Chapter 4-38 : Building A Good Connection With A Neighbor (part 2)


「Lady Mylia… You do know something about them… ーNo… You’re hiding them, aren’t you…?」(Baron Hansen)

Without answering Baron Hansen, Mylia turned her face to him and glared at him.

「You know that I’ve been looking for them for years, don’t you, Lady Mylia?」(Baron Hansen)

「…Yeah… But I also know that you treated them so badly that they fled from your territory. And, yes, they’re now living under my protection in the Atwood Territory. I won’t let you harm them!」(Mylia)

Chloe, who was sitting next to Mylia, put her hand on Mylia’s shoulder to calm her down.

「Calm down, Mylia. Let me handle this.」(Chloe)


Mylia nodded to Chloe, took a deep breath, and fixed her sitting posture.

「Baron Hansen, just as Mylia said, I can’t let you harm them either. I’m sorry if I’m being rude, but they fled because of your incompetence and the way you poorly treated them.」(Chloe)

「…….」(Baron Hansen)

Baron Hansen shifted his gaze. He couldn’t talk back because he knew what Chloe said was true.

「Since they’re no longer the residents of your territory, you can’t do anything to them. Most of them are merchants and I’m planning to employ them to work for my company in the future. If you insist on taking them back to your territory, then Mylia and I will be your enemy.」(Chloe)

Chloe kept glaring at Baron Hansen with sharp eyes as she talked.

Being told that Mylia and Chloe would become his enemy, Baron Hansen didn’t have any other choice but to give up on the people in the Griffon Village.

He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh.

「…Alright. It’s hard for me to give up on those beautiful women, but… I understand. It was my fault to begin with. I should have treated them well. Maybe they would have come to me with their own will if I did that… Hahh… I was so young and foolish back then… However, believe it or not, I’ve learned my lesson.」(Baron Hansen)

He seemed to have always regretted what he had done to those people.

However, what he regretted the most was that he lost the chance to take the beautiful women from that village as his wives.

「They are now the people of the Atwood Territory. Mylia’s people. Can you promise us that you won’t do anything to them?」(Chloe)

「I promise. They’re yours now.」(Baron Hansen)

「…Alright. Then, we can continue our discussion about our business relationship.」(Chloe)

Chloe sighed and continued talking about building a business relationship with Baron Hansen.

「Currently, we are still working on the griffons. Once we’re done teaching them how to use magic bags, we will teach them how to transport items from one place to another.」(Chloe)

「I see. I can’t wait to see griffons as the new transportation method.」(Baron Hansen)

「Thank you. After we finish training all the griffons, I would like to open the first branch of our griffon station in your city so that we can trade goods more smoothly.」(Chloe)

「That’s a great idea. So, do you want me to build the building?」(Baron Hansen)

「Yes. I’d be happy if you make it as big as possible.」(Chloe)

「I will try my best. You can leave it to me.」(Baron Hansen)

Baron Hansen and Chloe smiled and nodded at each other.

Apparently, Baron Hansen recognized Chloe for her talent. After all, she was the best student in the commerce department of the Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy.

「My dear sons, you heard her. You know what to do.」(Baron Hansen)

「As you wish, Father.」(eldest son)

「You can leave it to us.」(second son)

Baron Hansen turned his gaze to his sons.

The two sons then nodded to their father and left the room.

They knew what to do even without Baron Hansen needing to tell them anything.

Even though they had too much pride and a perverted nature just like their father, they seemed to have educated very well and turned out to be surprisingly talented.

After seeing the two off, Chloe stood up and bowed her head toward Baron Hansen.

「I felt so uncomfortable to be here at first but I’m glad that we were able to have a fruitful conversation in the end. Thank you for your precious time, Baron Hansen.」(Chloe)

Baron Hansen then stood up and bowed his head as well.

「Once again, I’m deeply sorry for making you feel uncomfortable, Lady Chloe.」(Baron Hansen)

Chloe replied to Baron Hansen with a smile. She then glanced at Mylia and nodded at her, telling her to do the same.

Mylia stood up from her seat and unwillingly bowed her head toward Baron Hansen.

