Chapter 4-25 : Noble Title Deprivation (part 1)



After falling silent for a while, gritting his teeth without saying anything, Aaron raised his face and tried to stop the heraldic officer, Parites, when he was about to leave the living room with Bonnie.

「I said wait!!」(Aaron)

When Aaron slammed the table with his fist and shouted, the heraldic officer turned around.

「What’s wrong? I don’t have much time.」(Parites)

「You haven’t explained why you came here!」(Aaron)

「Her Majesty Queen Kushana sent me. You know what it means, right? I don’t think further explanation is necessary.」(Parites)

「No, I don’t understand! Why would she send you to my house!?」(Aaron)

「There’s only one reason she would send me here, and I would think you would know it already.」(Parites)

「No… that can’t be… You’re not going to strip my knighthood off me, right!?」(Aaron)

Aaron, who couldn’t accept the reality of the situation, glared at the heraldic officer with eyes full of anger as if he was trying to pick a fight with him.

Being glared at by Aaron, the heraldic officer, Parites, didn’t even flinch.

He seemed to have gotten used to being treated like that by the nobles he visited.

Without changing his expression he replied to Aaron.

「See? I didn’t need to explain anything, did I?」(Parites)


「Aaa… Aaa…AaaAaaAAaaa…!!」(Ella)

When the reason why the heraldic officer came was obvious, Aaron clenched his fists and frowned, while Ella dropped to her knees and started crying.

For Ella, who values public image above all else, a noble title was the second most important thing in her life.

She crawled on the floor, clung to the feet of the heraldic officer, and looked up at him with a desperate face as if being demoted to a commoner was the end of the world for her.

「Parites-sama, please! You can take anything but my husband’s nobility! Please! Forgive his rude attitude! I’ll do anything, so please have mercy on us!」(Ella)


Ella was begging while crying, but instead of looking at her with pitiful eyes, Parites was looking at Ella with cold, ruthless eyes, as if he was disgusted by Ella’s action.

「Impudent woman! Let go of him!」(young officer)

Seeing Ella clinging to his senior’s leg, a young soldier whose duty was to hold a flag while they were traveling, grabbed Ella’s arm and pulled her roughly, trying to separate her from his senior.

However, Ella ignored him and held Parites’ leg even harder.

「Please! Parites-sama, Please! I’ll do anything, so please don’t take away my husband’s nobility! My husband is uneducated, but he’s by no means a bad person! Please, I beg you!」(Ella)

「Enough! Let go of him already! Officer Parites is Her Majesty’s representative! Holding his leg is the same as holding Her Majesty’s leg! Know your place, you impudent woman!」(young officer)

The young officer pulled Ella’s arm with all his might as he shouted.

Unable to resist the strength of the well-trained young officer, Ella finally let go of Officer Parites’ feet.

The young officer then dragged Ella across the floor like a rag and threw her to the backyard through the back door.

Aaron, Robin, Alex, and Bonnie could only watch without saying anything.

「Aaa…!! AaaAAaaaaAaAaaaa…!!」(Ella)

When the young officer returned, they could hear Ella crying in the backyard.

「Hmph. I’ve visited many nobles’ houses as a heraldic officer, but this is the first time I’ve met someone this rude. Forget about going to the church. We’re going to do it right here, right now without ceremony.」(Parites)

After saying that with a low-pitched voice, Parites glanced at the other young officer who was carrying a trunk.

The young officer nodded at him and took out a thick book from the trunk.

He then carefully flipped the pages and handed the book to Parites after stopping at a certain page.

Parites looked down at the page and started reading loudly.

「The history of the Atwood Familyーー」(Parites)

It seemed that the history of the Atwood Family was written on the page.

「ーーTwo hundred years ago, a commoner named Galaxia was recognized for his achievements in building a village on this land. Thus, His Majesty King Adrashelm ennobled him with the title of a knight and allowed him to identify himself as Galaxia de la Atwood.」(Parites)

When the name of his ancestor was mentioned loudly, Aaron shivered for a second as if he felt the weight of the responsibility of being the head of the family.

He knew that it was already too late for him to change everything. That’s why he couldn’t help but make a regretful expression while listening to the heraldic officer.

「….!! ….!!」(Aaron)

While looking down, Aaron tried to find a way to prevent the heraldic officer from taking away his nobility.

However, no matter how hard he thought, a brilliant way to escape this situation never came to his mind.

Robin and Alex could only frown while looking down at the floor, while Ella crawled back from the backyard and cried at the edge of the room.

Only Bonnie was listening to the heraldic officer calmly.

「ーーWhile Aaron de la Atwood is leading as the head of the Atwood Family and the feudal lord of the Atwood Territory, the Atwood Family has… zero achievements.」(Parites)

After reading that part, Parites glanced at Aaron and whispered.

「Zero, huh…?」(Parites)

Noticing Parites’ gaze, Aaron looked away and squinted.

「ーーRobin de la Atwood, the second daughter of the Atwood Family, has repeatedly acted violently and in a manner unbefitting of an aristocratic lady. She disgraced her family’s name by cheating on her husband on her wedding day, and recently, she caused trouble to many people in the royal capital and used Baron Mylia’s name without permission. As her father, Aaron de la Atwood will take responsibility for her actions and will be stripped of his knighthood.」(Parites)

After the heraldic officer read that, Aaron and Ella moved their gazes to Robin whose face turned pale.

Aaron gritted his teeth harder and looked at Robin with a resentful face, while Ella was looking at her with a disgusted face.

Meanwhile, Alex was smirking, as if saying, “Serves this bit*ch right!”

「ーーAaron de la Atwood will lose his surname, ‘Atwood’, and from now on, is no longer a noble but a commoner named Aaron. That is all.」(Parites)



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  1. Hah serves Aaron and Robin right! You take away what matters most to them and leave them with nothing but their own personal hell on Earth ( or whatever equivalent name for the planet their on.) And their left with a waking nightmare that they can never escape! Truly a punishment worse than death. It’s just a shame but I was kinda hoping for a redemption for the mother because it seemed like that was were it was going as she started to stand against her husband but it seems like the author may have squished that route with her outburst. All in all a VERY satisfying part 1 and I can’t wait for part 2 to see their reactions when they find out who their replacement is lol!

  2. I don’t think the mother deserves sympathy. She just showed that she is too self-centered and weak-minded to do the right thing. If she showed half of that desperation to be an upstanding wife and mother, maybe her husband’s, Robin’s and Alex’s personalities could have been redeemed. She tried a little at the end but it was too little too late. It’s probably a blessing for such a pitiful woman to not be in a position of power and be pressured by the responsibilities that come with it. Same with Aaron, he’s way too simple to be a knight.

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