Chapter 5 : Since My Dream was Shattered, I’ll Work On A Construction Site


The carpenter took me to a hut at the back of the construction site.

Inside the hut, there were several well-built men wearing shirts with their sleeves rolled up to their shoulders.

Somehow, I felt the temperature of the room was completely different from the outside.

「Boss, who’s that child? Could it be… your illegitimate child!?」
「Don’t be stupid or I’ll kill you! I only love my wife, you know that」

「That’s right, dude. Look at her. Boss’s child can’t be this cute」
「……. Oi, you two… It looks like you guys don’t care anymore about your life. Very well, I’ll kill you both!」

Apparently, the carpenter who took me seems to be a boss. Is he the master builder?

After he yelled at his men, he gave me a bowl of warm tomato soup with bread on top of it.

As I smelled the delicious smell, my saliva flowed out of my mouth.
I left the rest to my appetite and let my mouth devour the soup and bread.
The texture of the bread was hard, but when I dipped it in the soup, it soaked and tasted very delicious.

Even after I finished eating the soup, my stomach was still growling.



「Hahaha! Missy, you can eat more. Don’t hesitate」

While laughing at my belly that kept growling, the carpenters served me more and more bowls of soup.

「Thank you very much….! Thank you very much…..!」

I was so happy that there were still people who care about me.
While my tears were flowing, I drank the soup until I felt like the blood in my body became tomato-flavored.
My stomach swelled, I’m so full now.

After I was satisfied, I took a breather, and for some reason, I felt like telling these kind people about my story.

「The chairman and Cecil are terrible! I’m always doing my best, but they didn’t recognize my effort even the slightest bit! My classmates are also terrible! Donketsu, donketsu, just be quiet already! I know I’m slow and clumsy, but that nickname was just terrible!」

As if I lost my self-control, I let out all my grumbles.

「That must be tough…」
「We are similar. You know? There’s no one who wanna be a carpenter but the people who are discriminated and expelled from society」
「It was decided a long time ago that carpentry and blacksmithing were jobs for criminals. Ah, but don’t worry, we’re not criminals」
「Well, some of us are suspicious though」

Surprisingly, they listened to me. I was really happy.
Being understood by other people really makes me happy… really…

「Missy. If you can’t find a job, you wanna work here?」

After the boss said that, I opened my eyes wide.

「R, Really!? Can I work here!? But… I’m not good at using tools. Is that okay with you?」

「Atabou yo (of course). Even if you’re level zero, if it’s only cleaning up the wood chips, you can do it, right? You will be paid cheaply tho」

The boss was saying it bluntly, but for me now, there’s no better suggestion.

「I’ll do my best! I’ll be useful!」

「Actually, I don’t expect you much, but do your best」

「Yes, sir! Thank you very much! 」

I decided to accept the boss’s kindness. I bowed deeply in front of him.
Also, since I’ll be working with these kind people from now on, I promised myself to repay their kindness with my hard work.






「Hanna-chanー Can you clean these tools?」


It’s been a month since I started doing chores at the construction site.
I’m getting used to my work here.

My motto is “I’ll do all things that people find troublesome”. Even though I have no skills or level, I’m happy that there’s still a way for me to work.

My job was mainly sweeping wood dust and excess wood chips, and also cleaning and organizing the tools.
It was indeed only a chores kinda job. However, after I continued doing it for quite a while, the carpenters were recognizing my hard work.

「Since Hanna-chan came, my work has become easier」
「Right. I also can concentrate on my own work more」


I was so happy they said that.
I never thought that I would find a warm place, that I couldn’t find at school, on a construction site full of sweaty men.
Life is really strange.

This place has become my irreplaceable home that is both stinky and lovely.

When I was cleaning the tools, sometimes I felt a mysterious sensation.

…..For some reason, the hammer that the carpenters always use, really caught my eye.

The tools like a wood file or chisel didn’t interest me at all but this rugged iron hammer full of scratches. I wonder why…
Maybe because it strangely fits my hand perfectly and is way more lighter than a sword or axe?

「It’s not cute or cool at all… but why…」

I looked at the hammer closely.
It was rough and smelled of iron.
I couldn’t understand myself for being interested in such a tool.

Come to think of it, I’ve never touched a hammer until I came here.

Laney once told me the hammer is the tool controlled by the Devil God Dortos. That’s why it’s not a tool that you can touch lightly.
In the village where I spent my time with Laney, only a small number of men were allowed to use it.

「Missy? Why are you staring at a hammer like that? Are you interested in nailing?」

I was surprised when Boss spoke to me from behind all of a sudden.

「A, Umm… Actually…….. Yes! “Tokan tokan!” it’s actually looks so fun!」
*/ hammering sfx

I lied to him.
Well, I can’t say that I’m attracted to the hammer itself because he would think of me as a weird girl if I said that…. No, wait. My level has never increased for some reason, and I am also too gluttonous for a girl… Maybe he already thinks of me that way…



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