Chapter 3-43 : Sending The Landmine Woman Home (part 1)


Aria, Duke Griffith, Chris, and some other people who seemed to be the relatives of the Griffith Family followed Mylia and Chloe who were taking Robin to the flower garden in the backyard.

The flower garden was reserved by the Griffith Family, so no one else was around. The other guests were still enjoying the party inside the venue.

The Griffith Family was indebted to Mylia for saving Elizabeth de la Ruzé Griffith from the petrification curse. Because of that, they hated Robin who bullied Mylia and her sisters.

When they got to the flower garden, they made a circle surrounding Robin and looked at her with cold gazes as if they were pointing blades of ice at her.

Robin was shocked when she found Chris among them.

「ーー!! ーー!!!」(Robin)

Robin hit the barrier and shouted, begging Chris to help her, but of course, no one could hear her voice.

(It seems like everyone is here. Alright, it’s time for the grand finale… Ugh… My stomach hurts a bit…)

The current situation somehow reminded Mylia of when her drunkard father caused trouble for the neighbors in her previous life, and it made her stomach hurt a little for some reason.

After confirming that everyone was there, Mylia released Robin.

Robin wasn’t ready because the sphere-shaped barrier that was trapping her disappeared all of a sudden, so she fell on her buttocks.

「Ouch!! …Myliaaaa!!! How dare you!」(Robin)

It was quite painful, but she quickly got up and immediately dashed toward Mylia, trying to attack her.

(I had a feeling she would try to attack me again but I didn’t expect it would be this sudden!)

Although Mylia had an automatic defense spell, she was still surprised.

However, before Robin could touch Mylia, a strong wind blew Robin off from the side.


Robin then fell on her buttocks again. That was the fourth time she fell that way on that day.

「Wh, Who the hell did that!?」(Robin)

Robin looked in the direction where the gale came from and saw Aria who was pointing her magic wand forward.

「I won’t let you touch Mylia-san!」(Aria)

Mylia’s eyes sparkled as she saw Aria’s cool action when saving her.

(Uhyuu~! A cute magical girl saved my life~! Aria-san is so cool!!)

「Thank you, Aria-san!」(Mylia)

「No problem!」(Aria)

Aria replied to Mylia with a smile.

「Who the hell are you!? This problem is between me and that pipsqueak! Don’t you dare interrupt me!」(Robin)

「I’m Mylia-san’s best friend, Aria de la Ruzé Griffith, the third daughter of the Griffith Family. If you try to harm Mylia-san again, then you will be my enemy!」(Aria)


Now that she knew that the girl who attacked her was Chris’ little sister, Robin turned her gaze to Chris and made a pitiful expression.

「Chris-sama… Chris-sama, please help me! I’m innocent! I’m always nice to Mylia but she set me up because she hates me!」(Robin)

(Eehh!? I’m the bad guy here!? Well, from other people’s point of view I might look like I’m bullying her now…)

In order to gain more sympathy, Robin crawled and looked at Chris with an upward glance, trying to show how pitiful she was.

「Please, Chris-sama… I believe a gentleman like you won’t leave a woman in trouble. Please, help me…」(Robin)

Seeing Robin miserably trying her hardest to gain Chris’ sympathy, Chloe squinted her eyes and whispered to herself.

「It’s embarrassing to think that I’m related by blood with that woman…」(Chloe)

Chris, who saw Robin call his name, begging him to save her, approached Robin and showed his usual gentle smile.

「Ahh… Chris-sama…」(Robin)

Robin could see hope in the bright smile of Chris.

However, the words that came out from Chris’ mouth were far from her expectations.

「Miss Robilya, you are an interesting woman. If I didn’t know your true nature, I might have thought that you were quite charming. Ah, forgive me. Should I call you “Miss Robin” instead?」(Chris)

「N, No, Chris-sama, I’m Robilya. I’m Robilya!」(Robin)

「Hmm, that’s weird. You might not have noticed, but I had been watching the commotion from afar. The testimony from the man in a tuxedo should prove that you were the rumored adulterer, Robin de la Atwood.」(Chris)

As he said that, Chris spread his arms elegantly while still keeping his bright smile. However, there was something like a sadistic nature hiding behind that smile.

(Uhh, now I can see why Aria-san told me that her brother is a beautiful person who can even make stars blush just by smiling at them but he has an eccentric personality…)

Mylia could only look silently at Chris’ face from the side.

