Chapter 4-36 : Cat’s Strange Dance (part 2)


「Well then, here I go!」(Mylia)

「Hold on, Lady Mylia!」(Drakia)

Mylia stuck out her hand forward, ready to shoot her Explosion Magic, but Drakia suddenly stopped her.

Mylia then lowered her hand.


「I’m sorry, but knowing how powerful your explosive spell is, I don’t think it’s a good idea to fight here. Baron Hansen would be sad if his mansion was destroyed.」(Drakia)

Saying that, Drakia glanced at Baron Hansen. Baron Hansen then smirked at him as if saying, “You don’t have to worry about it, you know?”

Meanwhile, Mylia pouted. She thought it would be great if she could destroy Baron Hansen’s mansion.

(I really wanted to destroy his house, but… too bad…)

「Don’t worry, I can control the vector of the explosion. I will make the blast go inward before hitting the building. If I’m not mistaken it’s called implosion. So, you don’t have to worry about this building.」(Mylia)


「Umm… It’s like the direction of where power goes. You know… It’s used in physics and mathematics. Uhh, I’m sorry. I’m bad at explaining things.」(Mylia)

「It’s alright. So, the point is, you can use your explosive spell in full power without damaging this mansion, right?」(Drakia)


「That’s impressive. Alright then, shall we start now?」(Drakia)

「ーMylia, Mylia!」(Chloe)

When the two were about to start the duel, Chloe called out to Mylia all of a sudden.

「What’s wrong, Onee-chan?」(Mylia)

「I don’t think you should use your Explosion Magic. It’s so loud. You will make people panic if you use it again.」(Chloe)


After she listened to her big sister’s warning, Mylia glanced up at Drakia with a somewhat apologetic face.

Drakia couldn’t help but laugh.

「Hahaha! Your sister’s got a point. That’s too bad. I really wanted to feel its power.」(Drakia)

「I’m sorry, I can’t shoot you with my Explosion Magic, but don’t worry. I will hit you with my other powerful spell.」(Mylia)

After Mylia said that, Drakia widened his eyes. He looked excited for some reason.

「So you have another spell that is as powerful as that explosive spell?」(Drakia)

「I do have a few, but I’m not planning on doing something too flashy today.」(Mylia)

「Incredible… I’m looking forward to seeing your powerful spells. For a wizard like me, discovering new spells is more valuable than gold coins. It’s always exciting to see new things.」(Drakia)

「Is that so? For me, gold coins are important. Developing a territory costs a lot of money after all.」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia made a circle with her thumb and index finger.

「Hahaha! Lady Mylia, I didn’t know that you were a realist. There are plenty of ways to earn money as a magician. I can tell you some if you want.」(Drakia)

「Really? Then please tell me after this.」(Mylia)


Seeing Mylia and Drakia talking with each other in a relaxed atmosphere, Baron Hansen and his sons became impatient.

「Oi, how long are you going to keep talking with that bean sprout!?」(eldest son)

「That’s right! Beat that little girl already!」(second son)

After the two sons yelled at Drakia, Baron Hansen glared at him.

「Drakia, stop talking and get ready to fight. You seem to want to taste Lady Mylia’s spell first, but I won’t allow you to take damage even for a bit. I want you to defeat her at any cost!」(Baron Hansen)


Drakia bowed to Baron Hansen and turned to Mylia.

He looked friendly just a moment ago, but he now looks serious like someone who is ready to hunt his prey.

The air gradually became heavier as he lowered his hips and took a stance.

If Titania were there, she would have warned Mylia not to let her guard down.

(It’s been a while since the last time I dueled someone other than Master…)

「Lady Mylia, seems like I should stop playing around. My master wants me to defeat you no matter what.」(Drakia)

「Well… Let’s have a fair fight then.」(Mylia)

Mylia took a fighting stance and started circulating her magical power throughout her body.

She then focused a little bit of her magical power into her eyes and measured the amount of magical power Drakia had.

(Hmm… The amount of magical power he has is far below Master, but it’s about twice as much as Aria’s… This person is quite strong. I don’t know if he can use mental magic or not, but since I have much more magical power than him, I won’t be affected by his mental magic, so I’ll be fine, I think…)

Titania taught her to always measure her opponents’ magical power before fighting to avoid being attacked with mental magic.

It was hard to repel mental magic after all, even for Mylia.

However, as long as you have more magical power than your opponents, you will be fine.

「Hee… I see. You have quite a lot of magical power for a young lady. I’m impressed.」(Drakia)

「Thank you.」(Mylia)

Drakia smiled fearlessly as he said that.

He looked somewhat excited after learning that the little girl standing in front of him was not just a normal little girl.

Just like Mylia, Drakia measured the amount of magical power Mylia had.

However, he could only see the surface because Mylia’s magical power was so powerful that normal humans couldn’t measure it precisely.

That’s why Drakia wasn’t that surprised. If he could see how enormous Mylia’s magical power really was, he wouldn’t have dared to fight her.

「You guys ready?」(Baron Hansen)

Baron Hansen raised his right hand, trying to give the signal to start the fight.

「If Lady Mylia wins, I will let the immigrants pass through my town for free. If Drakia wins, Lady Chloe will be my wife. Got it?」(Baron Hansen)

(Khh…! I never agree with that condition, but it doesn’t matter cause I will win this duel!)

「Ready… Fight!!」(Baron Hansen)

At the same time as Baron Hansen swung his right hand down, Drakia disappeared from Mylia’s sight.

(Eh!? Where is he!?)

「Don’t worry, Lady Mylia. I won’t take your life.」(Drakia)

Soon after, Mylia heard his voice from behind.

(Behind me!?)

He was behind Mylia before she realized it. He was holding his dagger, ready to stab Mylia from behind.




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