Chapter 1-31 : The Southern City of Hamanulle (part 1)


The next morning, Mylia was getting ready to go to the southern city of Hamanulle.

『Mylia, can you hear me?』(Titania)

『Yes, I can hear you, Master』(Mylia)

『Remember to take a break every time you use teleportation magic ten times. I think you’ll be okay since you’ve gotten better at controlling your magical power, but don’t use it continuously just in case. It may put a strain on your body.』(Titania)


『I took a quick look at the road with clairvoyance, but I saw no one there. You can move without worry.』(Titania)

『Thank you, Master!』(Mylia)

(Magic circulation… cover my body with magical power… Teleportation activate!)

Mylia started traveling with teleportation magic from the reading room.

She went to the transition points in advance, so now she just had to remember the scenery of each point to teleport.

The unusually shaped trees, large rocks, rivers, ect. on the highway were the transition points.

Mylia was good at memorization since she was a high school student in her previous life, so remembering them was an easy job for her.

Following Titania’s advice, Mylia took a ten minute break every tenth teleportation.

As always, thanks to the “Fairy’s Warning”, Mylia felt like someone was poking her nape with a toothpick when she entered the monster territory, but she was already used to it because she always went to Titania’s house.

She thought that Chloe, who wasn’t used to it and took this road to go to the royal capital, must have had a restless journey.

After she teleported 30 times, Mylia finally reached the area near Hamanulle.

(Ahh~ I was lucky to get Dabola meat on the way earlier!)

When Mylia took a break earlier, a Dabola appeared and attacked her, but she killed it immediately.

『Master, I can now see the city.』(Mylia)

『I know, I’m watching you after all. Good job.』(Titania)

『Where is your camera, by the way? I mean, your point of view.』(Mylia)

『Hm? It’s right above you.』(Titania)

When Mylia looked above her head, she could feel Titania’s clairvoyance was there.

『Is it here? Or… here? Master~ Can you see me~?』(Mylia)

Mylia waved her hand to Titania as if she was waving at a camera.

Mylia laughed cutely and it made Titania smile.

『Fufufu. You’re so energetic today. Are you excited to go to that city?』(Titania)

『Un! I can’t wait to see the city!』(Mylia)

『I see. Alright then, go around to the eastern gate and enter the city from there. If you go straight and enter from the north gate, the gatekeepers will be confused.』(Titania)

『Got it. There’s only the Atwood territory on the north side of Hamanulle after all.』(Mylia)

『And the monster territory. Alright, go now, or else you will have less time for shopping.』(Titania)


Mylia flew to the south side of the city with magic.

She landed in the forest on the way, and went out to the road on the east side by foot.

She then walked to the south gate after she used sonar magic to confirm that there was no one on the road.

『Tell the gatekeepers that you come from the eastern village. You need a bronze coin to enter.』(Titania)

『I got several bronze coins from helping the priest in the village for several days!』(Mylia)

『You’re such a good girl.』(Titania)

Mylia took out five bronze coins from her magic bag and put them in her dress pocket.

That was all the money Mylia had right now.

Before entering the city, people had to line up in front of the gate first, and the gatekeepers would check them one by one.

After a while since Mylia got into the line, a gatekeeper approached her and stared at her.

Mylia then nervously handed a bronze coin to him, and after that, the gatekeeper let her pass the gate.

『Whoaaa! Master, there are a lot of people here! As expected of a city! It’s completely different from the countryside!』(Mylia)

『Fufu. I know, I know.』(Titania)

As soon as Mylia entered the city, the European-style cityscape spread in front of her.

The roofs and the walls of the buildings were so colorful, and the street was bustling with people.

(Even though the lord is fat, bald, lustful man, this city is really beautiful!)

『First, you want to sell your Dabola materials, right? I think you should sell the beaks and feathers for now and see how it goes.』(Titania)

『Actually, I thought so too, so I already put them in my ordinary bag before I go.』(Mylia)

『What a clever girl. Ah, remember not to use your magic bag too much in public.』(Titania)

『Un. Chloe onee-chan always told me so too. Is it that bad if someone finds out about this bag?』(Mylia)

『Well, you’re not in the Atwood territory now, so I don’t think it would be that bad, but do it just in case. Normally, only magicians can use magic items such as a magic bag, so if someone saw you using it, they would definitely think that you’re a witch.』(Titania)

『Ah, I see. Young witches my age are very rare, so I would definitely stand out if that happened…』(Mylia)

『Exactly. Alright, now go look for a monster material shop.』(Titania)


Mylia looked for a monster material shop nearby and sold Dabola’s materials.

She got a total of 5 silver coins from selling a beak, and 40 bronze coins from selling 40 white feathers (1 bronze coin for each feather).

The shopkeeper lady gave Mylia a sweet that looked like a rice cake after she bought the Dabola materials from her.
Maybe because the shopkeeper lady thought that Mylia was helping her parents sell the materials, and she found it cute.

After receiving the sweet, Mylia thanked the shopkeeper lady and left the store.

(That obaa-chan was so kind… So Dabola’s beak can be used for medicine, and its white feathers can be used to make quill pens, huh? People don’t usually use the red feathers, so she didn’t want to buy them. Well, that’s unfortunate because I have a lot of them in my magic bag…)

It was said that it was really difficult to defeat the monster bird, Dabola, without a wizard.

Dabolas could regrow their beaks and feathers, so those items usually could be found near their nest.

Those were perfect materials for amateur material hunters because they could collect them safely.

Normally, Dabolas wouldn’t attack people unless you entered their territory, so they were not monsters that had to be subdued.

Dabola’s beaks and feathers were not classified as valuable commodities, and because of that, Mylia could sell them without being suspected by the shopkeeper.

After all, Mylia looked like a child who was told by her parents to sell the materials her parents found somewhere near Dabola’s nest.

(But… Is it okay if I get this much money just by selling Dabola’s materials…?)

『Now you finally have enough money to pay for the exam fee! Congratulations~!』(Titania)

Saying that, Titania applauded.

『But, isn’t it too easy…? Is it really okay if I get so much money this easily?』(Mylia)

The exam fee was 200 bronze coins. It was equal to 2 silver coins.

After excluding the exam fee, Mylia still had 3 silver coins and 44 bronze coins to use as she pleased.

Mylia remembered when she was working part-time when she was a high school student in her previous life.

At that time, she worked really hard until night to earn money to pay for her living expenses.

Even now, Mylia still thought that making money was really hard.

That’s why she was confused right now.

『What are you talking about? Of course it’s okay. Mylia, you were able to kill Dabolas because you put a lot of effort into magic practice. Killing a Dabola is not an easy job, you know?』(Titania)


As she listened to Titania, Mylia felt the weight of silver and bronze coins in her pocket.

『Mylia, your efforts have been rewarded. Be proud of yourself!』(Titania)

「…….Yes! Thank you very much!」(Mylia)

Being touched by Titania’s words, Mylia unintentionally spoke out loud in the middle of the street instead of using telepathy.

「Y, You’re welcome…?」(stranger)

A man who was walking nearby, looked at Mylia with a strange expression.

「A, Aahh! It’s nothing! P, Please don’t mind me…!」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia quickly turned around and ran.

(Uwaa…! That was so embarrassing! Who was that man!? Why the hell did he reply to me!?)


『Master, stop laughing!』(Mylia)

While running in embarrassment, Mylia looked for the grocery market.



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