Chapter 1-24 : Phantom Bird


Originally, Titania should have come with Mylia to watch over her, but she didn’t want to leave her house.

(Well, she had been sleeping for 150 years, so maybe she’s still not in perfect condition yet… Can’t expect much from her…)

『Master, I’m currently flying at an altitude where my house looks the size of a pea.』(Mylia)

『Nice. People definitely can’t see you if you’re flying that high. Now use compass magic.』(Titania)


While flying and using telepathy, Mylia tried to use compass magic.

The wind was blowing hard, and her dress was fluttering violently.

(…Compass activated!)

When Mylia imagined a compass, a white and red arrow appeared in front of her.

(The red arrow is pointing to the north side of the village… Alright, looks like it’s working.)

『I understand the direction now.』(Mylia)

『Good. Now look down. Can you see a narrow road?』(Titania)

『Yes, I can see it.』(Mylia)

『Follow that road to the south until you find marshy ground area. I believe it’s 20km away from your position. The caravan usually sets camp there. Ah, and please be careful of the bird-type monsters, Dabola. Normally, they’re sleeping at this time, but in case you find them, use Wind Blade right away.』(Titania)


『Now that you have found the road, you can deactivate your compass. And… what’s it called again? Jiipiiesu? I mean your tracking magic. Is it working?』(Titania)

『It’s GPS, and yes, it’s working.』(Mylia)

『Great. Please don’t end the telepathy so you can report me anytime. I’m kinda worried.』(Titania)


Mylia kept flying south following the road.

Because the wind hit her face so hard, she made a film of air with wind magic in front of her face to block the wind.

Now that the wind wasn’t hitting her face anymore, she could see the scenery more clearly.

(Forest, woods, trees….. I wonder how long this kind of scenery will continue… It’s hard to believe that people usually pass through this forest by walking…)

The forestー To be exact, the monster territory that divided the Atwood territory and the southern city, Hamanulle, continued endlessly to the south.

Mylia could see a mountain faintly far ahead, but it seems like it was really far.

While flying, Mylia sometimes heard the cries of monsters in the distance.

She also sometimes saw trees shaking all of a sudden.

Looks like there were monsters fighting with each other in the forest.

( I have to focus so as not to lose sight of the road… I also have to be careful of the bird monsters…)

She was flying at a speed of 60km per hour, but she kept trying to not let her guard down.

(Oh, right. If I keep flying to Hamanulle, I can go there instantly with teleportation magic later! But I have to master it first…)

After flying for a while, Titania called her.

『Mylia, can you hear me?』(Titania)

『Yes, what’s wrong, Master?』(Mylia)

『I think you’re about to arrive. I’ve been watching you with clairvoyance, by the way.』(Titania)

『Is that so? Let’s see….. Ah! There’s an open area ahead. Looks like it’s a marshy area.』(Mylia)

『That’s the place. Go lower slowly while keeping your distance. Be careful not to be found.』(Titania)


When Mylia lowered her altitude, she saw something coming from the forest in the distance.

That thing was flying toward her.

『Master, something is approaching me!』(Mylia)

『Is it a bird with red and white feathers? If so, that’s a Dabola! Get away from the road and fly higher!』(Titania)

『Got it!』(Mylia)

Mylia immediately controlled her magical power to make her body soar.

She then used Binocular magic to see that thing.

It was a giant bird with a body length of 5 meters.

(That’s definitely a Dabola! The monster birds that attack when they feel strong magical power!)

Dabolas are monsters that unconditionally attack everything flying in the sky that has magical power.

They are the natural enemy of airships that use magic stones as fuel.

They live only in Atwood territory and usually sleep deep in the forest.

(It’s big but fast…!)

Mylia flew at full speed to stay away from it, but Dabola’s speed wasn’t inferior to Mylia’s.
It was approaching Mylia little by little.

『Mylia, calm down. Take a deep breath.』(Titania)

『Suu~~ Haaaaa~~~』(Mylia)

『Use Wind Blade with homing ability on it.』(Titania)


(Wind magic activated… Additional homing ability activated… Target : the monster bird, Dabola… Go! Wind Blade!)

Although she was a little panicked, Mylia managed to shoot the Wind Blade.

However, Dabola dodged it by making a sharp turn.

『Mylia, now shoot continuously!』(Titania)


(Wind Blade! Wind Blade! Wind Blaaade!!!)

Mylia generated about fifty Wind Blades and fired them all at once.

However, Dabola managed to dodge all of them.

But those fifty Wind Blades were just decoys.

The first Wind Blade that has a homing ability turned around like a boomerang and cut Dabola’s neck from behind.

And then, the dead body of Dabola began to fall.

(Ahh, this is my first time fighting a monster… I won…!)

Mylia exhaled in relief while looking at Dabola’s dead body falling.

『Mylia, what are you doing!? Go get its body and put it in your magical bag! Dabola meat is delicious! We can make yakitori from it!』(Titania)


Mylia immediately descended at high speed.

(Yakitori! Yakitori!)

While imagining herself eating delicious yakitori, Mylia quickly chased after the falling Dabola’s dead body like a bullet.

(Yakitoriー! Gotcha!)

As soon as Mylia took out her magical bag from her pocket, the giant body of Dabola disappeared, sucked into the bag.

(Yakitori! Kuuhh! I can’t wait to eat it!)

Mylia got excited over the unexpected harvest.

She decided to ask Titania to help her butcher it later, and then she would store it in her magical bag.

Time stops inside Mylia’s magical bag, so she can eat fresh Dabolaー chicken meat anytime.

(I wonder if there’s any good sauce for yakitori in this world.)

Thinking like that, Mylia’s belly was rumbling.

『Mylia, you still have enough magical power, right?』(Titania)

『Yes. No problem at all.』(Mylia)

『Fufu. Looks I just asked a stupid question. Alright then, go back to the road and fly toward the caravan.』(Titania)

『Roger that.』(Mylia)

After going back to the road, Mylia used tracking magic / GPS to find the position of the engagement letter.

(…There it is. It’s over there.)

After a while of flying, Mylia finally saw the caravan.

『I saw the caravan. I’m landing now.』(Mylia)

『Do it slowly and quietly…. Nice, nice. Yes, like that. Now use concealment magic. I know you’re not that good at it, but it’ll be better if you use it.』(Titania)

『Alright, I’ll try.』(Mylia)

Mylia used concealment magic and began to walk toward the knights’ camp.



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