Chapter 3-39 : Boy Meets Girl


「Ladies and gentlemen, you may have known that Baron Mylia is looking for a man to be engaged to Miss Jasmine. We have randomly picked the name of an unmarried young man from the list of guests to have the honor of dancing with Miss Jasmine. If Miss Jasmine likes him, he may have the chance to become her fiance. Who knows?」(MC)

After the MC said that, the venue got noisy.

Everyone, especially the young bachelors, was wondering who that lucky man would be. They clenched their fists, hoping that they would be the one to get that honor.

The MC took out an envelope from his pocket and spread his arms, giving a signal to the percussionists of the band to drumroll.

By the way, it was all Mylia’s idea.

Actually, that ‘lucky man’ had been decided from the beginning.

Mylia asked the MC to make it as if they chose a random person, but of course, there’s no way Mylia would let a random man dance with her beloved older sister.

However, the ones who knew about it were only Mylia, Chloe, Aria, and the MC. Jasmine and the lucky man had no idea about it. Mylia kept it a secret from them because she wanted to surprise them.

Mylia suggested this idea for the sake of making the party more interesting and to hide the fact that Jasmine had chosen her engagement partner beforehand. People would be disappointed after all.

「We already know the result but still, my heart is beating fast for some reason.」(Chloe)

While saying that, Chloe, who was sitting next to Mylia, held Mylia’s hand tightly.

「It must be because of the drumroll. That sound makes anybody nervous.」(Mylia)

「Fufu. You may be right.」(Chloe)

That drumroll sound indeed made everybody in the venue nervous, including Robin.

She glared at Jasmine from a distance, wondering what kind of man she would marry because it would greatly impact her plan.

Meanwhile, Jasmine couldn’t hide her nervousness. While glancing at the unmarried men who were passionately looking at her, she put her trembling hands together and put them on her chest.

Jasmine didn’t want to dance with them. She only wanted to dance with a certain man, but of course, she had no idea that Mylia had her covered.

「The lucky man who gets the honor to dance with Miss Jasmine is…..」(MC)

While saying that, the MC unsealed the envelope and took out a small piece of paper from inside.

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrー *drumroll*

「ーGilbert Darelias of the Darelias Family!」(MC)

The venue was then filled with cheers and applause.

However, some of the unmarried men and the women who were fans of Gilbert clicked their tongues, feeling disappointed.

On the other hand, Jasmine and Gilbert looked so happy. They looked at each other from a distance and smiled as their faces turned bright red.

Seeing Gilbert and Jasmine smiling at each other, Gilbert’s friend slapped Gilbert’s back.

「You lucky bastard!」(Gilbert’s friend)


「Kaaah! Looks like I will stay single for another year! What are you waiting for? Go get your princess already!」(Gilbert’s friend)

「Ahaha… Wish me luck!」(Gilbert)

「Yeah, yeah.」(Gilbert’s friend)

Gilbert then returned his gaze to Jasmine and started walking toward the center of the venue.

He stopped in front of Jasmine and smiled gently at her.

「Miss Jasmine…」(Gilbert)

「Gilbert-sama… U, Umm…」(Jasmine)

They both were glad that the MC picked Gilbert’s name.

They smiled at each other, but because Jasmine was too embarrassed, she then shifted her eyes to the side shyly.

(Uhyuuu! Jasmine onee-sama looks so cute! Forget Gilbert-san, please marry me!)

While making a joke in her head, Mylia looked at Jasmine’s face closely with Clairvoyance.

Gilbert was nervous as well but as usual, he tried to look as calm as possible.

Yesterday, before they started preparing for the party, Jasmine, Mylia, Chloe, and Aria went to the Darelias’ mansion to have Jasmine meet with their second son, Gilbert.

When Jasmine saw Gilbert for the first time, she knew that he was the man she had been waiting for. The knight in shining armor riding a white pegasus who she always dreamed of.

