Chapter 3-42 : Cheating Woman (part 2)


「I was stupid for listening to you back then. My life is ruined because of you!」(Dalazir)


Robin gritted her teeth very hard and glared at Dalazir.

Dalazir looked away from her, took his hands out of his pockets, and turned toward the group of unmarried men.

「Everyone, she is without a doubt Robin de la Atwood. The woman who seduced me and cheated on her husband on their wedding day several years ago. Don’t get fooled. You might think that she was a good woman. I don’t blame you. I was once seduced by her, so I understand your feelings. She is good at seducing men after all.」(Dalazir)

After listening to Dalazir, the men nodded and started whispering to each other.

Their suspicion toward Robin was getting stronger.

「No, don’t listen to him! I’m Robiliya! Hey, Mylia, tell them that I’m Robilya! Your beloved cousin, Robilya!!」(Robin)

Robin started begging again while looking at Mylia with bloodshot eyes. She seemed to be very desperate at this point.

(She really doesn’t know when to give up, huh? I didn’t expect she could be this stubborn.)

「You want me to tell them who you really are? Fine.」(Mylia)

「Y-Yes! Tell them I’m Robilya!」(Robin)

Mylia stepped forward and looked at the unmarried men. They then focused their gazes on her.

Even though Mylia was only twelve years old, she was a person who Queen Kushana trusted. The twelve-year-old Dragon Slayer with the title of Baron.

The men thought that there was no way she would tell lies to the public.

「Everyone, as Mister Dalazir Sabine said, she is not Robilya. She is Robin de la Atwood, the older sister of Chloe onee-chaー onee-sama and mine who always bullied us back when we lived together in the Atwood’s mansion.」(Mylia)

「Mylia… What the hell are you talking about!? You said you would tell them I’m Robilya!」(Robin)

「Hm? I’ve never said that. I said I would tell them who you really are. I showed you my true personality and you still think that I’m a dumb, absent-minded girl? Why are you so stubborn? Or are you refusing to believe it?」(Mylia)

「You… You damn little bitch! Stop talking as if you’re smarter than me!!」(Robin)

Robin started hitting the invisible barrier again, trying as hard as she could to escape.

(Seeing her raging like that makes me feel kinda stupid for giving her a chance to apologize… She doesn’t have that intention at all from the very beginning.)

「You guys! Don’t just watch! Help me get out of here!」(Robin)

This time, Robin was begging the group of unmarried men.

「You! You like my breasts, don’t you? Do you think I didn’t notice you secretly glancing at them? And you! You tried to touch my butt, didn’t you!? I know you guys like me, so please help me!」(Robin)

「Hmph! You deceived us!」
「Do you think we will help you!?」
「You sly woman!」
「You’re not the kind woman, Robilya, like you said!」(men)

「No, I’m Robilya! Please believe me!」(Robin)

Ignoring Robin, the men left the spot one by one.

However, there was a young man who stayed. He stepped closer to Robin and looked at her with a sad face.

「Miss Robilyaー No, Robin de la Atwood, you have disappointed me… I thought you were the woman I’ve been waiting for… I thought we were destined for each other… But your smile, your words, your sweet behavior were all lies… You lied to us and made us compete with each other to win your heart. We were fools to believe in you, but you… You are the worst woman I have ever met… Goodbye, Miss Robin…」(young man)

After saying that coldly to Robin, the young man turned around and left.

「No, wait! Please! Please don’t leave me! Pleeease!!」(Robin)

Robin begged the young man to stay but it didn’t stop him.

(It looks like that man genuinely fell in love with Robin… I kinda feel sorry for him but at the same time, I’m glad that he didn’t fall for Robin’s trap.)

While thinking that, Mylia looked at the young man’s lonely-looking back as he walked away.

「Khh!! Screw those useless men! I thought they liked me! Dammit, dammit!!」(Robin)

Ignoring Robin who was still raging, Mylia turned to Dalazir and lowered her head.

「Mister Dalazir, thank you for coming and telling everyone the truth.」(Mylia)

「Yeah, yeah.」(Dalazir)

After replying to Mylia, Dalazir his face closer to Mylia’s, and whispered to her.

「Tell your scary sister not to ask me to do anything ever again.」(Dalazir)

「Ara~ Did you say something to my cute little sister~?」(Chloe)

Chloe, who noticed it, smiled at Dalazir, but her smile somehow looked terrifying in Dalazir’s eyes.

「N-Nothing! Anyway, you guys have fun with that woman. I’m outta here.」(Dalazir)

Dalazir turned around and hurriedly walked away for some reason.

After seeing Dalazir off, Mylia noticed that the guests who were sitting nearby looked somewhat annoyed to see Robin who was cursing the group of unmarried men, Dalazir, Mylia and Chloe while kept hitting the invisible barrier.

Mylia then adjusted her magic to make the barrier soundproof so that no one could hear Robin screaming.

After that, she turned the barrier into a sphere that was wrapping Robin’s entire body and made it float about fifty centimeters from the floor.

「ーー!!? ー! ーーー!!」(Robin)

Robin was confused. She shouted at Mylia but of course, Mylia couldn’t hear anything from her.

(I feel sorry for those who are watching us. I can’t annoy them more than this.)

「Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very sorry for the commotion. We will take care of the rest from here.」(Mylia)

After saying that, Mylia bowed to the nearby guests who had been watching the whole thing. They then suddenly stood up from their chairs and applauded Mylia.

(Eh? Why are they applauding?)

「P, Please enjoy the rest of the party.」(Mylia)

Mylia was confused but she decided not to worry about it.

She turned her gaze toward Aria, who had been watching from afar, and nodded at her, giving her a signal.

Aria then nodded back at Mylia and said something to her father who was sitting next to her.

「Onee-chan, I think it’s time for the grand finale.」(Mylia)

「Alright. Let’s go outside.」(Chloe)

「ーー!! ーー!!!」(Robin)

Mylia and Chloe walked toward the exit, taking Robin, who was screaming inside the sphere-shaped transparent barrier, with them.

Behind them, Aria, Duke Griffith, Chris, and the rest of the Griffith Family members were following them.

They left the party venue and headed to the place with a lot of flowerbeds in the backyard of the Lapis Lazuli Garden.



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  2. Aww Yeah!!! Get Ready for blast off everybody!!! Oh how I wish Mylia would come up with the idea to instead of blasting her to the Atwood mansion she would instead blast her off to a nearby planet inhabited by Horribly obese slug aliens with a severely declining female population but I’m afraid that would get too far into Hentai culture for this story as much as I wanna see the poetic justice in such a fate for a egotistical woman who treats men like a pair of shoes!

  3. At least Mylia and Chloe are not as delusional as another girl who had a Birch sister who kicked them to the streets and a father who piled on debt Ava debt. Even after the sister truth to foil her own wedding, she forgave her and invited her to the wedding and is helping her father with the dowry she received.

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