「You’re not Robilya. You are Robin. You faked your identity, which means you lied to me and many other men at the party. How are you going to explain yourself, Miss Robin?」(Chris)

「Th, That’s…」(Robin)

Robin closed her eyes and looked down to think for a moment, she then raised her head and looked straight at Chris.

「Chris-sama, you said you were blessed to meet a wonderful woman like me. You said you would cherish every moment you have with me. Chris-sama, I love you! And I know you love me too. Isn’t helping the woman you love a natural thing to do? Please, help me!」(Robin)

「Ahh, I indeed said those things, but… Fufu. Miss Robin, you’re a funny woman.」(Chris)

「Ch, Chris-sama… What do you mean…?」(Robin)

「Don’t you get it yet? I was told by Lady Mylia to be nice to you and escort you to the party just to make sure you came here. 」(Chris)

「No… No way…」(Robin)

「However, I accepted this mission not because I feel indebted to Lady Mylia, but because I was kind of interested in you, Miss Robin.」(Chris)

「Y, You were interested in me…? That means you like me, right?」(Robin)

「Umm, it’s quite different from romantic feelings. What interests me is not actually you, but it’s your deeds or actions. Do you get it? A normal lady of an aristocratic family won’t splurge on other people’s money, won’t try to attract men by faking her identity, won’t plan to steal her sister’s future husband, and won’t try to slap her own little sister.」(Chris)

After Chris said that, the bright smile on his face turned into a smirk.

「Miss Robin, I like unusual and interesting things. And you… You have quite entertained me. I thank you for that.」(Chris)

Saying that, Chris picked a bright red rose from a nearby flowerbed and smelled it in an elegant gesture.

「And speaking of romance, honestly, I prefer to have that kind of relationship with men rather than with women. Fufu.」(Chris)


「「Hm!?」」(Mylia & Chloe)

Not only Robin, but Mylia and Chloe were also shocked by Chris’ words.

Meanwhile, Aria and Duke Griffith face-palmed and shook their heads while the other family members were awkwardly whispering to each other.

「Well, it’s not that I can’t fall in love with women. They just have to be especially interesting for that to happen. Miss Robin, you’re interesting, but you’re not interesting enough. If you want me to fall in love with you, you have to be as interesting as Lady Mylia. She is still very young but her actions have shocked many people. Anyway, I think this is the end of our relationship. Goodbye, Miss Robin.」(Chris)

「Chris… sama…」(Robin)

Chris threw the rose at the ground right in front of Robin and turned around.

But as he turned around, he winked at Mylia. It made chills go down Mylia’s back.

(Hiiiiiiiyyy~~! I’m grateful to him for helping me but from now on, I think I need to be careful when interacting with him!)



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  1. Police! Police! Here’s the Bi-Sexual Lolicon! :0 Who would’ve known the real threat to Mylia’s Virtue was the Pretty boy older brother of Mylia’s best friend?!😆

    1. (Uhyuu~! A cute magical girl saved my life~! Aria-san is so cool!!)

      Like Mylia even needs any lifesaving from attacks. Even Leaf and Titania can’t get through, and they’re the most powerful of their kind. Mylia is really into her cute girls.

    2. It’s still okay though. At least in this other world, seeing as they can have 2 people of any 2 ages, no matter how large the age gap may be, get engaged as was the case in ancient times in our own world. Also, their medical technology and knowledge is far inferior to our modern medicine, as it was with the medical technology and knowledge in ancient times, which is why people long ago married at 13 or even earlier and we’re conspired adults by age 10 to 13, seeing as most would only live till their 30s to 50s at most, unlike nowadays where people live to their 70s to 100s. And it was mentioned early on in Volume 1 that the age of marriage was 12. So they’re considered to have come of age by age 12 and are legally adults in this other world, especially seeing as they can be noble title holders and head of their own house by age 12 without the need for a regent/steward/overseer/guardian. So technically it’s not paedophilia or Lolita complex (Lolicon). It’s normal in this other world.

      1. which is why people long ago married at 13 or even earlier and we’re considered adults by age 10 to 13,*

  2. Say what?! That’s shocking hahaha not only bisexual but also a lolicon? Don’t you ever dare interact with my lil sis mylia.

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  4. This novel is Shoujo Ai after all, not just Yuri, so Chris is your bisexual Shoujo Ai (Nymphophilia a.k.a. Lolicon).

    1. Shoujo Ai (少女愛) translates as Young girl love, as in love for Young girls. NOT love between Young girls. That’s Yuri.

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