Chapter 1-30 : Iron Ingot



Eight months had passed since Mylia found “Iron Area”.

Mylia’s “Yakiniku : Yes, Marriage : No” plan was progressing smoothly.

(Refine it… dissolve it… extract it…)

Mylia poured her magical power into a chunk of iron ore.

Because she experienced how tiring it was to refine iron at first, she was now doing it by imagining sucking the iron with a syringe little by little.

She had become less tired from refining iron since she started doing that.

(They look like amoebas…)

The iron she gathered little by little had become like a liquid, and it was now floating in the air.

(Hm~ Hmhm~ Hm~♪ Magic is really convenient. Normally, I have to melt it with heat, but I can turn it into liquid with magic. It feels so strange.)

Mylia refined iron while humming carefreely, but if a royal magician saw her doing it, they would definitely be shocked.

The technology to process materials with magical power existed, but it could only handle an object with a diameter of 10 cm at most.

Currently, Mylia was processing a big chunk of iron ore that was 3 meters in length and width.

She was completely on a whole different level.

(Oh, it became hollow! It looks interesting no matter how many times I see it!)

The chunk of iron ore that had been extracted became like a mesh-like object.

It looked like a jungle gym made from a lot of toothpicks.

(This iron ore is kinda different from the ones in my previous life…)

While the liquid iron was floating in the air, Mylia looked around.

There were a lot of strange objects sitting in the “Iron Area”.

In these eight months, Mylia extracted iron from almost all the iron chunks in the area.

Mylia divided the liquid iron into ten equal parts.

She made nine of them into iron ingots, and the remaining one into an iron plate, and then she put them into her magic bag.

Mylia’s magic bag now contained about 4,000 iron ingots weighing around 400 tons.

She still didn’t know what she wanted to do with those iron ingots, but she made them anyway just in case she needed to make something from iron.

Titania didn’t even know that Mylia had that many iron ingots in her magic bag.

By the way, Mylia made around 200 iron nets for the ‘shichirin’.
She made a lot of them so that she could always replace the old ones with a new one.

Aside from iron, Mylia also stored various materials she got when she explored around the territory such as wild vegetables, herbs, monster materials, silver, gold, mithril, ect.

Mithril was very rare, so she could only obtain a little.

According to Titania, mithril was used to make magic weapons, and the price for one kilogram of mithril was about 1,000 gold coins.

『Mylia, can you hear me?』(Titania)

Suddenly, Titania’s voice echoed in Mylia’s head.

『What’s wrong, Master?』(Mylia)

『Chloe once again got first place in the academy exam.』(Titania)

『Wow! As expected from Chloe onee-chan!』(Mylia)

『When are you coming back? Let’s have lunch together.』(Titania)

『Un! I’m going back now.』(Mylia)

Because Titania was really good at manipulating magical power, her clairvoyance could reach the royal capital, so she could see how Chloe was doing there.

(Master is amazing… My clairvoyance can only reach the forest before Hamanulle…)

Mylia wasn’t satisfied with that, but actually that was incredible enough.

(Alright, let’s use teleportation!)

She had been practicing teleportation magic, but she still couldn’t teleport at a very long distance.

For now, Mylia could only teleport 10 km, but the distance steadily increased as she practiced.

(Magic circulation… cover my entire body with magical power and imagine the destination… alright, teleportation magic activated!)

Mylia suddenly disappeared from the Iron Area, and appeared in the woods near Titania’s house which was 10 km away from the Iron Area.

She then used teleportation magic once again to teleport to Titania’s house.

「Master, I’m back.」(Mylia)

「Welcome back~」(Titania)

Even though Mylia suddenly appeared in front of her, Titania wasn’t surprised at all and kept grilling Dabola meat and wild vegetables on a shichirin.

The shichirin was made by Mylia with a little help from Titania, while the iron net was completely made by Mylia, and the charcoal was from Titania’s house.

「Mmm~! It smells good!」(Mylia)

There were two types of wild vegetables on the shichirin, one was similar to cabbage, and the other one looked like bell peppers.

「I’m addicted to grilling food on this ‘shichirin’ thing.」(Titania)

「Fufu! Master, you’re now a member of the ‘All You Can Eat Yakiniku’ team!」(Mylia)

「Ahaha. By the way, how many members are there now?」(Titania)

「It’s only you and me for now.」(Mylia)

「Figures… Ah, I think it’s cooked.」(Titania)


Titania seemed to have the nature to be the “hotpot governor” because she always took the initiative in grilling food on the shichirin.

