Chapter 1-21 : Lavender Jam (part 2)


(Eh!? The lavender jam is shining!? What in the world’s happening!?)

The lavender jam that had been boiled and turned purple was glowing faintly, giving a mystical impression.

Robin grabbed Chloe’s shoulders and shook them violently.

(Chloe onee-chan! Dammit, that divorced woman!【Microphone】activated!)

Mylia hurriedly used a spell to hear voices from a distance.

「Chloe, what the hell did you do to it!? You’re the one who picked these lavender, aren’t you!?」(Robin)

「It hurts, onee-sama! I don’t know what’s going on either!」(Chloe)

「You’re hiding something, right!? You can’t fool me!」(Robin)

「But I really don’t know! There’s no magic that can make jam shinー」(Chloe)

Chloe suddenly stopped talking and made a face as if she just found out the reason.

She glanced at the reading room for a second and immediately returned her gaze.

(Eh? Me? The jam is shining because of my doing? ーーAh!)

「So you do know something, huh? Tell me what you’re hiding!」(Robin)

Robin interrogated Chloe even harsher.

Mylia moved her face from the window and held her head.

(This is probably my fault… I used sonar magic to help Chloe onee-chan collect lavender… I only looked for the lavender flowers that contain magical power because they are definitely lavender of good quality… Maybe that’s why the jam is shining… Uwaaa! Chloe onee-chan got scolded because of me!)

Mylia crouched and started rolling on the floor while holding her head.

(What if they find out that I can use magic!?… No. Calm down, Mylia. That won’t happen!)

Mylia approached the window and looked at the backyard again.

When Robin grabbed Chloe’s dress, Ella immediately stopped her.

「Robin, that’s enough!」(Ella)

「But, Mother! If we know how to make this kind of jam, we will make a lot of profit!」(Robin)

「She said she didn’t know. I’ve been making jam for a long time but this is the first time I’ve seen one that is glowing. We should show this jam to the priest. Maybe he knows something about it.」(Ella)

Robin finally let go of Chloe and stood in front of the pot filled with glowing jam with an expression as if she was saying, “I won’t let anyone touch this!”.

「Hey, you! Run to the church and call the priest here! Quickly!」(Robin)

「Y, Yes ma’am!」(man)

A villager immediately ran out of the backyard, heading for the church.

Twenty minutes later, the eighty-year-old priest came.

The priest looked at the glowing lavender jam and nodded several times.

「Father, do you know why this jam is glowing?」(Ella)

「Hmm… it contains a lot of pure magical power… Who collected the lavender to make this jam?」(priest)

Everyone except the priest looked at Chloe at once.

「Oh? Chloe ojou-sama? I see. So it looks like you have collected lavender which contains a lot of magical power.」(priest)

「I, Is that so? I had no idea…」(Chloe)

Chloe moved her facial muscles with all her might, trying to make a smile.

(Gyaaaaaaaa! So it’s really my fault! Mylia, you idiot!)

While making a face full of regret, Mylia scolded herself inwardly.

(Chloe onee-chan, I’m sorry! I’m sooo sorry! Master told me to not use magic if not necessary, but I…. Uuuhh….)

Mylia did a dogeza in the reading room by herself while reflecting upon her mistake.

She almost cried.

While she kept doing a dogeza, Mylia used clairvoyance to see the conditions in the backyard.

She didn’t realize that she was making the same mistake now for using magic unnecessarily.

「Hohoho. So you collected lavender with magical power without knowing? You’re really a child who is blessed by the Goddess. May Celis-sama always protect you.」(priest)

The priest smiled at Chloe.

Chloe then vigorously waved her hands in front of her face.

「N, No no. I’m just a sixth daughter of a poor aristocratic family that can be found anywhere. Nothing special about me.」(Chloe)

Hearing the ‘poor’ word, Ella and Robin glared at Chloe as if they wanted to say something.

「Ahh~ Bless the Goddess!」
「Is Chloe ojou-sama the Goddess’ child?」
「She has Celis-sama’s protection!」
「Praise the Goddess!」(villagers)

For some reason, the villagers started worshiping Chloe.

Some of the young male villagers were praying while looking at Chloe’s chest.

(Oi, where are you looking at!? But seriously, Chloe onee-chan is as beautiful as a goddess. Un, un.)

Mylia nodded by herself.

(Wait! It’s not the time for this! I have to do something to help her!)

「Chloe, you can’t use magic, can you?」(Robin)

「I can’t…」(Chloe)

「So how the hell could you gather all these lavender!? Tell me!」(Robin)

「Robin, you know that Chloe is smart and talented, don’t you? I don’t think you can do it even if you know the method.」(Ella)

「Mother, how can you say that!?」(Robin)

「Now that Chloe can make our family prosperous, I don’t think marrying Chloe to Baron Hansen is a good idea…」(Ella)

Ella looked at Chloe and then stared down at the high quality lavender jam.

(Eh? The situation is developing in a good direction?)

Both Mylia and Chloe were surprised by their mother’s remarks to postpone Chloe’s engagement.

「However, I need to report to that person first.」(Ella)

After that, Ella thanked the priest for coming, and then she put some of the glowing lavender jam into a small bottle.

Meanwhile, the villagers started calling Chloe “Goddess Chloe”.

Chloe made an indescribable expression when the villagers called her like that.

(Ahh, thank god nothing bad happened…)

When Mylia was relieved and leaned against the window frame, she saw a villager rushing into the backyard.

Looks like he was running from the village. He was out of breath.

「Baron Hansen’s caravan has arrived! Also, I was asked to give this letter to Chloe ojou-sama!」(villager)

「A letter for me?」(Chloe)

「Yes! They told me to make sure you read it. It looks like the knights wanted to talk with you.」(villager)

(A letter for Chloe onee-chan? I wonder what’s written on it.)

Chloe carefully took off the sealing wax from the envelope and took out the letter.

Meanwhile, Ella and Robin were watching her from the side.

After reading the letter, Chloe’s face turned pale.

「No way…. This is an engagement letter…..」(Chloe)



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