Chapter 3-41 : Bad People Don’t Easily Change


「Robin, if you sincerely apologize to us from the bottom of your heart, I might forgive you and I will let you stay in the royal capital. You don’t have to go back to that mansion.」(Mylia)

For Mylia, even though Robin was a bad person, she was still her blood-related older sister. She still wanted to give Robin an opportunity to admit all her wrongdoings and apologize.

Mylia was wondering if she gave the same opportunity to her good-for-nothing father in her previous life, he might have changed and become a better person. However, she missed that chance. She could never go back to her previous life in Japan.

Now in her current life, she didn’t want to miss that chance. No matter how evil Robin was, Mylia was still hoping that she would change into a better person.

Mylia wanted to hear an apology from Robin. She wanted Robin to say, “I’m sorry for bullying you. I’m sorry for treating you badly. I’m sorry for being a horrible older sister.”

(She is not a smart person as she said, but I hope she is not dumb enough to miss this chance.)

Meanwhile, Chloe looked at Mylia with a complicated expression when she asked Robin to apologize.

Unlike Mylia, Chloe thought that Robin’s self-centered behavior and arrogance were beyond help. She believed that the type of person who didn’t care about causing trouble to others like Robin wouldn’t apologize no matter what.

Most of all, Chloe couldn’t forgive Robin for bullying her precious little sister.

Chloe thought that Mylia shouldn’t have given Robin an opportunity to apologize because it was futile. But still, she respected Mylia’s decision, so she decided not to interfere.

「So, what do you say?」(Mylia)

「Khh…! Don’t screw with me! Undo your magic! Hurry!」(Robin)

Robin tried to glare at Mylia but she couldn’t move her eyes. Still, Mylia could tell that she was very angry.


Mylia snapped her fingers and undid her magic on Robin.

Because Robin was leaning her body forward when she got petrified, she lost her balance and fell on the floor.

Mylia then immediately deployed an invisible dome-shaped magical barrier and trapped Robin inside in case she might run away.

Robin didn’t realize that she was trapped because the dome was transparent.

「Hmph. You’re such a little rascal, Mylia. How dare you prank your cousin like this.」(Robin)

While saying that, Robin slowly got up, fixed the wrinkles in her dress, and turned to the group of unmarried men.

「Everyone, please don’t worry about what you saw. Mylia was just teasing me. She sometimes does this to me when I scold her. Ohoho~」(Robin)

Robin tried to show them as if Mylia was just playing a joke on her. She hadn’t given up yet on pretending to be Robilya.

「Mylia, I’m not angry anymore, but you should apologize to everyone for making this commotion.」(Robin)

(Huh? Does she seriously think that she can make it as if I was just playing a prank on her? No, I can’t let her take control!)

「Robin, I’m waiting for your answer. Do you want to apologize to us or not? If you do, I will let you live here in the royal capital.」(Mylia)

Mylia ignored Robin’s words and asked her the same question.

「Huh? Who do you think you are? I don’t need your permission to live in this city. I’m a free woman. I can do whatever I want!」(Robin)

「…Is that your answer?」(Mylia)

「Hmph. In the first place, why should I apologize to you?」(Robin)

「So, you didn’t realize what you have done to us all this time? You bullied us and harassed us, and what makes me pissed off the most is that you made Chloe onee-chan and Jasmine onee-sama suffer a lot!」(Mylia)

「Harassed you, you say? Don’t be silly. I was educating you, not harassing you. You guys are just little kids who know nothing about how harsh the world is. You should thank me for that!」(Robin)

(Educating…? By hitting us like sandbags? By using us to achieve her selfish goals? It makes no sense at all! It looks like it’s not just her brain that is rotten but her heart too…)

Robin’s self-centered way of thinking betrayed Mylia’s hope.

Mylia thought that people could change no matter how evil they were.

There are indeed bad people who changed into better human beings after regretting their sins, but it seems that Robin is not one of them.

「So that’s your answer… Very well then.」(Mylia)

After she said that, Mylia glanced at Chloe.

Seeing Mylia’s regretful expression, Chloe stood up and stroked Mylia’s head. They then whispered to each other.

「Onee-chan, I should have listened to you.」(Mylia)

「No, Mylia. You gave her a chance to apologize because you are a kind-hearted girl. You didn’t let hatred control your mind. As your big sister, I’m very proud of you.」(Chloe)


「But as you can see. It looks like the word ‘regret’ isn’t in her vocabulary. No matter how many times you asked her, I don’t think she will apologize sincerely.」(Chloe)

While Mylia and Chloe were whispering to each other, Robin suddenly spread her arms toward the group of unmarried men and the nearby guests who were watching the commotion.

「Everyone, please listen to me! I’m Robilya, not Robin de la Atwood. It seems that Mylia and Chloe have mistaken me for that woman. Of course, you don’t believe these little kids’ words, right?」(Robin)

Robin ended with a question, but no one answered her.

Realizing that she was in a tight spot, she started to notice cold gazes coming from where the Griffith Family members and their relatives were sitting together.

She shifted her gaze toward them and spotted Chris who was sitting next to Duke Griffith and Aria.

「Chris-sama… Chris-sama! Please help meー Ouch!」(Robin)

When Robin was about to run toward Chris, she hit her head against the invisible barrier that was trapping her inside and fell on her backside.

「Wh, What the hell is this!?」(Robin)

While Robin was sitting on the floor, looking confused, Chloe stepped forward.

「Everyone, please don’t listen to what she said. She is Robin de la Atwood. There’s no doubt about it.」(Chloe)

「No! Don’t listen to her! She can’t prove that I’m Robin!」(Robin)

「Ah, did I say I didn’t have proof?」(Chloe)

「Yeah, you did!」(Robin)

「And you believed me?」(Chloe)

「You… You lied to me!?」(Robin)

Chloe smirked at Robin for a second and turned her gaze to a maid standing nearby.

She raised her index finger, giving the maid some kind of signal.

The maid then nodded, left her spot, and returned with a frivolous-looking man who seemed to be in his early twenties. He had long blond hair and was wearing a tuxedo in a casual way.

Robin was very shocked when she saw that man.

「Y, You…!! Why the hell are you here!?」(Robin)



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