Chapter 1-20 : Genius or Average


Titania scratched her head.
She opened and closed her eyes, and her long ears twitched several times.

She looked a little panicked.

(Aahh… Mylia finally wants to learn teleportation magic… I acted as if I can do that, but actually, I can’t use teleportation magic…)(Titania)

Titania was too lazy to practice teleportation magic because it was very difficult.

(Aa~aahh, what should I do?….. Oh, Mylia, please don’t look at me with such glittering eyes…)(Titania)

Titania has been teaching Mylia for a year, and she knows what kind of girl Mylia is.

(According to Chloe, she has suddenly become smarter since last year’s lavender harvest season… Is it ‘reversion’…?)(Titania)

‘Reversion’ is a phenomenon where elves regain their ancestral knowledge, and it occurs very rarely.

The elves who regained their ancestral knowledge are geniuses.
They made various achievements during their lives thanks to the knowledge.

(’Reversion’ in Mylia, huh…)(Titania)

Mylia looked up at Titania with eyes full of expectation.

(So dazzling! Mylia’s innocent face is so dazzling!)

Looking at Mylia’s face, Titania wanted to poke her cheek somehow.

Puni puni.
*/Poke poke.

Mylia’s cheek was so squishy, maybe because Titania always gave her cookies.

「Master? Why are you poking me? What’s wrong?」(Mylia)

「….A, Aahh.. No. Nothing.」(Titania)

「So, will you teach me teleportation magic?」(Mylia)

「Y, Yeah… Wait a minute, I’m thinking how I will teach you…」(Titania)


After Mylia replied to her, she walked a little away and began training her magical circulation.

(….She can finally control 30% of her enormous magical power.)(Titania)

Titania concentrated her magical power on her eyes to see Mylia’s magical power.

She saw Mylia’s little body enveloped in a bright red aura.

(The amount of her magical power is ridiculous as usual…)(Titania)

30% of the bright red aura was moving around her body, and the remaining 70% was stagnant.

(With only 30% of her magical power, she can even use clairvoyant, transfer magic, telepathy, and levitation magic… I’m impressed… She learns really quickly. Ah, that’s right! I can see whether Mylia is a genius or not by teaching her teleportation magic. Well, I can’t use teleportation magic, but I more or less know about it. If she could use it, there would be no doubt that she is a genius.)(Titania)

Partly because of her curiosity, Titania decided to teach Mylia about teleportation magic.

Teleportation magic is magic where you manipulate space, and it requires a good sense.

Magical bag is also used to manipulate space, but it’s just a tool.
Once it’s made, any magician can use it, so it’s completely different from teleportation magic.

(I wonder how long it will take her to learn it.)(Titania)

She was confused earlier because she didn’t think she could teach Mylia well, but now Titania got a little excited.

Mylia didn’t know that Titania couldn’t use teleportation magic, she just wanted to learn it no matter what.

Teleportation magic is convenient.
You can go from one place to another place in an instant.

For Mylia, it’s the best magic to collect ingredients to make yakiniku.

「Mylia, sorry for making you wait. Can you come here?」(Titania)


Mylia ran toward Titania and looked at her with an excited face.

Titania tried to remember what the elven chief taught her about teleportation magic long ago.

(I never thought I would teach Mylia what that grumpy old man taught me…)(Titania)

「Teleportation magic can only be used to move to places you have been to.」(Titania)

「Eh? So it doesn’t work with places I’ve seen with clairvoyance?」(Mylia)

「Yeah. You have to go to the place first before you can teleport there.」(Titania)

「I see… But why do we have to do that first? I thought it was more convenient. There must be a reason, right?」(Mylia)


(She’s always being an absent-minded girl, but she’s actually really sharp. If I told her the reason, she will definitely ask me too many questions before we even start the practice.)(Titania)

Titania stroked Mylia’s head and explained how to use the magic.

「The method is the same as other magic. Imagine the scenery of the place where you want to teleport to, and cover your body with ‘teleportation magical power’.」(Titania)

「’Teleportation magical power’?」(Mylia)

「Yes. It’s like ‘fire magical power’ when you use fire magic, or ‘water magical power’ when you use water magic.」(Titania)

「Is it similar to ‘gravity magical power’ when we use levitation magic?」(Mylia)

「…Yeah, something like that. Maybe…」(Titania)

「Umm… Okay.」(Mylia)

「Remember. Cover your entire body evenly with your magical power. Don’t forget your hair, eyelashes, and your clothes, or else, it won’t work.」(Titania)


「After that, try to imagine that the place where you are at now and the target place are connected.」(Titania)

Titania told Mylia exactly what the elven chief told her.

It’s easy to say, but difficult to do.

(This magic is freaking hard. I think it will take several months for Mylia to learn…)(Titania)

「I’ll give it a try!」(Mylia)

Mylia closed her eyes and pouted her lips cutely as she concentrated.


Titania smiled while looking at Mylia.

The warm morning sun and the sound of birds chirping made Titania sleepy.

When she was yawning, Mylia disappeared all of a sudden.


After a while, Mylia returned.

「Master, I did it! I teleported to the forest entrance and back here! This magic is quite difficult, but I managed to do it!」(Mylia)

「……………Y, Yeah… it’s quite difficult, isn’t it? Haha…」(Titania)

「Yes! But it seems that I can only move to a nearby place for now because I still can’t control my magical power well.」(Mylia)

「….I see….. We can leave the distance aside, for now, you should train to control your magical power.」(Titania)

「Yes, ma’am!」(Mylia)

(T, This girl….. She’s a genius…..!)(Titania)

Watching Mylia successfully do it on the first try, made Titania want to take a peek at what’s inside Mylia’s brain.

(I think the most important thing she has to learn now isn’t magic… it’s common sense!)(Titania)

This is not the time for Titania to worry about her dignity as Mylia’s master.

(She might have the power to destroy a city in the future. Well, I don’t think she would do that, but I have to teach her about common sense just in case… Oh, right. There’s also a possibility that she would be controlled by someone with mind manipulation magic, so I should teach her how to deal with others’ magic too!)(Titania)

Titania called Mylia who was trying to use teleportation magic again.

「Mylia, come here! This is urgent!」(Titania)

「What’s wrong?」(Mylia)

「It’s bad for your body to use teleportation magic continuously before you get used to it, so let’s end today’s practice session and start the lecture.」(Titania)

「Is that so? Alright, then.」(Mylia)

(Ahh, praise the World Tree! I’m glad that Mylia is an obedient child!)(Titania)

Titania thanked the World Tree which is the mother of all elves, and started the lecture.



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