Chapter 3-42 : Cheating Woman (part 1)


While the band was playing a cheerful melody, making the atmosphere in the venue become even more lively, Robin was shocked and confused when she saw a man in a tuxedo approaching her.

「Y, You…!! Why the hell are you here!?」(Robin)

「Hey, that’s not very nice! Well, you’re not a nice woman after all. Anyway, it’s been a while. How are you doing? Seems like you’re in trouble. Haha!」(man)

The man looked down at Robin and spoke as if he was making fun of her.

(He looks a bit frivolous, but even from my perspective, his face doesn’t look bad at all and he seems to be humorous. I think he is fit to work in a host club. I don’t know if there are host clubs in this world though.)

Mylia frowned as she observed the mysterious man.

Her gut feeling told her that she shouldn’t get involved with him.

Chloe, who was standing next to Mylia, stepped closer to the man and introduced him.

「This gentleman is Dalazir Sabine, the eldest son of the Sabine Family. A few days ago, I requested him to come here to the Lapis Lazuli Garden and attend this party today.」(Chloe)

After Chloe introduced him, the man called Dalazir glanced at her and clicked his tongue.

「”Requested me”? Hah! What are you talking about? You threatened me!」(Dalazir)

「Oh? Are you sure you want to talk to me like that? I don’t mind telling everyone here about the many unchaste things you have done, you know?」(Chloe)

「Waiー No! Please! Anything but that! I don’t wanna spoil my family name and make my aunt even more upset!」(Dalazir)

「Good. It seems that you understand your position now.」(Chloe)

「Phew… What a terrifying girl…」(Dalazir)

「Did you say something?」(Chloe)

「N-No! Nothing!」(Dalazir)

When Chloe shifted her gaze from him, Dalazir let out a sigh of relief.

(O, Onee-chan looks so scary… I kinda feel sorry for this man…)

Now that a person that was involved in this matter had made an appearance, the unmarried men who were surrounding them and the other guests who were sitting nearby were focusing their gazes on Dalazir.

(Uwahh… Everyone is looking seriously as if they’re watching special news or something… Nobles do love gossip, it seems…)

While everyone was paying attention, Chloe turned her gaze to Robin and asked Dalazir.

「Mister Dalazir Sabine, do you recognize this woman?」(Chloe)

「Of course. I know many women but I remember this one very well.」(Dalazir)

Knowing that her true identity was about to be exposed, Robin, who was sitting on the floor, stood up and tried to stop Chloe.

「Chloeeee!! That’s enough!!!」(Robin)

However, she hit her head against the invisible barrier once again.

「Ughh!! …Just what the hell is this!? Am I trapped!? Mylia, it must be your doing! Let me out, you damn pipsqueak!」(Robin)


Robin begged Mylia to free her but Mylia looked away, ignoring her.

「H, How dare you ignore me! How dare you treat me like this! Let me out! Let me oouuut!!」(Robin)

Robin shouted and started hitting the invisible barrier without caring that her bright red dress started to get messy.

「Ahem. Let’s continue. Mister Dalazir Sabine, if you know her very well, you should be able to tell us if she is Robilya or Robin.」(Chloe)

「Robilya? Who the hell is that? She is Robin without a doubt. Robin de la Atwood, the second daughter of the Atwood Family… Aah, I see. Robin, you were trying to seduce some men using a fake identity, right? You’re such a sly woman.」(Dalazir)

「Khh!! You damn bastard!!」(Robin)

After Dalazir exposed Robin’s true identity, the group of unmarried men was looking at Robin, who was still hitting the invisible barrier, with disgusted eyes as if they were looking at an ugly beast that was trapped in a cage.

「So she’s really that rumored cheating woman, huh?」
「She faked her identity and made up stories so that we like her…」
「We have been deceived all this time.」
「What a shameful woman.」
「Phew, I tried to touch her butt but good thing I changed my mind back then.」
「You tried to do what…?」(unmarried men)

(There’s someone who seems to say a weird thing but it looks like they start to doubt Robin. This is nice. Our plan is going pretty well so far.)

Not only the group of unmarried men, but the guests who were sitting nearby also started badmouthing Robin while looking at her with disgusted faces.

Noticing weird gazes from people, Robin stopped hitting the invisible barrier and looked around in panic.

She finally understood how bad her situation was.

She then glared at Dalazir and tried to convince everyone again.

「Everyone, please don’t listen to this man! I don’t know him! Chloe picked this random stranger and brought him here!」(Robin)

Seeing Robin’s ungraceful behavior, Dalazir exaggeratedly sighed.

「Hey, don’t be so cold to me. Why don’t you seduce me as you did back then? You’re good at seducing men, right? Robin de la Atwood-san~」(Dalazir)

「S, Shut up and go the hell away already! I don’t know you! I said I’m not Robin. I’m Robilya!」(Robin)

「Robilya? Pfft! Do you think I’m a senile old man? You are Robin no matter how I look at you. I still remember those eyes, those lips, and those breasts of yours that you used to seduce me on the day of your wedding several years ago.」(Dalazir)

Dalazir put his hands in his pockets, stepped closer to Robin, and glared at her.

「I couldn’t believe there was a woman who would seduce another man at her own wedding. I was stupid for listening to you back then. My life is ruined because of you!」(Dalazir)


Robin gritted her teeth very hard while glaring back at Dalazir.

The major reason why Robin became the rumored cheating woman was that she cheated on her husband right on their wedding day.

Robin was attracted to Dalazir when she saw him at the wedding party. When her husband left her alone for a while, she used that moment to seduce Dalazir.

Robin looked beautiful and kind of erotic in her wedding dress, so Dalazir couldn’t resist his desire to hold her.

They both then secretly went to the back of the building where the party was held. They thought they could do whatever they wanted there, thinking that no one would come to such a place.

However, unfortunately for them, someone spotted them doing something indecent and reported what he saw to the other guests.

Robin had spoiled her family name and ruined her own wedding ceremony with her immoral act that day.

None of the guests could forget about what happened, and because of that, Robin became the rumored cheating woman from that day onward.



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  1. I feel bad for the husband this dalazir guy just a flirty male but I guess he still has some moral in him because when he did it it was unintentionally to the bride of the day even he won’t guess that the bride would flirt with him that day lol
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