Chapter 1-1 : Figuring Out The Current Situation


(First, I should figure out the current situation.)

Mylia decided to leave her room and went to the washroom.
She had just gotten up so she hadn’t brushed her teeth yet.

According to her memories as Mylia, if she slept until noon without doing anything, the second daughter, Robin, would come and yell at her.

Robin had a strong and stubborn personality like her father.
She was a sarcastic woman who always mocked Mylia for being useless.

Before she recalled the memories of her previous life in Japan, Mylia was an absent-minded girl.
That’s why for Robin, Mylia was a good stress-relieving tool, because she would never talk back to her.

(I should avoid Robin as much as possible…)

After she got to the washroom, she brushed her teeth with a toothbrush made from something like grass and a twig.

It was a plant called toothbrush grass.
The leaves were like soft hair, and it looked like a toothbrush.
It had a slight mint scent.
This plant had been used as toothbrushes for a long time.

(I wonder if there’s proper toothbrushes at the royal capital… This one is not bad, but it’s not good enough.)

After she brushed her teeth, she scooped the water in the basin with a wooden cup and gargled.

In this world, there was a magic tool like a faucet where the water would come out if you twisted the lever.
However, there was no such luxury item in a remote area like this.
The villagers usually use water from a well.

(But I’m glad the water in the basin is clean. I don’t want to get sick.)

After that, Mylia washed her face and shook her head to dry her face because she didn’t have a towel.
She could just wipe her face with the dress she was wearing, but she didn’t do it because it didn’t look very clean.

(Uhh… I want to change clothes with the washed ones later)

When she entered the living room, there was no one there.
It seemed that breakfast was over.

She then entered the kitchen and found her mother, Ella de la Atwood, preparing meat.

Her mother was a plain woman who had the same pale lilac hair as Mylia, but she tied her hair into a ponytail.
She seemed to be in her early 50s.
Mylia guessed that her hair color was inherited from her mother.

(Strange… It feels like there was somebody else’s mom cooking in my house…)

Even though she was looking at her own mother, she felt like she was looking at a stranger because she also had memories of her mother from her previous life.

(This person seems to have never argued with her husband, Aaron. As far as I can remember, she never talked back to him.)

「Good Morning.」

Mylia greeted her mother with an absent-minded look based on her personality before she recalled her previous life’s memories.

Her mother raised her face and made a lonely smile.

「Good morning. Have you brushed your teeth?」


「There’s bread over there. I’m busy, so you can eat it by yourself.」


As her mother said, she took the bread and a fruit that looked like a fig, and returned to the living room.
Fortunately, there was no one there.

(Ughh. This bread is kinda hard. Maybe I should wet it with water)

Mylia went to the kitchen again, poured water from the water jar into a wooden cup, and returned to the table in the living room.

While eating the bread that was made by focusing on nutrition but neglected the quality, Mylia was thinking.

(I was an absent-minded girl who rarely helped out around the house. This is good. By this time, my sisters should be working. I have to think of a plan while I’m free to move.)

She tried to pull out as many memories of when she was Mylia as she could to find out about this world.

The Kingdom of Adrashelm was an aristocratic-focused nation.

In this world, although 15 years old was considered to be the age where people had become an adult, marriage was permitted even at the age of 12 years old.
But for engagement, the age didn’t matter.
Engagement with an infant was also possible.

(As expected from aristocratic society… Geh, why am I impressed!? This is bad! At this rate, I’ll ended up in a bad route where I’ll be marrying a poor merchant!)

Mylia thought it was kinda rude to treat a merchant as a poor, but it was a matter of life and death for her.

After she finished eating the bread, she put the fig-like fruit into her mouth.
A faint sweetness spread in her mouth.

(Hmm… It’s not bad, but not delicious either. Well, as long as I get nutrition from it, it’s not a bad idea to eat this fruit.)

She kept eating the fruit silently while thinking.

(It seems that monsters exist in this world… But, I have to investigate further if I want to know more.)

There was a limit to an 8-year-old girl’s knowledge.
She didn’t know much about the state of this world.

(A world where monsters exist… This is absolutely a fantasy world…)

She didn’t know much, but she knew the fact that monsters caused harm to humans.

(I should also confirm about my family. The family structure, the family member’s ages and personalities.)

After Mylia finished eating her fruit, she licked the juice remaining on her thin fingers.

Because she was in a poor family, the nutrition that could be obtained from food was limited, so she didn’t want to waste even a little bit of nutrition.

(Licking fingers like this is not lady-like, but since nobody was watching, it’s okay, right?)

Mylia was quite gluttonous. She even had a warning alarm in her brain telling her to eat something sometimes.
“I want to eat a lot of delicious food!” Such a thought embedded deep down inside her.
Because Miria (Mylia in her previous life) also liked eating, she couldn’t suppress the feeling of wanting to eat a lot.

