Chapter 4-37 : Recognition (part 2)


Drakia and Chloe were complimenting Mylia, but Mylia could only reply to them with an awkward smile.

(They said I’m a genius, but I never thought I was… I may have a lot of magical power, but I think there are many people better than me when it comes to magic. Master, for example. She’s way better than me, that’s why she can teach me a lot about magic. I think I have an advantage just because I have the memories of my previous life.)

Mylia couldn’t deny Drakia and Chloe even though she didn’t totally agree with them.

「Umm… I think we’ve talked enough about me. Drakia-san, there’s something I want to ask. How could you move really fast?」(Mylia)

「I just simply used body-strengthening magic to boost my speed.」(Drakia)

「So, you are a body-strengthening magic specialist?」(Mylia)

(I remember some students used body-strengthening magic in the school. I think that technique is cool, but I’m a bit clumsy… I wonder if I can do that…)

「Body-strengthening magic specialist, huh…? Yeah, you can say that. I’ve mastered a lot of offensive and defensive spells, but I chose this fighting style because I want to hit my opponents directly. It’s the least magician-like fighting style, though. It’s more like a martial artist’s fighting style, but I like it.」(Drakia)

「I think it’s cool! Moving around quickly like a ninja and striking your enemy when they’re off guard. I wish I could do that.」(Mylia)

「”Ninja”…? What is that?」(Drakia)

「A, Ah… It’s… umm…」(Mylia)

(I forgot there’s no ninja in this world! Ugh, how can I explain it…?)

Hearing Mylia say something strange again, Chloe sighed and cleared her throat.

「Ahem…. Mylia, Drakia-san, can you please talk about magic later? We still have a lot to talk about.」(Chloe)

「Ah, I’m sorry, Onee-chan…」(Mylia)

「My apologize, Lady Chloe.」(Drakia)

Realizing that they hadn’t given the others a chance to talk, the two magic freaks lowered their heads and fell silent.

Now that she had a chance to talk, Chloe turned her face toward Baron Hansen and looked him in the eye with a serious face.

「Baron Hansen, as you can see, Drakia-san has already acknowledged his defeat. How about you? Do you admit Mylia’s victory?」(Chloe)

The result was obvious, but Chloe asked just to be sure.

Hypnus, who was standing next to her, glared at Baron Hansen as if saying, “You upset my boss, you die!”

「………」(Baron Hansen)

Feeling the pressure coming from Chloe and Hypnus’ strong gazes, sweat started running down Baron Hansen’s cheeks.

「…Before I answer, there’s something I need to ask…」(Baron Hansen)

He turned his face to Mylia and carefully chose his words.

「Lady Mylia… since it’s an unofficial duel, would you please not make it public?」(Baron Hansen)

Reputation is important for nobles to survive in the aristocratic society.

For Baron Hansen, a good reputation is required to maintain his dignity and authority as a noble.

「Umm… Honestly, I don’t want people to know that I dueled with Drakia-san either, but… Onee-chan, what do you think?」(Mylia)

「It’s up to you. You’re the boss.」(Chloe)


Mylia folded her arms and thought.

(I don’t want to stand out, so I agree with Baron Hansen to not make it public, but it would only benefit this fat man… Hmm… Aa, I have an idea!)

Mylia looked at Baron Hansen with a sharp gaze.

「Baron Hansen, I won’t make it public if you stop asking my older sister to marry you and you have to promise me not to disturb her anymore.」(Mylia)

Listening to what Mylia said, Baron Hansen squinted.

While glaring at Mylia in the eye, he asked Drakia an unexpected question.

「Drakia, if you fight more seriously, can you kill her?」(Baron Hansen)


「Baron Hansen, how dare youー!!」(Chloe)

Mylia and Chloe were surprised by Baron Hansen’s question.

Chloe hit the table and stood up, glaring at Baron Hansen, but Drakia raised his hand, telling the two to calm down.

He then glared at Baron Hansen.

He respected his feudal lord, but now he looked like he was very disappointed in him.

「My answer is… No. I don’t think I can win even if I fight her one more time.」(Drakia)

「I see…」(Baron Hansen)

「Baron Hansen, Lady Mylia is a real deal. She is truly a powerful witch as rumored. I’ve fought against various magicians, but Lady Mylia is unique. Who would have thought I would lose to her cats? I think she is invincible as long as she has that powerful barrier and those cats. I doubt there’s someone capable enough to defeat her in this kingdom. She may be young, but you can’t underestimate her. Baron Hansen, I’m deeply sorry, but we should admit our defeat.」(Drakia)

Listening to what the strongest magician in his territory just said, Baron Hansen lowered his head.

「So, she’s really a powerful Dragon Slayer, huh…?」(Baron Hansen)

He took a deep breath once, looked at Mylia for a second, and then lowered his head.

「Lady Myliaー No, Baron Mylia de la Atwood, I’m deeply sorry for detaining your beloved older sister in my mansion for an entire day. Please forgive me.」(Baron Hansen)

「H, Huh…?」(Mylia)

Mylia was taken aback to see Baron Hansen bowed deeply at her and apologized.

「F, Father, what are you doing!?」(first son)

「Why are you apologizing!?」(second son)

The first son and the second son stood up from their seats in surprise, but Baron Hansen ignored them and looked up at Mylia.

「I admit my defeat. As promised, I will let the immigrants pass through my town for free and I promise you I won’t bother your older sister anymore.」(Baron Hansen)

「R, Really? Great! Oh, just to be sure, can you write a contract?」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia took out a blank parchment from her magic bag and placed it on the table.

「Understood… Drakia.」(Baron Hansen)

「Yes, sir.」(Drakia)

After Baron Hansen gave him a signal, Drakia took the parchment and checked it.

「There’s nothing wrong with it.」(Drakia)

「Good. Give it to the head butler and tell him to write the contract.」(Baron Hansen)

「Right away.」(Drakia)

Drakia left the living room with the parchment and returned in a few minutes.

He then gave the contract to Mylia for her to check.

The content was as said earlier. Baron Hansen will let the immigrants pass through the City of Hamanulle and won’t bother Chloe anymore, in exchange, Mylia won’t make her duel with Drakia public.

After confirming the content, Mylia and Baron Hansen signed the contract.

「Lady Mylia, should I call you Baron Atwood?」(Baron Hansen)

「Ugh… It feels weird. You can just call me Mylia.」(Mylia)

「Well then, Lady Mylia, if there’s something I can do for you, please let me know.」(Baron Hansen)

(Hmm… He seems to have acknowledged me as a baron. Well, that’s a great thing, I guess…)



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    1. I guess he is still a businessman. He trusts drakia’s evaluation, and nothing good would ever happen with someone who aggravated a force which entire kingdom can’t handle. Luckily, since they both agreed to the duel, just admitting result will leave him with no repercussions, and being polite and saying about readiness to assist at any point will leave better impression and possible connections in the future.

    2. Looks like he realized he couldn’t do anything by force since she’s too strong. Still, casually asking Drakia if he can kill Mylia in front of her is cruel to a child and just too disrespectful, it’s like he’s disregarding her completely even before he’s told he shouldn’t as if it didn’t matter. He’s clearly a selfish bastard that’s just intelligent enough to bow to power and have his way with the weak. I’m sure he will go back on his word as soon as he has the power to do so, like for example if he hires more powerful people or allies with higher ranking nobles.

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