Chapter 1-25 : Falsifying The Letter With Magic


Mylia finally could see the knights’ camp.

The smell of burning incense that monsters dislike filled the camp area.

There were two guards standing on the north and the south side of the camp.

(It smells kinda bad…)

The incense smelled like burnt potatoes.

Mylia put her index finger on her nose as she walked.

(Alright, let’s do this… Magical circulation… Wind magic activated… Sphere Wall!)

The camp area was covered with a transparent sphere with a radius of about 50 meters.

(And then, sleep magic activated… Sleep!)

A large amount of sparkling dust scattered from Mylia’s hands as if she was using a sprayer, and it filled the inside of the sphere.

After a while, the sound of people falling on the ground was heard several times.

The guards on the north and south sides also passed out.

(It’s working! It’s working…!)

『Mylia, good job. Now enter the big tent in the center.』(Titania)

Following Titania’s instruction, Mylia used magic to fly to the center of the camp area.

She breathed the dust from her sleep magic as she flew, but she was unaffected because it was her own spell.

When Mylia entered the big tent, she saw the captain wrapped in a sleeping bag.

(Sleeping bag…? Ah, I see. It uses buttons, huh? Well, zippers don’t exist in this world after all…)

Mylia started unbuttoning the captain’s sleeping bag.

But suddenly, the captain shook his body.



Mylia was really surprised

She jumped back, held her breath, and quietly looked at the captain for a second.

(Haahh… He was just snoring, huh? Please don’t surprise me like that…)

Mylia tried to unbutton the captain’s sleeping bag again and opened it.

Her “GPS” reacted to what was inside the captain’s jacket pocket.

(I wonder why he’s sleeping with the letter… Was he worried that his subordinates would steal it?)

Inside the jacket pocket, the letter was sandwiched between two thin boards.

Maybe he did that to prevent the letter from crumpling.

(Please don’t wake up…..)

Mylia poured a little bit more sleep dust on the captain’s face to make sure he wouldn’t wake up.

She then pulled out the thin boards carefully from the captain’s jacket, untied the boards, and took out the letter.

『Master, I got the letter!』(Mylia)

『Well done! Now it’s time to edit it!』(Titania)

『Are you sure this is going to work?』(Mylia)

『Don’t worry. Let’s make that big fat Baron so angry that he will never think of marrying Chloe again!』(Titania)


Mylia then focused on the letter.

(I must make it quick before these knights wake up.)

She opened the letter and made all the writing on the letter float in the air with magic.

She then rearranged the writing according to the text she had prepared beforehand.

(I’m the one who is doing it, but it looks really weird… I feel like I’m watching a magic themed movie right now… Woops, stay focused.. Stay focused, Mylia….)

After she finished rearranging it as she wanted, she made the writing go back into the letter.

(Fiuh… That was kinda hard, but I managed to do it…)

That magic required delicate magical control.

Only Titania and Mylia could do this kind of magic.

If you do something like this in front of a finance officer, you will definitely become a fugitive of this country.

『Un! You did a great job! Looks like your magical control ability has improved.』(Titania)

『Thank you for the praise, Master!』(Mylia)

『Fufu. You’re such a cute disciple. Alright, now return the letter to the captain’s jacket, and go away from there. This mission will not end until you get home, so stay sharp.』(Titania)

『Aye aye, captain!』(Mylia)

『What kind of answer was that…?』(Titania)

Mylia closed the letter, put it between the thin boards, tied them together, put it back in the captain’s jacket pocket, and buttoned the captain’s sleeping bag.

She then got out of the tent and flew away with magic.

After she was far enough away, she canceled the wind sphere and sleep magic.

She kept flying above the silent forest toward the Atwood’s mansion.





It’s been two months since Baron Hansen sent the caravan to Atwood territory.

He was now impatiently waiting for the engagement letter in his mansion while kissing the painting of Chloe’s beautiful face.



The maid who served him could only silently watch him kissing the painting.

「Aaaah! When will the letter arrive!? I’m tired of waiting!」(Hansen)

Baron Hansen has a short moustache, fat body, bald head, and a loud voice.

He had successfully bred sheep with monsters and made a farm out of them, and he has become a millionaire because of that.

He has a business talent, but he is a lustful man who always messes around with women.

If only he didn’t have that bad habit, he would have become a respected lord.

His subordinates were actually against Baron Hansen marrying a daughter from the Atwood Family because their second daughter, Robin, had cheated on her husband.

They advised Baron Hansen to postpone his engagement with the sixth daughter of the Atwood Family, Chloe, but Baron Hansen couldn’t wait any longer and asked the captain of the knights to send the letter of engagement at his own discretion.

「My lord, the captain has returned.」

The voice of baron’s servant was heard from the other side of the door.

「Let him in.」(Hansen)

「Pardon me, my lord.」(captain)

「Get in.」(Hansen)

The captain entered Baron Hansen’s room with leather armor that was dirty with dust during the trip.

Even though the captain was tired, he wanted to hand the letter to Baron Hansen as soon as possible.

「So, did he sign the letter?」(Hansen)

「Yes. And the letter is right here.」(captain)

「Umu. Well done!」(Hansen)

Baron Hansen stood up and tapped the captain’s shoulder.

He then took the letter from the captain’s hand, and went back to his luxurious chair while dancing.

He looked really happy, thinking that he would marry a beautiful 12-year-old girl next year.

The captain sighed silently, seeing the baron dancing.

If Mylia saw him dancing like that, she would have used her explosion magic on him right away.

Baron Hansen sat on his chair, opened the letter, and read it.

But as he read it, his happy face turned to an angry face.

「ーー!! Oi, captain! What the hell is this!?」(Hansen)

「M, My lord? Is there something wrong with the letter?」(captain)

The captain frowned.

He didn’t think the baron would react differently from what he expected.

「Did you see him signing this letter!?」(Hansen)

「Y, Yes. Aaron de la Atwood signed the letter in front of my very eyes.」(captain)

「Then why the hell did the content change!? GAAAAAAHHー!」(Hansen)

Baron Hansen screamed.

The content of the letter was now like this :
“To Baron Hansen.
So you wanna marry my daughter as your 25th wife, huh? What a perverted man. Now listen here, you jerk. I won’t give my beloved daughter to a fat-ass, bald-headed man like you. Not in a million years. Sorry dude, but can we just forget about this engagement?
From Aaron de la Atwood”

The writing style of the letter perfectly matched Aaron’s personality.

It was a collaboration between Mylia and Titania.

「That…! That hunting maniac piece of shit! How dare he mock me like this!!?」(Hansen)

Saying that, Baron Hansen slammed the letter on the floor and trampled it many times with his big feet.

「I won’t send a caravan to that bastard’s territory anymore!」(Hansen)

「…Pardon me, my lord. But it’s a duty given by the kingdom…」(captain)

「I know that! Dammit, dammit! Now you go to that bastard’s mansion and tell him that I won’t give him the right to use the forest!」(Hansen)

「N, Now…?」(captain)

「Now! I’ll give you extra money, so hurry up!」(Hansen)

Saying that, Baron Hansen took out a pouch containing gold coins from a drawer and threw it at the captain.

After catching the pouch, the captain bowed and immediately left the room.

(Ahh, so I have to go to that stupid far territory again, huh… What a pain in the ass… Guess I’ll be going with Sam using the fastest horses and taking a rest on the way… My body won’t make it if I don’t rest… But… What the hell’s going on with the letter? Did someone swap it? But when? Who?ーWait. But that signature is definitely Aaron’s, right? Aaaagh! I dont’ get it!ーー)(captain)

The captain of the knights had a lot of questions in his head.



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