Chapter 4-37 : Recognition (part 1)


「Umm… Are you okay…?」(Mylia)

Mylia approached Drakia who was lying on the ground and asked him worriedly.

「I… I’m… fine… Ughh…」(Drakia)

「You don’t look fine at all though…」(Mylia)

「Lady… Mylia… May I ask you… a question….?」(Drakia)

While wincing in pain, Drakia looked at Mylia with half-opened eyes.

「What is it?」(Mylia)

「H, How could cats… came out of your barrier…?」(Drakia)

「Well, thats…」(Mylia)

「And… why are those cats so powerful…? Thanks to them… My entire body is in pain… but I have no regrets…」(Drakia)

After saying that, Drakia smiled. At the same time, blood came out of his nostrils.

「A, Aahh… Sorry about my cats. I wasn’t controlling them. They move on their own. A, Anyway, let me heal you first.」(Mylia)

Mylia stretched her arms down toward Drakia and cast Healing Magic.

Meanwhile, Chloe looked at Baron Hansen and smirked at him.

「Baron Hansen, as you can see. Mylia won this battle. What do you say?」(Chloe)

Baron Hansen closed his eyes and gritted his teeth for a moment.

He then turned his face toward Chloe and nodded weakly.

Thus the duel ended with Mylia’s victory.




After the duel was over, everyone returned to the living room including Drakia.

They were having a conversation while enjoying the tea that was served by the maid.

「Aa-ahh… I never thought I would be defeated by cats. I lost but it was a good battle. Thank you, Lady Mylia.」(Drakia)

While looking Mylia in the eye, Drakia smiled sincerely just like a good guy would do. However, it only made Mylia feel awkward.

「Y, You’re welcome…?」(Mylia)

(Uhh… This is awkward… I don’t feel like winning at all since I didn’t do anything… My cats did… But I’m glad that he seems to enjoy the duel.)

「May I ask you about your unique barrier?」(Drakia)


「I’ve never seen a magic barrier that can summon strangely powerful cats. Did you create it yourself?」(Drakia)

「Yup. Actually, I invented most of my spells myself.」(Mylia)

「Incredible… Creating spells is not easy, but you can do that at such a young age. I’m truly impressed.」(Drakia)

「Ehehe~ Thank you.」(Mylia)

Being praised by a veteran magician, Mylia shyly scratched her head.

「Lady Mylia, there’s something I don’t understand. When I tried to attack you for the second time, you were completely unaware that I was attacking, weren’t you? But, how could you deploy your barrier in time?」(Drakia)

「Ah, my Cat Barrier is an automatic defensive spell. It will automatically deploy by itself when I’m in danger.」(Mylia)

「W, Wait a minute… Automatic, you say? Could you please explain it in more detail?」(Drakia)

「Umm… First, I covered my entire body with my magical power. It will react when I’m in danger and automatically deploy the barrier.」(Mylia)

「I see… But, maintaining it won’t be easy, right? It should consume a tremendous amount of magical power. Normal magicians with a decent amount of magical power won’t be able to maintain such an automatic defensive spell even for just a few minutes.」(Drakia)

「It’s actually only consuming ten percent of the total of my magical power, so I have no problem maintaining it for a long time.」(Mylia)

「So, that barrier has a high level of efficiency regarding the magical energy it consumes. I see…」(Drakia)

Drakia put his thumb and index finger on his chin.

He seemed to be very interested in Mylia’s Cat Barrier.

He thought Mylia’s Cat Barrier had high efficiency, but the truth was Mylia had so much magical power that she didn’t have a problem maintaining it for a long time.

「Now I know why it deployed by itself, but I still don’t understand why cats come out of it. Moreover, they are extremely powerful.」(Drakia)

「Well… Because cats are cute? Dogs are cute too, but I somehow prefer cats.」(Mylia)

「I… still don’t understand…」(Drakia)

「Back before I created this spell, I wanted to have a cat, but unfortunately, I couldn’t since I lived with a horrible family.」(Mylia)

「I see… So you wanted to keep a cat, huh?」(Drakia)

「Yup! When I tried to create an automatic defensive spell, the feeling of wanting a cat affected the image of the spell, and then, Boom! The automatic defensive spell called Cat Barrier was created!」(Mylia)

「So… When you imagined the spell to be created, your mind was affected by the feeling of wanting a cat, and then… Boom! …Huh?」(Drakia)

Listening to Mylia’s explanation, Drakia became more confused instead of learning something new as if he had just seen a mathematical formula he couldn’t understand.

As always, Mylia was bad at explaining her spells since she created and used her spells completely by feeling.

「Yup. Imagine a cat and a barrier, and then, voilà! Just like that.」(Mylia)

「Voilà… I, I see…」(Drakia)

Drakia said, “I see”, but he tilted his head.

Noticing that Drakia didn’t understand what she said, Mylia continued explaining while showing him how it was done.

「You see, after imagining a cat’s cute appearance, I can simply make a barrier like this.」(Mylia)

Mylia stretched her right hand forward and deployed her Cat Barrier manually.

A magic barrier with the shape of a cat’s face appeared on Mylia’s hand.

「Let’s see… Imagine a cat… and deploy a magic barrier…」(Drakia)

Drakia closed his eyes and stretched his hand forward, trying to do what Mylia did.

However, the magic barrier he deployed was circular. It didn’t take the shape of a cat.

「Ugh… I can’t. Mine is just a normal magic barrier…」(Drakia)

Unsatisfied with the result, Drakia lowered his hand and sighed.

「Lady Mylia, I think I will never be able to do the things you can do. Your technique is too advanced for me…」(Drakia)

「I, Is that so…?」(Mylia)

(I just simply use my imagination… Perhaps my ability to imagine is stronger than the people in this world? I also use my knowledge from my previous life while imagining new spells. That’s probably why I can invent spells without problems…)

「Hahaha! So this is what people call a genius. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous at all.」(Drakia)


Mylia scratched her head and smiled awkwardly at Drakia.

She didn’t think that she was a genius at all.

「You’re right! Mylia is a genius among geniuses! Ordinary people like us will never reach her level!」(Chloe)

「Hahaha! I agree.」(Drakia)

Drakia nodded to Chloe.

Chloe was angry with Drakia because he was trying to hurt Mylia, but now she began to think that he might be a good guy.



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  1. Surprised they accept loss.. Is it cuz of noble pride or they up to something? Or they realized she is stronger than she look and figure it’s pointless to try fight against her?

    1. Rather than pride of the noble, it was said that he is very gifted businessman. He might underestimated Mylia and lost, but contract is still a contract. Breaking it, especially with such famous and popular person as dragon slayer is a death sentence for businessman, even if Mylia will not launch you into orbit before that 😀

      1. He doesn’t strike me as a particularly moral person though… I feel he just severely underestimated Mylia’s strength because he knew a dragon slayer and she is still young. If he’s the obsessive type a contract won’t stop him, he may try other means to pressure them.

        1. Rather than being “moral”, as i said it’s more about cold calculations of profit and loss.
          This entire challenge duel was decided suddenly, so he didn’t have time to plan countermeasures in case of loss, and a confidence in the skill and experience of his own “dragon slayer mage” made him believe that countermeasures aren’t necessary.
          Yes, he will try other means to pressure them, but it requires some underhand plotting and time. If he can do something about it “legally”, he will do it, but rejecting the result of a duel outright would be outrageous. If you think about it, the whole idea of duel was his attempt to legally pressure them, becauss he knows that that’s the only thing that he can use as a leverage against them.

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