As for Gilbert, he had been wondering what kind of woman Jasmine was. When he found out how pretty she was, he promised himself that he would definitely make her the happiest woman in the world.

Even though Mylia was inexperienced in terms of romance, she could tell that they both fell in love with each other at first sight when she saw them looking at each other so passionately.

After talking with Gilbert for a while, Mylia learned that he was a good guy just like Chloe said. She was sure that he would make Jasmine happy.

(Ahh~ When they met each other for the first time yesterday, they reminded me of a super romantic shoujo manga I read in my previous life. I hope Jasmine onee-sama will have a happy married life.)

While maintaining the bright smile on his face, Gilbert kneeled before Jasmine and stretched his hand toward her.

「My lady, would you like to dance with me?」(Gilbert)

At that moment, the venue fell silent. Everyone was waiting for Jasmine to take Gilbert’s hand.

Jasmine took a deep breath for a moment to calm herself down, and then nodded at Gilbert and took his hand.

「Of course.」(Jasmine)

Then, loud cheers and applause echoed through the venue once again.

「Oh, my~」
「They’re so lovely!」
「What a perfect couple!」
「I’m so jealous!」(guests)

The band began to play a sweet melody in perfect timing.

As the music started playing, the MC bowed to the two and immediately moved away from them, giving them the space to dance in the center of the venue.

「Umm, Gilbert-sama, I’m very happy, but… I’ve never danced before…」(Jasmine)

Feeling embarrassed and confused, Jasmine lowered her head slightly, but then Gilbert slowly shook his head.

「Miss Jasmine, it’s okay. I will take the lead. All you need to do is to move your feet side to side.」(Gilbert)

「I just need to do those simple moves?」(Jasmine)

「Yes. You can leave the rest to me.」(Gilbert)

「A, Alright. I trust you.」(Jasmine)

With Gilbert’s lead, the two started dancing slowly even though their movements looked a bit awkward.

They were just swaying their bodies while taking steps to the right and to the left like amateurs, but people couldn’t stop smiling while watching them.

(Marvelous! …Aa-ahh, if only I had my smartphone now. I wanted to take pictures so badly! Aa, that’s right! I have magic! Maybe I can create a new spell like usual.)

While thinking that, Mylia took out a small magic stone from her magic bag, held it in her hand, and started concentrating.

(Alright, imagine my eyes are the lens that will take the picture, and this magic stone is the film that will contain the picture… Hmm….)

While imagining, she concentrated her magical power in her eyes and in the magic stone, and then she made a rectangle shape with her index fingers and thumbs and brought her hands in front of her face, making a gesture as if she was using a camera.

(Here we go. Snap! Snap!)

She then tried to take pictures of Jasmine and Gilbert while making a camera-like sound in her head.

(Oh! It’s working! Somehow I can tell that the sight I see has been saved in this magic stone!)

While taking pictures, Mylia used quite a huge amount of magical power, and because of that, the people who had a strong sensitivity to magical power were looking at her.

Aria was one of them. She was worried when she saw Mylia behave strangely, wondering what she was doing.

「Onee-chan, say “Cheese”~!」(Mylia)

「Ch, Cheese…?」(Chloe)

Wondering what Mylia was doing, Chloe tilted her head cutely.

「Oh! Onee-chan, don’t move! Snap, snap! Snap, snap! Ohh~ Ooohh~!! Beautiful! Wonderful!!」(Mylia)

Mylia took pictures of Chloe from a few different angles.

「Umm, what are you doing? Do you want to eat cheese?」(Chloe)

「Hehe~ I will explain it to you later~」(Mylia)

Chloe was used to Mylia’s strange behavior. She didn’t know what Mylia was doing but she smiled and nodded at her.

「Snap, snap! Snap, snap! …Hm?」(Mylia)

While Mylia was taking pictures of the party venue, her “lens” caught Robin’s appearance.

Robin was currently walking toward Mylia and Chloe with an angry face.

「Geh! Onee-chan, she’s coming!」(Mylia)

「I see…」(Chloe)



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