Chapter 1-4 : One Possibility


Mylia’s mind turned white.

Somewhere in her heart, she thought that her existence was special because she was a reincarnated girl.
She believed she had a magical talent like protagonists in web novels.

(Ah, that’s right… I took a magical aptitude test in the church yesterday… After that, I had a high fever, fell asleep, and remembered about my previous life…)

All children in the Kingdom of Adrashlem will take an aptitude test when they turn 8 years old.
Of course, all fees during the test will be paid by the kingdom.

It’s been 150 years since the Atwood territory was established, but someone who could become a magician has never appeared.

Mylia wasn’t an exception. Her magical aptitude test result was『Has no aptitude』.

(This is bad… This is suuuper bad…! If I can’t be a witch, it will be really hard to escape from this house… What should I do…..)

「Mylia…? Mylia…! What’s wrong? Does your head hurt? Here, have some water.」

Chloe poured water into a wooden cup and handed it to Mylia.

After drinking it, Mylia calmed down.

「Chloe onee-sama….. Thank you. I was just a little shocked . Don’t worry.」

「I see. But, Mylia. It’s onee-chan, not onee-sama. Did you forget?」

「Ah, that’s right. Thank you, Chloe onee-chan.」

「You’re welcome.」

Mylia felt healed by Chloe’s gentle smile.
She stood up, took a breather, and sat back on the rock, gazing at the lavender field in front of her.

It looked like a vast purple sea that was swaying in the wind.
At the distance, there were village women wearing strawhats picking lavender.

Mylia was absorbed in the conversation with Chloe. She didn’t notice the beautiful scenery that spread around her.
But even though this was a beautiful village, the atmosphere here was heavy thanks to her family.

While gazing at the scenery, Mylia tried to remember what happened yesterday.

(Yesterday… A great priest came to a church in this village, bringing a crystal ball. Eight-year-old children, including me, gathered in a church to take a magical aptitude test. The test was simple. You just have to put your hands on the crystal. If it shines, you have magical talent, if it doesn’t, you don’t.)

Mylia looked up at the sky.
The cloudless blue sky spread endlessly.

(When I put my hand on the crystal, I felt my body become hot. I wonder if it has something to do with magical power… Maybe I should investigate it. Since I reincarnated in another world, I don’t want to give up! I wanna be able to use magic! I have four years until I’m twelve. Before then, I should find a way to leave this house and live by myself somewhere.)

Mylia renewed her determination, and looked at Chloe with a serious look.

「Chloe onee-chan. Yesterday, when I held the crystal, my body was burning. Do you think it has something to do with magic?」

「Your body was burning? Ah! So that’s why you have a fever? I completely forgot, but are you okay now?」

Chloe touched Mylia’s forehead and cheeks.

「Don’t worry. I’m fine now. But, I don’t know if I got a fever because I took the test.」

「Hmm. Having a fever after touching the crystal….. What is the meaning of this…? Is it possible for a person who has no magical aptitude to get a fever after taking the test? I don’t think there’s a record about such a case in the magic encyclopedia…」

「Will I… be able to use magic…?」

「…..Mhh… I don’t know. There were no children in this village who had a case like you before. I’m curious…」

「Can you look it up…?」

「Umm… I’ll sneak into Father’s study later. There might be some literature about this. He never touches the books, so maybe I can enter easily.」

「Chloe onee-chan, thank you!」

「Un, un. Leave it to me! It’s for the sake of my cute Mylia after all. As a reward, don’t forget to always call me ‘Chloe onee-chan’ when we’re alone, okay?」


Mylia, who had never been treated so kindly like this, rejoiced from the bottom of her heart and hugged Chloe tightly.
Her heart was overflowed by Chloe’s kindness.
She felt like her eight-year-old child’s body was influencing her mentality as an adult, but she thought she was fine with that.

「My cute Mylia. My kind Mylia….. I’m sure I’ll be worried about you after I leave you in the future…」

After Chloe passed the academy’s entrance exam, she would leave the house.
She was worried about Mylia who she would leave alone.

「Mylia, listen carefully.」


「Don’t tell anyone else about this. Keep it a secret. Do you know why?」

「…..Father… right?」

「Yeah. I’ll try my best to find out about your fever. If it really has something to do with magic and you miraculously can become a witch, we can’t let Father know. That muscle-brain is only interested in getting land to do his stupid hunting hobby. If he finds out that you can use magic, he will definitely make use of you.」

Imagining what that man might make her to do, Mylia trembled.

「We still don’t know if you can use magic. But we have to be careful.」

「…..Onee-chan, you’re so smart. Even though you’re still ten years old.」

「I’m more surprised than you, you know? I never thought that my little Mylia was this clever.」

「After I got a fever, my head suddenly became clear for some reason.」

(If I tell her that I was Miria, a Japanese high school girl, she might think of me as someone else even though I’m also her little sister. I don’t want to confuse her, so let’s keep this a secret.)

Chloe gently squinted and nodded.
Perhaps she totally believed that the fever was the reason her little sister became a little bit like someone else.

「I think, along with the fever, God has given you wisdom and health.」

「Is that so?」

「Un. I’m sure of it. Mylia is a good girl, that’s why God loves you.」

Being told by a beautiful girl like Chloe, Mylia felt that it was true.

(Oh, God, thank you for reincarnating me as Chloe onee-chan’s little sister!)

「And Mylia, please remember. I’m your onee-chan. Whatever happens, I’ll always be your ally.」

「Un! Thank you, Chloe onee-chan. I also will always be Onee-chan’s ally.」

「Ufufu, what a cute ally I got here~」

They both smiled happily at each other.



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  1. No wonder their father is such a lousy lord. Not only is his character and personality bad, he has no eye for character, AND he never studies nor reads.

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