Chapter 1-26 : Knights On White Horses (part 1)


The season is winter now, and will soon change to spring.

When spring comes, Mylia will be ten years old, and Chloe will be twelve years old.

In this world, people’s age will increase by one year in spring.
No one celebrates birthdays except the royal family.

「Mylia, let’s sleep together.」(Chloe)

Ever since Mylia succeeded in getting Baron Hansen to postpone his engagement with Chloe, she has been loved by Chloe even more.

Chloe was so happy and so grateful to Mylia that she shed tears when she got the news that Baron Hansen postponed the engagement.

「Un! Let’s sleep together, Chloe onee-chan!」(Mylia)

(Afuu~ Chloe onee-chan’s breasts are so soft~ It’s hard to breath but I feel like I’m in heaven right now~)

Mylia was now being hugged by Chloe like a pillow.

For some reason, Mylia suddenly recalled her conversation with Titania when Baron Hansen received the letter from the captain.

『Bwahaha! That fat old man is really angry!』(Titania)

『Really? I wonder if this will work.』(Mylia)

『Don’t worry, don’t worry~』(Titania)

At that time, Titania was using clairvoyance to see Baron Hansen’s reaction.

She laughed for a while after that.

(Come to think of it, I was surprised when the captain came back. Baron Hansen must have ordered him to come back right away after he read the letter.)

At that time, the captain came back with a fast horse and explained to Aaron that Baron Hansen was really angry.

Aaron then shouted, “This is just a misunderstanding!”

He made a desperate look when the captain told him that Baron Hansen would never give him the right to use the southern forest.

(Ahh, I wish I had a camera at that time… Aaron’s face was just hilarious! He’s been in a bad mood since then… Fufu! Serve you right! It’s your punishment for treating your daughter like a worthless thing!)

「Mylia? What are you giggling about?」(Chloe)

Remembering Aaron’s face, Mylia giggled involuntarily.

「Ah, nothing.」(Mylia)

「Is that so? Well then, good night and have a nice sleep.」(Chloe)

「Un. Good night, Chloe onee-chan.」(Mylia)

While being surrounded by Chloe’s sweet scent, Mylia closed her eyes.

She turned her face sideways a little so that she could breathe more easily.

(Not only Aaron’s face, Robin’s regretful face was also funny. Ahh, I really did a great job. With this, we now have sufficient time for Chloe onee-chan to enter The Royal Girls’ Academy.)

An examiner from the Adrashelm Kingdom Royal Girls’ Academy will come to the village in spring.

(If Chloe onee-chan passes the test, I won’t be able to see her for two years… I’ll be lonely without her, but at the same time I also want her to pass the test and get away from this suffocating place………. Chloe onee-chan…)

While thinking like that, Mylia buried her face even more in Chloe’s breasts to feel the warmth of Chloe’s soft body.




Mylia looked out at the lavender fields through a muddy windowpane in her bedroom.

The lavender flowers in Atwood territory were starting to develop buds.

After looking outside for a while, Mylia left her bedroom.

(Nice, looks like there’s no one here but Mother.)

Mylia went to the kitchen and handed Ella a chunk of rock salt.

Ella then said thank you and put the rock salt in her apron pocket.

(Mother, I’ve seen you secretly cut rock salt into small pieces and kept some for making our meal! Good job!)

Ella is a mother after all.

Even though she couldn’t disobey her husband, she always cared about her children.

When Mylia was wondering if she would practice magic in the reading room or somewhere else, she heard people shouting from the outside.

「Knights are coming!」
「Yes, but it looks like but they are not from Baron Hansen’s caravan!」
「They are different knights!?」(villagers)

The people who were shouting were the villagers who were cleaning the lavender warehouse.

One of them, who loved rumors, left his job and ran to the village.

(Knights? But they’re not Baron Hansen’s knights? Ah! Could it be the examiner from the Royal Girls’ Academy!?)

While still maintaining her absent-minded face, Mylia slowly headed for the front door.

Ella, on the other hand, hurriedly washed her hands and rushed to the front door, passing Mylia.

When Mylia came out of the house, she saw the knights.

(Wow! They are female knights! So cool! They also look so beautiful!)

Mylia looked up at the three female knights on white horses.

They were wearing shiny half plates and dress armor like those in story books.

「Knight ladies, welcome to Atwood territory. I thank you for being willing to come to this remote area. My name is Ella de la Atwood, the lady of the Atwood Family. I apologize for welcoming you with this dirty dress.」(Ella)

Ella bowed in front of the knights and welcomed them politely.

The frontmost female knight turned her gaze to Ella.

Her gorgeous blonde hair that extended to her waist and her beautiful blue eyes showed her judiciousness.

「Please raise your head. I apologize too for talking from a horse like this. I’m Amnesia la Blue Eyes, the third daughter of Count Blue Eyes. I’m an examiner from the Adrashelm Kingdom Royal Girls’ Academy. Is your daughter, Miss Chloe de la Atwood, here?」(Amnesia)

「Ch, Chloe…?」(Ella)



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