Her goal was to be a little rich woman who could enjoy all-you-can-eat yakiniku every day.

Poverty, living in a remote area, engagement, she was literally in a situation where there was a fire under her butt.
She couldn’t waste anymore time.

She drank the water in her wooden cup, took a breather, and started trying to remember more about her family.

(The lord is Aaron de la Atwood. He’s probably 59 years old. He’s an irresponsible muscle-brained man. He does things on his own without listening to people. Hmm… Talking to him to cancel my engagement will be impossible. Besides, he seems to think that I’m a nuisance in this family….. Hahh… even in this world, I’m not blessed with a good father, huh…?)

Mylia cursed her rotten luck with men.

(But it seems it’s not just me who has bad luck, because… all his children are female! As an aristocrat, it must be really frustrating for him.)

All seven children were female.

When Mylia summarized the structure of the family in her brain, it was like this.

The lord of the house || Aaron de la Atwood || 59 years old
The lady of the house || Ella || 49 years old
Eldest daughter || Bonnie || 22 years old || married with Alex Morgan de la Atwood (no child yet)
Second daughter || Robin || 19 years old || married with the son of Copeland Family (divorced)
Third daughter || Clara || 15 years old || married with the eldest son of Curtis Family (no child yet)
Forth daughter || Jasmine || 13 years old || marriage partner undecided (pending)
Fifth daughter || Penelope || 12 years old || marriage partner undecided (pending)
Sixth daughter || Chloe || 10 years old || planned to be married to Baron Hansen.
Seventh daughter || Mylia || 8 years old || decided to be married to a village merchant (will never happen!)

(I see. So the eldest daughter, Bonnie onee-sama married Alex onii-sama, so that their son could take over the knighthood as the heir of the family….. Ah! I remember! Because Bonnie onee-sama was still not pregnant, Aaron was always mad at both of them. That’s terrible… Bonnie onee-sama did nothing wrong!)

During dinner every night, Aaron would always ask his daughter, Bonnie, “Did you finally get pregnant?”
What a man with zero tact.
And every time Bonnie said “not yet” in a small voice, Aaron would punch her husband, Alex, in the face.

What a terrible dinner every night.

Moreover, the meals were not really good because they were only seasoned with salt.
Everything was salty.

The more Mylia thought, the clearer the memories were.


(….! No… No way…!)

She stood up all of a sudden and hit her head against the wooden table, hoping that it was only a dream.


The sound of her skull hitting the table echoed in the living room.


She could see the stars rotating over her head.

(Yabai yabai yabaiー! This is bad!!! This Atwood Family is more dangerous than I imagined…!)

While holding her dizzy head and shouting like that in her head, Mylia started running.

She felt like she heard her mother calling from behind, but she ignored her.

She kept running and went out of her house, and ran through the backyard.

(That person… Bonnie onee-sama’s husband… Alex, 25 years old… I can’t believe he was aiming for the virginity of her younger sisters! Moreover, the ones he was aiming for were below 13 years old! Jasmine onee-sama, Penelope onee-sama, Chloe onee-sama, and….. ME!)

Mylia remembered that she had been touched by her older brother-in-law before.

(That person… he is definitely that kind of person… The one so-called… ‘lolicon’…!)

The unimaginable misery of the Atwood Family made her feel like her life when she was in Japan was a lot better.

The lord was a muscle-brained idiot.
The lady was a pushover.
The eldest daughter was a depressed woman.
The second daughter was a hussy who divorced after she cheated on her husband.
The son-in-law was a…. lolicon….

The worst line-up of family members that made you want to run away no matter what.

(The fourth daughter, Jasmine onee-sama, had bad eyesight and was always with an old servant woman… It would be difficult to consult with her… So, maybe I can rely on the sixth daughter, Chloe onee-sama since she seems to really care about me.)

The sixth daughter, Chloe.

Mylia remembered that she was usually picking lavender flowers to be processed into jam at this time.

Mylia kept moving her legs while breathing heavily.

Normally, she shouldn’t run in front of her family.
It was better for her to play as the absent-minded seventh daughter to avoid attracting too much attention.

However, Mylia couldn’t stop her legs because this “super-duper yabai” situation forced her to keep running.

(This body… is lacking stamina… ughh…. I have to improve my physical strength in case I need to run when escaping.)

Mylia added “physical strength training” to her list of future tasks.
She was good at clearing a list of tasks.

「Haahh…. Hahhh…… hurry… I also have to ask Chloe onee-sama about magic….!」

Mylia kept running until a beautiful lavender field spread out in front of her.

In the distance, she saw the sixth daughter, Chloe, picking the lavender flowers with her beautiful black hair waving in the wind.



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