*/hotpot governor (鍋奉行) is the person in charge of cooking food at a hotpot party

By the way, Titania used air purification magic to keep the smoke from rising so that it couldn’t be discovered by the villagers near the forest.

They enjoyed the food even though the seasoning was only salt and pepper.

(Ahh, I really want barbeque sauce and beef! And also a side menu!)

It was far from the quality of the yakiniku in Jojoen.

Mylia was still thinking about how to make it even better.

「Master, how’s Chloe onee-chan in the school?」(Mylia)

「She’s doing good. It looks like she already made friends with some other students.」(Titania)

「Really? That’s great! Please keep watching over her when you’re free.」(Mylia)

「You can count on me. I have to use my magical power after all, or else my body will weaken. Besides, I want to increase the distance I can travel with teleportation magic.」(Titania)

After she said that, Titania put salt on the grilled vegetables and ate them deliciously.

Titania also practiced teleportation magic, the magic she wasn’t good at, because she hated losing to her disciple.

However, just like Mylia, she could only teleport 10 km for now.

「By the way, is it okay if I go to the city soon?」(Mylia)

「Ah, come to think of it, we made such a promise.」(Titania)

Titania focused her magical power on her eyes to see Mylia’s magical power as if she was wearing thermal glasses.

When she looked at Mylia, Mylia’s small body was covered in bright red aura.

「Umm… looks like you still can only manipulate 60% of your magical power… But, I think that’s good enough. Un, you may go.」(Titania)

「Thank you very much! I have to earn money to pay for the exam fee after all.」(Mylia)

「Ah, I can give you money if you want.」(Titania)

「Thank you, Master, but I want to earn money myself just like Chloe onee-chan!」(Mylia)

「I see. Fufu, you’re such a good girl.」(Titania)

Titania held her plate with one hand and stroked Mylia’s head with the other hand.

「By the way, how are things going in your family?」(Titania)

「Umm… Recently, Penelope onee-sama got engaged to the second son of the Curtis Family, who was the younger brother of Clara onee-sama’s husband. The Curtis Family isn’t a bad family, so I’m glad for her, but…」(Mylia)

「But Robin didn’t accept that?」(Titania)

「Yes… That demon queen! She asked Father why didn’t he immediately engage me to the merchant’s son but engage Penelope onee-sama to the son of the Curtis Family instead! She was really annoying! Thanks to that, the mood at dinner that night was the worst.」(Mylia)

「So that woman was rampaging as always, huh?」(Titania)

「Recently, I saw her flirting with a young man from the village and went somewhere with him.」(Mylia)

「That man must be the demon king then.」(Titania)

「Fufu. Right.」(Mylia)

Rumors spread quickly in the small village in Atwood territory.

The villagers were worried what if a bad rumor about Robin would spread again and worsen the reputation of the Atwood territory.

After a while, Mylia and Titania finally finished eating the grilled Dabola meat and vegetables.

「Aaahh… I don’t wanna go home…」(Mylia)

「Hang in there, Mylia. Just one more year. If you’re done eating, come here.」(Titania)


Mylia approached Titania with a pouting face.

Titania cast deodorant magic on Mylia to get rid of the charcoal smell.

「Come. Let me smell your hair.」(Titania)

After casting the magic, Titania stroked Mylia’s hair.


As her master stroked her hair, Mylia buried her face in Titania’s breasts.

The Atwood mansion without Chloe was close to hell.

It was tough even for a carefree girl like Mylia.

Now that Chloe wasn’t around, Titania was the only one who could give Mylia emotional support.

「Ah, before you go home, how about we take a bath first?」(Titania)


Mylia made a stone bathtub when she practiced earth magic.

The hot water could be created immediately with water magic and fire magic.

Because Titania liked the bath a lot and she always took a bath everyday, she built a small bathhouse next to her house and put Mylia’s bathtub there.



(I’ve seen her naked body many times but… Master really has a beautiful body…)

Mylia always thought like that every time she took a bath with Titania.

(Uhh… I feel like my chest is still the same size as when I was 8…)

Mylia looked at her chest with a disappointed face.

However, she still hoped that her body would grow like Chloe’s in the future.

「If you want to go to Hamanulle, you may go tomorrow.」(Titania)

Titania scooped up her wet blonde hair as she said that.


「Do you remember the points where you have to teleport to?」(Titania)

「Yes. There are about thirty points that I have to teleport to before I reach Hamanulle.」(Mylia)

「I see. I’m worried, so let’s keep in touch with telepathy.」(Titania)


Mylia sank her face in the water while wondering what that city would be like.



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