「Uhh… Thank you for having me today…」(Mylia)

「You’re welcome, Lady Mylia. I’m sorry for keeping your sister in my mansion.」(Baron Hansen)

「Yeah, you better be sorry and never do that again!」(Mylia)

「M, Mylia!」(Chloe)


Mylia looked away and pouted.

(He might have regretted what he had done to Onee-chan, but I will never like this fat pig!)

She then turned her eyes to Drakia.

(Drakia on the other hand, he’s a good guy. He tried to kill me but I don’t hate him.)

「Drakia-san, thank you for today. The duel was fun. If you ever have a hard time defeating a powerful monster or dragon, feel free to call me. I’ll come to help you.」(Mylia)

After Mylia said that, Drakia and Baron Hansen looked at each other and laughed awkwardly for some reason.

(Uhh… Did I say something strange…?)

「Hahaha…! Drakia, I can’t believe the day where someone offers you help has come!」(Baron Hansen)

「A… Ahaha… As one of the famous magicians in the kingdom, I don’t know if I should be happy about it or not… 」(Drakia)

「Eh? You’re a famous magician? I, I’m sorry, I didn’t know…」(Mylia)

「I, It’s alright… By the way, you are a friend of Miss Aria from the Griffith House, right? Then you must know her grandmother, Elizabeth de la Ruzé Griffith. I’m not trying to be boastful, but she and I are on the same level. We are fellow famous magicians in this kingdom.」(Drakia)

「I see…」(Mylia)

(I don’t know much about magicians in this world. I know Aria’s grandma is a famous one, but it’s because Aria told me. I wonder how many famous magicians this kingdom has…)

Mylia wondered about famous magicians, but she wasn’t aware that she had already become one of them.

「So, you’re a famous magician. That’s amazing!」(Mylia)

「Thank you, but I lost to you. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lose confidence at all.」(Drakia)

「I, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…」(Mylia)

「Hahaha! No, no. I’m not blaming you. It’s alright. Anyway, I’ve never had a hard time fighting monsters or dragons so far and I don’t think I will, but when I do, I may call you for help.」(Drakia)

「A, ahaha… You can count on me!」(Mylia)

「Lady Mylia, I may be a famous magician, but you… I’m sure you will not only become a famous magician but also become a legend who will leave your mark on history. Don’t you agree, Baron Hansen?」(Drakia)

「Yeah. Lady Mylia, I thought you were just a stupid, ignorant little girl at first, but who would have thought that that little girl could defeat one of the famous magicians in this kingdom? I doubted you at first, but now you have my respect.」(Baron Hansen)

「U, Uhh… Thank you…」(Mylia)

(So, I looked like a stupid, ignorant little girl in his eyes, huh…? Khhh!! I know I will never ever like this person! That’s for sure!)

「Anyway, you and your sister are welcome here. If you want to talk with Drakia, feel free to come to my mansion anytime.」(Baron Hansen)

「Alright, thanks… Drakia-san, I will see you again someday.」(Mylia)

「I’ll be waiting for you. As promised, I will teach you how to easily make money as a magician next time.」(Drakia)

「I’m looking forward to it!」(Mylia)

「Well then, it’s time for us to go home.」(Chloe)

「Let me take you to the exit. This way, please.」(Baron Hansen)

When Baron Hansen took Mylia and Chloe to the first floor, they saw so many beautiful women who seemed to be Baron Hansen’s wives.

(U, Uwaahh… Are all these women his wife…? There are a lot of them! It looks like a kingdom of harem or something!)

The beautiful women were looking and smiling at Mylia, thinking how cute she was.

They were wearing expensive-looking dresses, pieces of jewelry, and gorgeous high heels.

The atmosphere on the first floor was lively, indicating that all the women were treated very well. None of them seemed to have been forced into marriage.

(They seem to be living happily here. Perhaps my image of Baron Hansen is wrong. He might be lustful but not as bad as I thought. Still… I will never let him marry Chloe onee-chan no matter what!)

After being greeted by Baron Hansen’s wives, Mylia, Chloe, and Hypnus left the mansion and flew home to the Atwood Territory together.



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