Chapter 1-21 : Lavender Jam (part 1)


It’s been a week since Titania changed Mylia’s training menu which was focused on practical training to lectures.

The lavender harvest was over, and the annual lavender jam making began.

While people were working in the backyard, Mylia was practicing magical power control in the reading room.

Robin’s voice echoed as she gave instructions to the villagers when Mylia tried to concentrate on her practice.

(Imagine that my magical power is circulating throughout my cells. Magic comes from the imagination. That means the mind is related to magic… after I’m done circulating my magical power throughout my cells, next I have to fill my mind with my magical power…)

『If you can’t control your magical power well, you won’t be able to use mental magic.』(Titania)

No one knew what on earth Mylia would fight, but Titania told Mylia to become good at using mental magic.


Breathing is also important.

Mylia inhaled deeply and exhaled.

She repeated it many times.

「Suuu….. Fuuuhh….」(Mylia)

Sending her magical power to her mind was difficult because ‘mind’ has no real form.

Mylia imagined her magical power focused in the center of her chest.

She then breathed once every fifteen seconds.

After she did that forty times, the first session of the training was over.

「Fuuhhh…….. Yosh.」(Mylia)

Mylia sat on the chair and leaned her back.

She recalled Titania’s lectures with Robin’s yelling voice as the background sound.

(Master told me fairy tales of this world. I never knew that there were fairy tales similar to “The Rolling Rice Ball” or “Urashima Taro” in this world.)

Mylia leaned forward, rested her chin on her hand and thought about her dreams.

(Make cute friends… Eat yakiniku everyday… I can fulfill my dreams as long as I can use magic well, right? Chloe onee-chan told me there’s a specialty meat store in the royal capital. I wonder if I’ll be able to buy meat there once I get to the royal capital. But first, I need to make money, right?)

Mylia couldn’t wait to turn her dreams into reality in the future.

(Not only will I turn my dreams into reality, I will also help Chloe onee-chan make her dreams come true!…..But for now, I have to do my best to practice magic!)

Mylia still thought that she was at the same level as average magicians.

Titania’s magic ability also couldn’t be compared to average magicians, but she had a vague evaluation of herself.

Mylia once asked Titania how good she is at magic, and she answered, “How good am I at magic? Well, I’m not sure, but I’m better than the human magicians in the royal capital. Let’s say, you will become a full fledged magician if you reach my level.”

Because Titania gave an ambiguous evaluation, Mylia thought that she wasn’t good enough.

(Master often said, “Those who can’t control their magical power well are not magicians.” I should keep that in mind.)

Titania was really strict with Mylia.

It was because she wanted Mylia to develop self-control.

(Everyone in the Girls’ Royal Academy will definitely make fun of me if I suck at magic… But… I also have a feeling that they would bully me if I’m too good at magic… uhh, bad memories from my previous life when I was at school are flashing in my head…)

Remembering her dark school life, Mylia sighed.

Mylia didn’t know that she was shunned by her classmate girls not because she was too smart, but because she got a confession of love from the coolest guy in school.

(Master said that I have a lot of magical power, but that doesn’t mean that it will make me good at magic, right? I need to practice more.)

She stopped remembering her high school days and went back to practicing magical power control.

(Master said that I should practice mental magic, but I don’t know why she told me to do that… I want to practice teleportation magic more, though…)

Mylia closed her eyes and tried to focus, but suddenlyー

「Wh, What the hell is this!?」

ーshe heard the scream of an old villager from the outside.

(Eh? What’s happening?)

Mylia ran toward the window of the reading room and looked outside.

Several villagers, Chloe, Ella, and Robin were looking into a pot.

(Magical power circulation….【Hawk’s Eyes】activated!)

With long-distance vision magic, Mylia zoomed in on the pot that made people shocked.

After she saw what was in the pot, Mylia was surprised too.

(Eh!? The lavender jam is shining!? What in the world’s happening!?)



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