Chapter 4-36 : Cat’s Strange Dance (part 3)


「Don’t worry, Lady Mylia. I won’t take your life.」(Drakia)

(Behind me!?)

Before Mylia knew it, Drakia was ready to stab Mylia from behind with his dagger.

He was aiming for Mylia’s left shoulder because he didn’t want to kill her.


「Game over! I win!」(Baron Hansen)

Chloe’s heartbreaking scream and Baron Hansen’s overjoyed voice were heard at the same time.


Mylia didn’t expect that Drakia would move behind her in the blink of an eye and use a melee attack instead of an offensive spell.

He moved so fast that Mylia couldn’t react at all.

Everyone thought that the battle was over. However, the moment Drakia’s dagger was about to reach Mylia’s left shoulder, a magic barrier with a cat’s paw symbol about fifty centimeters in diameter appeared between the dagger and Mylia’s shoulder all of a sudden and blocked the dagger.



Drakia immediately noticed there was something wrong, but he was too late.

As soon as the dagger made contact with the barrier, a white cat popped out and deflected the dagger with its claws.


「What theー!!?」(Drakia)

Unable to resist the force, Drakia let go of his dagger. The dagger then flew to the side and stabbed a tree on the edge of the backyard.

Right after the cat quickly smacked Drakia in the chin real hard with its powerful Cat Punch that had enough power to break a boulder.


Receiving the unexpected uppercut from the cat, Drakia bent backward and was blown away diagonally into the air.

「H, Haah!?」(Baron Hansen)

「What!?」(first son)

「No way!!」(second son)

Baron Hansen and his sons’ jaws dropped when they saw the magician dressed in black rotating at high speed in the air while his body bent backward like a half-moon.

After rotating several times in the air, Drakia slammed his body onto the ground and rolled several meters away, but then he quickly pushed the ground, spun his body around, and landed on his feet, kneeling on the ground.

Normal people would have lost consciousness after receiving that powerful Cat Punch in the chin, but Drakia could still move nimbly thanks to his body-strengthening magic.

「Hahh… Hahh…!! *breathing heavily*」(Drakia)

「What the hell just happened!?」(Baron Hansen)

「Like hell I know!」(first son)

「It happened so fast!」(second son)

(Uwahh… That was close. If it wasn’t for the Automatic Cat Barrier, I would have been hurt!)

While the men were confused about what just happened, Mylia let out a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand.

「Thank god… I forgot that she has those cats…」(Chloe)

Chloe felt relieved to see Mylia was fine.

Seeing Chloe’s worried face, Hypnus rubbed his head against Chloe’s and looked at her in the eye as if saying, “Don’t worry. Your little sister is strong!”

Chloe then replied to Hypnus with a nod.

「What was that…? A cat…? ーUghh! My hand…」(Drakia)

Drakia’s right wrist was dislocated when the cat deflected his dagger. His wrist’s condition was so bad that he couldn’t fix it himself.

He also lost a few teeth due to the powerful uppercut. Blood started dripping from his mouth.

However, despite the pain he felt, he smirked. He looked so excited for some reason.

After all, he was a battle maniac who enjoyed fighting strong opponents.

Because he couldn’t use his damaged right hand, he took out another dagger from his magic bag and held it with his left hand.

「Well, that was unexpected, but I’m not done yet! Here I go!」(Drakia)

Right after saying that, Drakia disappeared.


Mylia was able to react this time. She stuck out her hand forward, ready to shoot her offensive spells.

However, Drakia was too fast. Her eyes couldn’t keep up with his quick movements.

「Where are you looking atー?」(Drakia)


「Lady Myliaー」(Drakia)


「I’m hereー」(Drakia)


「I’m hereー」(Drakia)


「I’m hereー」(Drakia)


Drakia was moving incredibly fast. He made multiple afterimages while moving around Mylia at light speed.

Knowing that Mylia had a strange defensive spell, Drakia thought of avoiding attacking her carelessly.

He thought that Mylia was able to counter his attack because she deployed the barrier as soon as she realized that he would attack her from behind.

He thought that Mylia’s barrier was a defensive spell that should be deployed manually. He didn’t know that it was actually automatic.

That’s why he tried to distract Mylia by making afterimages, thinking that Mylia wouldn’t be able to deploy the barrier when she was off guard.

Drakia thought that Mylia wouldn’t know when he would attack if he kept distracting her with his afterimages.

「Ughh… You make me dizzy…! Stop it and let’s have a real magic battle, shall we!?」(Mylia)

After moving around Mylia at light speed for a while, Drakia finally found an opportunity to attack.

When Mylia looked to the right, Drakia aimed for Mylia’s left side. Howeverー


「W, What!?」(Drakia)

Just like before, a magic barrier appeared and blocked Drakia’s dagger.

Mylia was looking in the opposite direction at that moment, so she was completely unaware that Drakia attacked from the left side.

(How could she deploy a barrier while she didn’t even know when I attacked!?)(Drakia)

Drakia was confused. He didn’t know that Mylia’s Cat Barrier automatically protected her whenever she was in danger.

While Drakia was wondering, another cat appeared. This time it was a black and white tabby cat with a sleepy face. It was a bit bigger than the white cat that previously appeared.

Its face was black but its feet were white, giving him a somewhat stupid appearance.

Just like before, the cat tried to deflect Drakia’s dagger, but Drakia quickly bent his left arm upward to dodge the cat’s claws and quickly stepped back.

「As if I would fall for the same tricks!」(Drakia)

The cat then tried to punch Drakia, but Drakia dodged it.

ーNya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya…!!


The cat kept sending punches but Drakia kept dodging them with his light speed.

(Whoaaa… He’s fighting the cat! He’s probably the first person who could keep dodging my cat’s punches!)

Drakia and the cat kept fighting at high speed. They both were moving so fast that it looked like they were doing a strange dance.

「Ughh! When will this cat stop attacking!?」(Drakia)

Drakia had been using body-strengthening magic for quite a while.

He used a lot of energy when he made multiple afterimages to distract Mylia, and now, he has to keep dodging the cat’s punches.

Because Mylia’s Cat Barrier could copy the enemy’s attack and launch it back to them, the cat was moving as fast as Drakia was.

The difference was that the cat didn’t feel tired at all, unlike Drakia.

ーNya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya…!!

「Khhh!! ーHahh…!! Hahh…!! This is… bad…!!」(Drakia)

After he kept dodging the cat’s punches for a while, Drakia finally ran out of stamina and magical power.

He couldn’t help but slow his movements down, as a result, he could no longer dodge the cat’s punches.

ーNya nya nya nya nya nya nya nyaaaa!!


After receiving multiple Cat Punches, Drakia was thrown into the air and crashed onto the ground.

Soon after the cat disappeared into thin air.

Seeing Drakia lying down on the ground helplessly, Baron Hansen and his sons were lost for words.

Meanwhile, Chloe nodded in satisfaction.

She knew it was a duel, but she couldn’t help but be angry with Drakia because he was trying to hurt her little sister.

It wasn’t very pleasant to watch a grown man trying to hurt a girl with a dagger after all.

She was glad that Drakia was punished for that.

Seeing Chloe’s satisfied face, Hypnus rubbed his head against Chloe’s waist.



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