Chapter 1-17 : Engagement Crisis (part 3)


They were the only merchant family in the Atwood territory.

Because the son, Jabel, was known as a person who had an insidious personality, there were no villagers who wanted to approach him.

His family helped the villagers by providing them daily necessities, but they often forcefully sold products to the villagers, and it really troubled them.

“I handed over all my bronze coins to them…”
“I sold all my stock meat to them…”

Thus, there were bad rumors about them.

(No no no no no no no! There’s no way I will marry this personー!!!)

Mylia got goosebumps when Jabel looked at her from top to bottom.

Alex was a gross lolicon, but this person was also dangerous.

(I have to do something…! I won’t be able to enroll in the girls’ academy if I get engaged! Oh, right! I have magic! But… is there even magic that can solve this problem???)

Mylia desperately pondered her thoughts.

(Should I erase everyone’s memories? ……No… I’ve never used mental magic, and it’s forbidden by Master…)

「Mylia, looks like Jabel really likes you. I’m glad for you. Fufu.」(Robin)

Robin, who has been watching from the back seat, congratulated Mylia with a smirk.

「You might be useless now, but you will be of use to your husband, Jabel, when your body grows.」(Robin)


「You’re going to get engaged in church tomorrow. You just have to swear to Celis-sama you will be a good wife. It’s easy, isn’t it?」(Robin)

Mylia got an idea thanks to Robin’s words.

She was forced to get engaged because she was a useless girl who didn’t work.

Aaron wanted to get his useless daughter away as soon as possible, so he tried to set her up with someone.

(If… I can be of use to this family, then…!)

Robin began to make sarcastic remarks and said whatever she wanted without even care if she offended Jabel.
No one stopped Robin because everyone knew that they would only get trouble if they stopped her.

Of course, Mylia didn’t even care what Robin said.
While Robin was talking, Mylia called her master using telepathy.

『Mayday! Mayday! Master, wake up! This is an emergency!』(Mylia)

『….Hm…? Fwaaa~h…』(Titania)

As usual, Titania’s yawning voice was heard first.

『Master! Do you know a thing that is valuable and difficult to find in this territory but can be found by a child like me?』(Mylia)

『Huh…? I’m just woke up and you give me a riddle?』(Titania)

『Please! They’re going to engage me to a random man!』(Mylia)

『Is that so? Wait a minute… let me get a drink first… Ahh-hhaa~』(Titania)

『Geez! Master, hurry up! Just tell me the answer!』(Mylia)

『Hahh… You’re really a troublesome disciple. Let’s see… a thing that is valuable and difficult to find but can be found by a child… Hmm…』(Titania)

『If you know something like that, please tell me!』(Mylia)

『Ahh, the things that elf children often look for.』(Titania)

『What is that?』(Mylia)

『Hwaamm~…… It’ll be a pain to explain… Search magic activated… Clairvoyance activated… transfer magic activated… Done~….』(Titania)

『Eh? Master, what are you doing!? Please stop joking around and help me~~~!』(Mylia)

While Mylia was talking with Titania using telepathy, Robin’s sarcasm show was approaching its final stage.

Robin opened her arms, showing that her solo performance was about to end.

(Please hurry up, Master! If I don’t do something today, my life will be over tomorrow!)

『I just transferred a chunk of rock salt to your pocket. It’s a decently valuable seasoning that you can rarely find here. It’s the best seasoning in the countryside like this. In this village… I don’t think anyone can find it in this village. Even if you dig up every single lavender field in this village, I bet you won’t be able to find any.』(Titania)


Mylia touched her pocket slowly so that Robin didn’t notice.

She could feel an object about the size of a ping-pong ball in her pocket.

(That’s my Master! She’s really good at using magic!)

『Tell them that you found it by accident. Your family is poor, right? I’m sure they won’t let go of a child who can bring them rock salt.』(Titania)

『Master! Thank you very much…!』(Mylia)

『Well then, I’ll go back to sleep. If you fail to persuade them and you get engaged in the end, you can come to my place. I’ll hide you as long as you want, so take it easy.』(Titania)

After Titania cut the telepathy, Mylia turned to Aaron and looked at him with an absent-minded face.



Everyone was surprised because Mylia raised her voice all of a sudden.

Robin also unintentionally stopped talking.

「I found this…」(Mylia)

Mylia took out the rock salt from her pocket and put it on the table.

Aaron, Ella, Robin, Jalda, and Jabel were astonished and looked at it with their eyes wide open.

(Please please please…!)

They all fell silent.

(Is one chunk of rock salt not enough…?)

Mylia became anxious.
She was worried if it wasn’t enough.

(In that case! Sonar magic activated!… Rock salt found!… Clairvoyance activated!…. Transfer magic activated!)

With her enormous amount of magical power, she forced herself to activate transfer magic for the first time, and successfully transferred a rock salt she found into her pocket.

There were only a few magicians in the kingdom who could do such a thing.

(I… I did itー!)

「I… have another one…」(Mylia)

Mylia once again took a chunk of rock salt from her pocket and put it on the table.

「Sometimes… I go out to look for them… because it’s fun…」(Mylia)





Everyone was even more surprised.


After thinking for a moment, Aaron raised his voice in a hurry.

「The engagement will be postponed! I won’t marry Mylia to anyone for the time being!」(Aaron)

「…Yes, you are right, my dear. We better not rush it.」(Ella)

As expected of parents from a poor family.
They didn’t care about anything else when it came to money.

Without changing her expression, Mylia let out a big sigh of relief in her head.

(Haaahhh~~~ I’m glad it’s going well! Thank you, Master!)

Mylia felt like she heard the sound of Robin clenching her teeth, and Jabel glared at her even more passionately than before.

Even though it was just for the time being, Mylia managed to get Aaron to delay her engagement.



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  1. Found the manga of this and began reading.

    I probably wouldn’t have handled this as well as Mylia. Which would be to make a show of force, but I guess just paying your own family off is way safer.

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