapes, spinach, honey and other foods while looking for soy sauce.

She turned two silver coins into a lot of food in less than an hour.

There was no soy sauce in her groceries but she was looking forward to eating the food she had bought with Titania.

『Mylia, if you want to sell the gold and silver you have in your magic bag, then forget it. You will be told to bring your parents by the shopkeeper.』(Titania)

Aside from mining iron, Mylia also mined and refined gold and silver sometimes.

『Hm? No, I have no intention of selling them.』(Mylia)

『That’s good then. But what are you gonna do with them?』(Titania)

『I’m going to make gold and silver accessories for Chloe onee-chan, so I’ll never sell them.』(Mylia)

『Ara, you really love your sister.』(Titania)

『Of course! By the way, Obaa-chan from the material shop earlier told me that we can send things from Hamanulle to the royal capital. It will take about a month for the items to arrive. I will use this postal service when I finish the accessories.』(Mylia)

『I see. I bet Chloe will be very pleased with your present.』(Titania)

『Un! I hope she will wear my accessories at the party in the Royal Girls’ Academy. Ah, by the way, Master, thank you for telling me that there will be a party in that school.』(Mylia)

『No problem. So you got this idea after I told you that, huh? But speaking of the party, I think we should also make Chloe some jewelry with the sapphire I found. Fwaaahh…. I’m sleepy…. I’ll polish the sapphire later.』(Titania)

『Jewelry! Master, you’re genius!』(Mylia)

『Fufu~n. Who do you think I am?』(Titania)


『Yup!ーーNo! Who the heck is Saito-san!?』(Titania)

*/Saito or Tsukasa Saito is Mylia’s favorite comedian.
Mylia once used this joke in chapter 1-16

The two of them were excited to make expensive accessories for Chloe, but both of them had no idea…

Titania simply had no common sense of human society, and Mylia thought that the party must be very extravagant, but in fact, it was different from what they imagined.

After enjoying the city for a little longer, Mylia returned to the Atwood territory before dinner.




-In the first grade students’ dormitory of the Adrashelm Kingdom Royal Girls’ Academy-

「Chloe, there’s a package for you.」(roommate)

「For me?」(Chloe)

When Chloe entered her shared room, her roommate told her so while pointing at the package on Chloe’s desk.

Chloe stared at the package curiously.

「Fufu. You’re really popular.」(roommate)

Saying that, her roommate grinned and left the room.

「Hahh… being popular will only get you into trouble, you know…?」(Chloe)

Chloe is smart and beautiful, and because of that, many people wanted to be in a relationship with her.

Not only did she get many love letters from men, but also from girls since the school was an all-girls school.

Although she was living in the school dormitory, there was interaction with the aristocratic families in the royal capital sometimes.

But even though the school sometimes held parties with aristocrats, that didn’t mean that all the students were from aristocratic families too, there were also commoners among the students.

Chloe always attended the parties to make connections in order to build her dream company in the future.

That’s why many men from aristocratic families knew about her.

(I wonder who sent this package…)

When Chloe opened the tightly wrapped package, she found a necklace that was shining dazzlingly inside.

(Th, This is…!)

There was a large sapphire in the center of the beautiful necklace that was made of silver and gold.

It looked gorgeous, and it was a little heavy.

Chloe thought that it must be worth hundreds of gold coins.

Aside from the necklace, she also found a letter.

She was surprised when she read the letter.

『Dear Chloe onee-chan,
Master told me that there will be a party at the end of winter, so I made you a necklace that will look good on you! I hope you like it!
From your cute little sister, Mylia』

As soon as she finished reading the letter, Chloe immediately closed the lid of the package box and looked around.

(No one has seen it, right…?)

Mylia had no idea that if Chloe wore that necklace at the school party, she would definitely stand out and everyone would surround her and ask her where she got it.

(Ahh, this is bad…! I can’t let anyone see this…!)

Chloe quickly opened the lid of her personal storage box, put the necklace in.

(I’m happy… I’m very happy that you gave me a present… But Mylia, can you just give me normal items that most people can have so I can use them every day without feeling anxious!?)


Chloe closed her storage box, locked it, and sighed.

She then looked at the bracelet magic item on her hand that she got from Mylia and smiled.

(But… Fufu… I’m glad that she’s doing well even without me.)

While imagining Mylia’s smile, Chloe took the letter from Mylia and put it on her chest dearly as if it was Mylia herself.



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  1. That giant sapphire in the necklace was from Titania. So it’s reasonable to assume there might be some extra magic in that sapphire.

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