Chapter 4-25 : Noble Title Revocation (part 2)


「ーーAaron de la Atwood will lose his surname, ‘Atwood’, and from now on, is no longer a noble but a commoner named Aaron. That’s all.」(Parites)

After saying that, the heraldic officer, Parites, closed the thick book.

The living room fell silent for a few seconds as the loud sound of the book closing was heard.

「Should anyone have any objections, they may speak them now.」(Parites)

After Parites said that, Aaron suddenly approached Robin and slapped her in the face.



As Robin was about to fall to the floor, Aaron immediately grabbed her hair and forced her to stand up.

「You useless daughter! It’s all your fault!」(Aaron)

「I’ve done nothing wrong! I’ve told you many times! Mylia and Chloe framed me! It’s all their fault!」(Robin)

「Enough with your bullshit!」(Aaron)

Aaron yelled at Robin and threw her onto the floor right at Parites’ feet.

「That woman is responsible for everything! So she should be the one to be punished, not me! I’m innocent!」(Aaron)

「N, No, no! Sir, please!」(Robin)

Robin looked up at Parites with a miserable face. She then crawled toward him slowly while begging him.

Parites turned his eyes down toward Robin and looked at her with a disgusted face as if he was looking at garbage.

The other officers next to him were also looking at her the same way.

All the nobles in the royal capital know about Robin’s scandal.

Everyone knows that she committed adultery on the day of her wedding, and recently, she came back to the royal capital and caused trouble for a lot of people.

No matter how hard she tried to beg for forgiveness, no one would listen to her.

「Sirー No, Parites-sama, please listen to me!」(Robin)

「No, don’t listen to this useless woman! You should punish her, not me!」(Aaron)

Hearing Aaron interfere with her, Robin turned her face around and glared at her father.

「Useless!? You can’t even govern this shitty land! All you’ve done is just hunting, hunting, and hunting! Look who’s useless now, ‘Lord Atwood’-sama!?」(Robin)

「How dare you insult your father like that!? I lost my nobility because of you!」(Aaron)

「I told you it’s not my fault! It’s those two little bit*ches’! They framed me!」(Robin)

「Enough with that! I shouldn’t have brought you into this world! I wish you’d rot in hell!」(Aaron)


Listening to the cruel words Aaron said, Robin snapped.

She spontaneously stood up and swiftly hit Aaron’s chin with all her might.


Even though Aaron’s muscular body was much bigger than Robin’s slender body, he couldn’t stand a chance against a sudden attack to the chin.

His legs suddenly became weak due to the shock and could no longer support his weight. As a result, he dropped to all fours on the floor as if he was paralyzed.

Seeing her father was on all fours, Robin quickly got on his back as if she was riding a horse. She then grabbed Aaron’s hair with her left hand and started scratching Aaron’s face with her right hand like a person who was possessed by a demon.

「KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIーー!!!Rot in hell, you say!? Don’t screw with me! I never ask you to be my father! I should have been living a wonderful married life with a young, rich nobleman by now if I wasn’t born into this family! Screw you and screw this fuck*ing house! Die! Die! Die, you worthless father!」(Robin)

「My eyeees!! Stop! Stop it, goddammit! It’s all your fault! Raising you as my daughter was a terrible mistake! I lost my nobilityー my power because of you!」(Aaron)

Aaron swayed his body to the left and right, and up and down furiously, trying to get Robin away from him.

Robin was moving violently on Aaron’s back like a cowboy in a rodeo, but then she eventually fell to the floor.

Aaron used the opportunity to grab Robin’s hair, but Robin didn’t want to lose. She also grabbed Aaron’s hair.

The both of them then pulled each other’s hair while cursing each other.

「Die, you lazy-ass, useless fu*cking slacker! Die!」(Robin)

「You’ve never done anything useful but caused a lot of trouble to our family! Die, you landmine woman!」(Aaron)

「NOOOOOOOー Stop! You are father and daughter! Please stop fighting! AaaAaahhhー Goddess Celis, please have mercy on us!」(Ella)

Seeing her husband and daughter fight each other, Ella couldn’t do anything but cry and yell at the edge of the room.

However, they ignored Ella and continued fighting as if she was nothing but air.

Bonnie, who was standing among the officers, could only watch her father and her sister fight with blank eyes.

Meanwhile, Alex was smirking. He seemed to be enjoying the fight between Aaron and Robin.

「…What an ugly household…」(Parites)

Parites could only frown seeing the unbearable sight in front of him. He then glanced at the man who was standing behind him.

The man who seemed to be a magician nodded at him and then shot two small fireballs at the father and daughter who were wrestling on the floor.

The two spontaneously jumped up at the same time as the small fireballs hit and burned their buttocks.

「Gaaaaahhh!! What the f*uck is this!?」(Aaron)

「Ouch! Ouuuch! My butt’s burning!」(Robin)

They then simultaneously rubbed their butts against the floor to get rid of the fire.

Seeing their movements, which were perfectly in sync, Parites murmured to himself, “Like father, like daughter”.

He then glanced at the two young officers who were in charge of holding the kingdom’s flags while they were on the way.

「You two, tie these idiots up.」(Parites)

「「Yes, sir!」」(young officers)

Without delay, the two young officers took out ropes from their bags and tied Aaron and Robin together with their backs touching.

「Noooo! Let me go! I’ve done nothing wrong!」(Robin)

「I will never admit it! You hear me!? I will never ever admit it!!!」(Aaron)

Parites felt a bit annoyed when Aaron glared at him and said he would never acknowledge the queen’s decision, but he tried to stay as cool as possible.

「Since you have no achievements and never contribute anything to the kingdom, Aaron, you have no chance to recover your noble title. Her Majesty Queen Kushana has decided to leave the management of this territory to the new lord, Baron Mylia de la Atwood. You are prohibited from interfering with the management of this territory.」(Parites)

Aaron and Robin were moving their hands, trying to untie the rope, but then they stopped moving when they heard that the next lord of the Atwood Territory was Mylia.

「That little bi*tch will become the next lord…?」(Robin)

「Are you fu*cking kidding me!?」(Aaron)



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  1. why cesore fuck? I mean I’m sure there are no kids here and no one would give a shit anyway.
    is fuck such a “bad” word for english speaking people? lol.

    1. Yes it’s a very vulgar word in English. But I agree with you, if you’re going to use the word you should assume it, no point censoring it half-assedly.

    2. Yeah, I mean we’re reading a story with molestation, a pedophile, an abusive sister and parents, and a neglectful mother. How does cursing compare to that? I may sense my cursing but that’s more of a habit in my writing and speaking.

    3. You guys… Are you idiots? This is WordPress. If you were to put a curse word too blatantly, there’s a chance that the keyword based filter will totally censor the word.

  2. What we are witnessing here is the way an entitlement complex ends; an end to highly unjust and undue privilege.

    Mylia, by not only her literal overwhelming power but also her grace and kindness, has shown that nobility is not just a rank or a title. It is a responsibility — an expectation of benevolent governance. Aaron and Robin had ZERO hope of living up to that expectation so they used their privileges as a shield against accountability (as all tyrants do). Now that their privileges have been taken away from them and given to a more rightful owner: Aaron, Robin, and Ella have only each other to blame which is exactly what’s happening here.


    Thank you for the chapter! Now about that meteor that’s expected to fall sometime soon…

    1. says a new chapter releases every 4 days. Sometimes, it’s 5; but it’s almost always 4.

      I’ve been following this novel for the past year and a half, and releases have been very consistent. So as long as you’re patient, you shouldn’t worry at all.

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