Chapter 1-17 : Engagement Crisis (part 1)


A year has passed since Titania began teaching Mylia magic.

After going through autumn, winter, and spring, the Atwood territory was about to enter summer again.

This territory, which was located at the westernmost of the Kingdom of Adrashelm, was a dry and cool place.

Winter wasn’t that cold, and summer wasn’t that hot.
It was a comfortable area that was a perfect summer vacation spot..

If it was extremely hot in the summer, and really cold in the winter, the Atwood territory would have perished long ago.

Mylia, who has turned nine years old this year, was now gazing at the lavender fields that swayed in the wind.

(No matter how many times I look at it, this view is beautiful… A year has passed since I regained my previous life’s memories…. My magic skills have also improved quite a bit thanks to Master…)

『Hello? Master, can you hear me?』(Mylia)

Mylia called Titania using telepathy.

This was a telepathy magic that connected Mylia and Titania through the silver pendant, so there was no one who could use it except them.

After a while, Titania replied with a yawn.

『Fwaahh~~~….. What’s up, Mylia?』(Titania)

『Master, it’s been a year since you started teaching me magic… Do you think my magic skills have improved since then?』(Mylia)

『Hm? Of course. You’ve gotten better at using magic, and honestlyーーーout of my control.』(Titania)

『Really!? Thank you, Master!』(Mylia)

There were some words Mylia didn’t hear really well because of noises, but she replied happily anyway.

Since she started practicing by imagining her magical power spreading through her cells instead of her blood vessels, her magical power has gotten stronger and stronger.

She got this idea thanks to the common knowledge from her previous life that there were no less than 60 trillion cells in a human’s body, far more than the number of blood vessels..

『Master, may I use clairvoyance magic?』(Mylia)

『What are you gonna do with that?』(Titania)

『I’m worried about Chloe onee-chan. She went to the church to teach village children.』(Mylia)

『Ah, I see. Go ahead, then. Just don’t use it for strange things like peeping at someone, okay?』(Titania)

『I’d never do something like that!』(Mylia)

『Good girl~』(Titania)

Titania liked Mylia’s honest personality.

『Well then, Master, I’ll call you by “phone” again later.』(Mylia)

『Okay~ But, “phone”, huh? You have a weird naming sense. In the first place, what the heck is is “phone”?』(Titania)

『Haha, I just came up with it somehow… Yes, somehow…』(Mylia)

『Well, you created this magic, so I can’t complain here. Alright then, I’ll go back to sleep.』(Titania)

『Okay, have a nice sleep.』(Mylia)

Mylia ended the telepathic conversation and immediately activated another spell.

(”Sonar” activated!…… Let’s see what Chloe onee-chan’s doing…)

She converted her magical power into a sound wave and spread it 360 degrees like sonar.

Humans and objects possessed a small amount of magical power, and this was a kind of search magic that could detect them.

Mylia’s “Sonar” detected others’ magical power more accurately than Titania’s search magic, and its range was wider.
Mylia could even search up to a radius of 30km if she felt like it.
She really got better at utilizing her enormous amount of magical power.

After a moment, she found out Chloe’s whereabouts.

(Looks like Chloe onee-chan has arrived at the church. Now… Clairvoyance activated! Towards the churchーー)

Mylia focused her magical power on her eyes and imagined her field of vision was flying toward the church.

(Ah, there she is!)

Chloe was now eleven years old, and she has become more beautiful than she was a year ago.

She has grown quite a lot, especially her breasts.
Probably because she always ate Wasara fruit Mylia took during magic practice in the lavender field.

Currently, Chloe was teaching the other village children to read and write.

The boys around the same age as her occasionally looked at Chloe’s chest.

(Khh! Those perverted boys!……. But Chloe onee-chan’s breasts are really big… Compared to hers, mine are…. Uhh… Well, I’m still growing, so I think this size is normal.)

While convincing herself that she was still in a growing period, she sent out her magical power to the church and imagined it as a microphone so she could hear what the people in the church were talking about.

(So the children only pay three bronze coins a year for tuition fees, huh? Even though they have a beautiful black-haired teacher?……. I think Chloe onee-chan is being scammed…)

Chloe was teaching the village children in the church once a week for a couple of hours in the morning.

Chloe saved the money she got from doing that to pay the examination fee for entering the Adrashlem Kingdom Girls’ Academy.
Until this day, she managed to collect about 200 bronze coins from this job.

(Chloe onee-chan really is beautiful… I bet no men in this world can resist her beauty… Uhh, it makes me worried…)

After Mylia enjoyed watching Chloe teaching the children for a while, the class was finally over.

Atwood territory was a remote area, so actually, the children here didn’t care about the importance of being able to read and write.
Most of them came to the church just to see Chloe.

『Un, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everyone. Please review the lesson at homeーー』(Chloe)

Each of the children was handing over Chloe a bronze coin.
This was the tuition fee which was paid once every four months.

Chloe, who was receiving the coins in front of the statue of the God Celis, looked like a celebrity that was surrounded by her fans.

(It looks like a meet-and-greet event…)

By the way, Mylia now looked like an absent-minded girl who was daydreaming while looking at the lavender field with a stupid face.

She really liked the clairvoyant magic because she could act as a usual absent-minded girl while using it.

After collecting bronze coins from the children and seeing them go home, Chloe was now alone with the priest.

『Chloe ojou-sama, thank you.』(priest)

『Please don’t mention it. This is all I can do for Celis-sama.』(Chloe)

The 80-year-old priest smiled gently at Chloe.

He seemed to have been dispatched to this remote area by himself because he was tired of the power struggle in the royal capital.

『If you include today’s coins in your savings, you will have enough money to pay the examination fee, right?』(priest)

『Yes, finally. It took me three years. Father, I will leave the rest to you.』(Chloe)

『Don’t worry, you can leave it to me. May Celis-sama bless youー』(priest)

『Thank you. May Celis-sama bless youー』(Chloe)

Chloe bowed at the priest with a big smile on her face.

(Now we wait until spring, and if Chloe onee-chan pass the examーー!)

「….lia!……..lia!………..hear me!?………………MYLIA!」(???)

「Ouch ouch, it hurtsー!」(Mylia)

The moment Mylia’s ear was pulled by someone, the clairvoyance magic was cut off.

When her sight returned to the lavender field, Mylia saw the second daughter, Robin, standing in front of her while pulling her ear.

(Hiiiy! The demon queen!)



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