Chapter 3-40 : Taste My Magic! (part 1)


The party venue was filled with excitement when the music changed into a brighter melody and young people started dancing in the center of the venue, joining Jasmine and Gilbert.

As time passed, the melody became calmer, and then older people started joining.

Jasmine and Gilbert kept dancing among them like the main characters in a romance story. They smiled at each other, looking very happy.

Robin, who was watching from the edge of the venue, could only grit her teeth. She found it irritating to see Jasmine being so happy.

She then put her wine glass on the table and approached Mylia and Chloe with an annoyed face.

「You two… What the hell is going on here!? Explain everything to me!」(Robin)

The unmarried men who were following her were surprised when they saw Robinー Robilya talking to her cousins with a threatening attitude.

After all, they believed that Robilya was a friendly woman who cared about her cousins.

「Why did you bring Jasmine here!?」(Robin)

Robin yelled a bit loudly, but because most of the guests were paying attention to the dance space in the center of the venue, the ones who noticed it were only some people who sat near the seats for the guests of honor and the men following her.

Noticing an intense atmosphere between Robin, Mylia and Chloe, they were wondering if there was a problem between them.

(Looks like it’s about time to reveal my true nature to this woman…)

Mylia was still acting like an absent-minded girl, but before the party started, Chloe told her that she could return to her normal self anytime she wanted after Jasmine made her appearance.

She looked down and remembered her good-for-nothing father in her previous life.

He was a drunkard who always yelled at Mylia and hit her just like Robin.

They were similar to each other.

Back then, Mylia was powerless. She could only run away from her father.

However, she had power in her current life. She chose not to run away and confront Robin even though she actually was a bit scared due to the trauma caused by her father.

「Don’t just keep silent like an idiot! Answer me!」(Robin)

Saying that, Robin hit the table nearby where Mylia put some magic stones which she used as films when she took pictures with her Camera Magic. Some of them fell to the floor due to the vibration.


At that moment, the memory of Mylia’s father hitting a table flashed in her head. It made her startled a little.

Seeing the absent-minded Mylia startle, Robin squinted her eyes and brought her face closer to Mylia’s

「The MC said you brought Jasmine here with magic in just one day, but do you think I believe that bullshit? I don’t know how much you paid that man to say that nonsense but I bet it was Chloe’s idea.」(Robin)

Robin smirked while saying that. She thought she was smart because she was able to figure it out, but of course, it wasn’t like what she thought.

She was too dumb to realize that none of her guesses were right.

A few months ago when Amnesia came to the Atwood Territory to take Mylia to the royal capital, Mylia used magic on Robin to stop her from moving and talking.

Robin once tasted Mylia’s magic, but she strongly refused to believe that Mylia could use magic. She was very sure that it was just a coincidence.

「I don’t believe you can use magic. I don’t believe that you beat dragons. If an idiot like you can be a magician, a genius like me can be a great sage then! That’s so stupid! If you really can use magic, then show me right here, right now!」(Robin)

(Ahh… She really pisses me off… She’s as annoying as that good-for-nothing drunkard.)

Mylia took a deep breath to cool her head off and get rid of the image of her father that she saw in Robin.

She then glanced at Chloe who was sitting next to her.

Chloe seemed to worry about her, but she nodded as if saying, “Do what you think is right.”

(Thank you, Chloe onee-chan.)

Mylia closed her eyes for a second, turned her face upward, and glared at Robin.

「You want to see me using magic? Very well. I’ll show you.」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia stretched her hand toward the table nearby and activated her Gravity Magic.

When Mylia raised her hand, the table started floating in the air along with the magic stones that were scattered around it.

「Whoa! The table is floating!」
「Awesome! If I’m not mistaken, it’s called Gravity Magic!」
「I heard that only high-skilled magicians can use it!」
「That’s Lady Dragon Slayer for you!」(men)

「Wha… N, No way…」(Robin)

Robin was dumbfounded while the men who followed her were complimenting Mylia.

「It’s Gravity Magic… And this is how magicians put things in their magic bags.」(Mylia)

When Mylia said that as she moved her index finger, the magic stones flew toward her and then disappeared, being transferred into her magic bag in an instant.

「They disappear!」

The men behind Robin applauded Mylia.

Magicians were rare in this kingdom, that’s why they were precious. Even nobles only had a few opportunities to see someone use magic.

Moreover, the men who followed Robin were low-ranking nobles who had never seen someone use magic from up close. So, naturally, they were so excited.


On the other hand, Robin wasn’t happy with it. She didn’t like it when the men applauded Mylia.

While still glaring at Robin, Mylia pointed at the Dragon Slayer emblems on her chest.

「Robin onee-samaー no, Robin. Look at these emblems. Queen Kushana herself gave them to me. Do you think they’re fake? Think again.」(Mylia)

At that moment, Robin was more bothered with the way Mylia talked than the fact that the Dragon Slayer emblems were real.

She felt like there was something different with Mylia.

「…Mylia… Y, You…」(Robin)

Seeing Robin’s confused face, Mylia smirked a little.

「As you can tell. I’m actually not a stupid, absent-minded girl like you thought.」(Mylia)



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