Chapter 1-17 : Engagement Crisis (part 2)


「….lia!……..lia!………..hear me!?………………MYLIA!」(???)

「Ouch ouch, it hurtsー!」(Mylia)

The moment Mylia’s ear was pulled by someone, the clairvoyance magic was cut off.

When her sight returned to the lavender field, Mylia saw the second daughter, Robin, standing in front of her while pulling her ear.

(Hiiiy! The demon queen!)

「What the heck are you doing here!? I said we have something important to do today, didn’t I !?」(Robin)


「Argh! You really are a stupid girl! Come!」(Robin)

「It hurts! It hurts! Onee-sama, you will tear off my ear!」(Mylia)

「Be quiet!」(Robin)

The second daughter, Robin, was 20 years old this year.

In this world, 20 years old is the borderline between ‘you’re good to get married’ and ‘you’re too old to get married’.

Because the rumors about Robin cheating on her husband had spread throughout the region, no men wanted to marry her.
Even the villagers often ridiculed Robin behind her back.

One year has passed, and her bullying toward Mylia has worsened.

「Hurry up, you slow ass!」(Robin)

「My ear! It’ll become a gyoza if you pull it so hard! Let me go!」(Mylia)

「Gyo-what? The heck are you talking about!? Just move your legs faster!」(Robin)

When she was still alive in Japan, her grandma told her that if your ears were torn off, they would become dumplings.
She knew that it was just an elderly joke, though.

Robin didn’t take her hand off Mylia’s ear until they got home.



(Uhh… My ear….)

Mylia was sitting silently in the living room.

Her father, Aaron, and her mother, Ella, were sitting in front of her.
It was rare for Aaron to not go hunting.

(Why aren’t people working…? Is there some kind of event going on today…? Uhh… my ear…)

She didn’t know what was going on, but she wanted to get rid of the pain in her ear first.

(Cell viability… pain killer… Heal!)

While still acting like an absent-minded girl, Mylia chanted healing magic in her head.

Immediately, the pain in her ear disappeared.

Actually, healing magic is really hard to learn.
Only one out of ten magicians can do it.

Mylia learned healing magic by using her knowledge from her previous life as the basis, and her tremendous amount of magical power to activate it.

Her knowledge as a person who has lived in the modern age was really useful even in a different world.

(Nice, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I still can’t control my magical power very well but I have a good imaginative power. However, I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress since Master started teaching me magic.)

「Mylia, you’re going to get engaged to Jabel tomorrow.」(Aaron)

Aaron suddenly said that to Mylia.

This was maybe the first time Aaron has talked to Mylia since she regained her previous life’s memories.

(……. ????)

Unable to understand what Aaron was talking about, Mylia stiffened.
ーNo, she refused to understand.

「Mylia, do you understand what ‘engagement’ is?」(Ella)

Looking at Mylia’s stiffened face, her mother asked her a question.

「I don’t… understand…」(Mylia)

「Oi, you gave birth to her, so you’re the one who should explain it to her.」(Aaron)

Aaron rushed Ella to explain it to Mylia.

「Mylia… you’re going to get engaged to Jabel from the eastern village. He is a merchant, so you will lead a stable life if you marry him. Moreover, he will always support us at the village meeting, so we will be happy if you marry him, and I’m sure you will also be happy.」(Ella)

「Be… happy…?」(Mylia)

Mylia came to her senses and looked at her mother’s disheartened face.

「Pardon me, my lord!」(?)

At that moment, someone was calling from the front door.

Ella went to the front door and brought two visitors to the living room.

(They look like people with bad personalities…. Are they parent and child?)

A middle-aged man with a chunky physique and a man who seemed to be his son stood at the entrance of the living room.
Both of them have sharp eyes and suspicious smiles on their faces.

「Ou, Jalda, Jabel, welcome!」(Aaron)

When Aaron greeted them loudly, they bowed at him.

However, they didn’t seem to be bowing out of respect for Aaron.
It looked like it was just an obligatory bow.

「Aaron-sama, forgive me for the sudden visit. My son kept telling me he wants to see Mylia ojou-sama.」(Jalda)

「Don’t worry about it. She doesn’t work and always walks around the field all day anyways.」(Aaron)

「Hoo… The last time I saw her was two years ago… She has grown up to be a beautiful lady, I see.」(Jalda)

「She’s like a doll without a soul, though.」(Aaron)

「Oh, please don’t say something like that. Jabel, you’re going to marry this beautiful lady. Are you happy?」(Jalda)

When Jalda talked to his son next to him, his son distorted his mouth and smiled.

「Yes. I’m very lucky to be able to marry a beautiful noble lady. This will be my honor.」(Jabel)

(Mother said they are merchants… Don’t tell me… they’re from the poor merchant family…!?!?)



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