Chapter 1-2 : The Sixth Daughter, Chloe


The sixth daughter of the Atwood Family, Chloe de la Atowood, held her beautiful long black hair with her right hand and turned to a lilac object running toward her.
She wondered if it was a lavender fairy at first, but then she realized that it wasー

「Eh…? Mylia?」

Chloe opened her deep purple eyes wide in surprise because her absent-minded little sister, who rarely responded to what she said, ran vigorously like a horse.

She didn’t know what the other family members thought about Mylia, but for her, she was a cute little sister with an adorable look and a slightly laid-back personality.

For Chloe, Mylia was the only healing to be had in the devils’ nest called the Atwood Family.

「Haahh…. Hahhhh….. Chloe onee-sama….」

「Mylia, what’s wrong? Why are you running in a hurry like that?」

Chloe stopped picking lavender and patted Mylia’s back.

The smartest daughter in the Atwood Family, Chloe, immediately noticed that Mylia had changed.
She looked closely at her little sister.

Even though she was still 10 years old, Chloe could read, write, and do math. She was also sharp-witted.
Not satisfied with just reading books in the mansion, she tried to apply what she read in her daily life.

On the other hand, her father, Aaron couldn’t read, write, nor do math even though he was the lord.
Even the villagers wondered if Chloe was really this muscle-brain’s daughter.

When Mylia felt the warmth of Chloe’s hand on her back, she tried to control her breathing and then raised her face.

(Ahh~ Chloe onee-sama really is a beautiful girl… Even though she’s a ten-year-old girl, she looks erotic. Chlo’ero’ onee-sama~)

Now that she had memories of when she was a Japanese girl, she realized that Chloe was an exceptionally beautiful girl.
She was the type who made people around her unable to ignore her presence.

Looking at such a beautiful girl wearing a dirty work dress with a lot of patches, Mylia felt odd.
She felt like she was looking at a girl cosplaying the ‘little match girl’.

Chloe looked at Mylia and gently squinted her eyes.

「My cute Mylia. I’ve never seen you running so vigorously like that… Anyway, sit here for now. I’ll give you some water.」

As she said that, Chloe pulled Mylia’s hand and made her sit down on a big rock.
After that, she poured water into a cup from a bamboo tube, and gave it to Mylia.

Mylia calmed down after she drank the whole cup.

「Chloe onee-sama, I’m sorry for surprising you.」

「Don’t worry about that. More importantly, what’s wrong, Mylia? I feel like you are different than usual.」

「Eeh? I, Is that so….? Ahaha….. I, I’m the same as usual tho…? 」

Mylia had zero talent as an actor.
She was a ‘radish’.
*/ 大根 / radish means a bad actor.

Chloe found the panicked Mylia looked cute and stroked her hair while smiling at her.

「Ahh, I’m sorry for saying something weird. Of course today’s Mylia is the usual Mylia. There’s no other Mylia in this world.」

「Un… Thank you, Chloe onee-sama…」

Mylia was moved by Chloe’s kindness and almost crying.

When she was in Japan, the only one who was kind to her was her grandma.
Her grandma was bedridden in a hospital, and after she moved to another town to run from her father, she rarely met with her.

She didn’t have any friends in highschool and didn’t interact with other people more than necessary.

Being wrapped in the warmth of Chloe’s kindness while remembering such a lonely highschool life, Mylia instinctively hugged Chloe and pushed her face against Chloe’s chest.

(Ahh… She smells like lavender and sweets at the same time…)

Chloe’s growing body was so soft.


Chloe’s heart skipped a beat.
She was surprised because Mylia had never hugged her tightly like that.
While saying, “Ahh, she’s so cute!” in her head, she pat Mylia’s head even faster.

The wind blew the hair of the two girls who were hugging each other in the middle of a lavender field where everything was purple.

After hugging each other for a while, they raised their faces.

「Umm… Chloe onee-sama…」

「Yes, Mylia?」

「Actually… I found out that… our family… the Atwood Familia is…..」

Mylia wanted to tell Chloe that she was aware of how bad the Atwood Family was.
Of course, without saying that she was the reincarnation of Kanami Miria.
She wanted to borrow Chloe’s wisdom to break from this situation.
She was sure that Chloe also realized that there’s something wrong about this family and would help her.

(But, how should I tell her… And I don’t know where to start… I also want to ask her about this world and magic.)


Yes, magic existed in this world.

Making fire and water out of nowhere, flying in the sky, controlling the weatherー
There were ‘beyond human’ beings who could do such things among humans.
And people called them “magicians”.

There were only a few humans who could use magic in this world.
If you didn’t have an aptitude for using magic, you wouldn’t be able to use it no matter what.
It was said that there’s only one out of a hundred people who could use magic.
Moreover, the number of people who used magic in their daily life was even less.

In this region that belonged to the Atwood Family, there wasn’t even a single magician.

Well, of course.
Because being a magician was a highly paid job, there’s no way they wanted to live in a region with only four small villages and a dull bazaar-like market at the small town hall.

(If I have talent as a magician, I have nothing to worry about. I can earn money by hunting monsters or becoming an important person’s exclusive magician o~r go on a journey and live a carefree life using magic…. There are endless possibilities!)

While Mylia was thinking, Chloe looked at her with a serious expression.

「Mylia… Did you notice the reality of our family…?」

Immediately, Mylia stopped thinking and made a surprised look.

(Eh? Was it written all over my face? But, as I thought, Chloe onee-sama also noticed it.)

「I understand. Father is only thinking about what’s good for himself. Alex-sama is… Well, you know… So it can’t be helped if you’re worried. And Mylia, actually, I also wanted to tell you about this.」

「Is that so…? I see…」

(It looks like we’re of the same mind.)



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