Chapter 1-3 : Magic Talent


「Mylia… Actually, I also want to leave this village… I want to escape from this suffocating place…」

「Chloe onee-sama, you think so too?」

「Un. I don’t want to marry a man I don’t know just so that Father can get the right to use the forest for hunting. Thinking that my own father is going to sacrifice me for such a selfish desire, chills run all over my body.」

Chloe is a beautiful and talented girl. Many men in the village were willing to marry her.
And of course, Aaron would take advantage of her beauty. He was planning to marry her to Baron Hansen as his concubine.
However, because Aaron couldn’t write, his wife, Ella, acted as his ghostwriter.

「He wants to marry me in exchange for the right to use the forest in the south, you know? What am I in his eyes? An admission ticket? Moreover, my marriage partner already has 24 wives, so I’ll be the 25th… What a joke…」

Chloe clenched her work dress as she said that.

If you go south from the Atwood’s house and pass through the monster habitat, there’s a vast forest area.
There were no monsters there because it was a human domain so it was a great hunting ground, and Aaron seemed to want the right to use the forest no matter what.

Chloe was doomed on the day when Baron Hansen’s subordinate, who came twice a year to exchange goods, saw Chloe’s beauty.
He said to Aaron that he wanted to tell his boss, Baron Hansen, about her beauty.
Aaron agreed and even though the Atwood Family only had a little money, he hired an expensive painter to paint his daughter, Chloe, and handed the painting to Baron Hansen’s subordinate.
After that, Aaron and Baron Hansen started exchanging letters about the marriage.

However, because Baron Hansen knew that the second daughter of the Atwood Family, Robin, had a problem with her marriage partner, he became cautious and postponed his marriage with Chloe.
She was safe for now, but it was only a matter of time until Baron Hansen agreed to marry her.

Not only Mylia, but Chloe was also in a very dangerous state.

「I have to leave this house before I turn twelve.」

In the Kingdom of Adrashelm, it was possible to marry starting at the age of twelve.
That means ten year old Chloe had less than two years to escape.

Chloe made a determined look and put her hands on Mylia’s shoulders.

「Listen, Mylia. There’s a school called Adrashelm Royal Girls Academy which was created by the Queen ten years ago.」

「Royal Girls Academy?」

「Yes. It’s the first girls-only school in the Kingdom of Adrashelm. It’s a school that was built to improve the status of talented women so that they could advance into society.」

(Heeー So there’s a girls’ school in this world, huh?)

「Mylia, I’m going to take the entrance exam. I’ll use all the money I’ve saved from helping the church to pay for the exam.」

「Chloe onee-sama…」

(These are the eyes of someone who is betting everything she has in her life….. Even though she’s still ten years old, she looks so cool! I’m a highschool student but can I call you onee-sama, please!? Ah, I already call her so.)

「But… you know? I’m really worried about you… I can’t imagine leaving my cute Mylia alone in this remote place with terrible family members.」

Saying that, Chloe stroked Mylia’s head.
Her hand movements were strong yet gentle as if she was a professional at stroking girls’ hair.

(Uhee~ It feels so good~)

Mylia drooled, enjoying the comfort of Chloe’s caresses.

After being in heaven for a moment, Mylia returned to her senses.

「Chloe onee-sama, I feel the same as you.」

「So that means, you love me? Un, un. I know, Mylia. I knew from the moment you were born that we have a mutual affection. It’s as natural as the color of lavender is purple. I love you too, Mylia. I love your glittering eyes, your small mouth, your thin hands. I love every part of you.」

Chloe began to speak bluntly.

(I’m happy but… I feel like her affection is in the wrong direction…)

Mylia held Chloe’s hand.

「No, that’s not what I mean, Onee-sama.」

「E, Eh…? Mylia, don’t you love me…?」

「Aah, not that. What I was trying to say isー I also want to escape from this house. But, there are so many things I don’t know, so… Umm… I want you to teach me a lot of things… But…」

After she heard that Chloe is going to take the entrance exam, Mylia became worried that she might hinder Chloe’s studying.

She had no friends or siblings in her previous life.
She now had memories of Mylia, but she didn’t feel like had experienced it before.

She was happy that Chloe loved her, but at the same time, she was worried if she could get along with Chloe.

With various thoughts in her heart, Mylia looked at Chloe with an upward gaze.

「Chloe onee-chan…」


Being looked at by Mylia with her beautiful amethyst-like eyes and cute upward gaze, Chloe’s maternal instinct was aroused.

Moreover, she called her ‘Chloe onee-chan.’

Chloe, who always wanted to be called ‘onee-chan’ by her cute little sister, was trembling in excitement.

「Awawa! I’m sorry! I, I mean Chloe onee-sama, not onee-chan. I forgot Mother will get angry if I call you like that…」

After saying that, Mylia let go of Chloe’s hand.

Even though they were a poor aristocratic family, their mother was strict when it came to aristocratic behavior.

Chloe immediately put her hands on the back of Mylia’s head and pulled it against her chest.
「It’s alright, Mylia. I’m your onee-chan after all, so please call me ‘Chloe onee-chan’ when we are alone. Do you understand? Can you do it?」

「Yes… Chloe onee-chan.」

「Un, un! Just like that! From now on, call me like that when we’re alone, okay?」

「Okay, Chloe onee-chan… Ehehe~」

At this moment, Mylia felt like Chloe had become her true older sister.
Her cheeks got hot, and the edges of her mouth raised on their own somehow, making a bright smile.

Seeing her little sister’s cute expression, Chloe’s heart skipped a beat, and she felt like steam was coming out of her face that had turned red.
She immediately turned her face away because she didn’t want her little sister to see her sloppy face.

「So… Chloe onee-chan. Would you like to teach me a lot of things?」

「Of course. There’s no way I can turn down my cute Mylia’s request.」

Chloe forcibly tightened her sloppy face and looked at Mylia.

「And? What do you want me to teach you?」

「Umm… First, I want to learn magic.」


Somehow, Chloe made a regretful voice, and then she patted Mylia’s head.

「Mylia… Don’t you remember what I said after you took the magic aptitude test yesterday…? Mylia…….. You don’t have any magical talent, you know…?」

「I don’t have…..magical talent…..?」

After hearing Chloe’s words, Mylia fell into despair.



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