Chapter 3-38 : Peeling Her Mask Off


As soon as Jasmine, who wore a beautiful sky blue dress, entered the party venue, all the guests were focusing their gazes on her.


Jasmine was very nervous because she wasn’t used to getting so much attention from a lot of people. Her cheeks turned red as she walked down the hall.

The modest accessories that matched her smooth-looking white skin and the color of her hair which was similar to Mylia’s lavender hair made her look even more gorgeous.

(Uhyuuu~! I saw her in that dress a while ago, but damn! Jasmine onee-sama looks so pretty! Ahh, I wanna see Robin’s reaction~)

After appreciating Jasmine’s gorgeous appearance for a while, Mylia turned her gaze toward Robin who was surrounded by a group of bachelors.

She then activated her Sound-Catching Magic to eavesdrop on Robin and used Clairvoyance to see her face closely.

Robin almost dropped the wine glass she was holding when she saw Jasmine, who was supposed to be in the Atwood’s mansion, appear in the party venue in the royal capital.

(As expected, she looks so confused. Phuphu!)

「N, No way… How the hell did she… No, it can’t be… But… It must be those two!」(Robin)

After muttering to herself in confusion, Robin glared at Mylia and Chloe who were sitting at the seats for guests of honor a few meters away from her.

「Onee-chan, looks like she just realized it.」(Mylia)

「Yeah, she looks so angry. Fufu.」(Chloe)

「But it seems that she hasn’t noticed that Jasmine onee-sama can see clearly now.」(Mylia)

「You’re right.」(Chloe)

While smirking at Robin, Chloe opened her eyes wide and pointed her index finger at her own eyes.

Realizing what Chloe was trying to tell, Robin immediately turned her gaze to Jasmine.

「That’s right! How can she walk through people so confidently like that? She can see now…?」(Robin)

Hearing Robin’s muttering, the men surrounding her noticed that too.

「I’m pretty sure Miss Robilya told us that Miss Jasmine has poor eyesight.」
「Yeah, but she doesn’t look like a person with bad eyesight.」
「You’re right. People who can’t clearly see their surroundings have a hard time walking normally, let alone walking straight in the middle of a crowd like that.」(men)

Robin panicked when everyone was starting to doubt her. She then quickly made up an excuse.

「A, Ahh, it seems like she finally found a cure for her eyes in this city. The royal capital is a big city after all. Oohoho~」(Robin)

「Is that really so?」
「In any case, I’m glad that her eyes are fixed.」(men)

「Y, Yeah, I’m glad for her! She’s my precious little cousin after all~」(Robin)

The men’s doubts were cleared as soon as Robin made up a story because they still believed that Robinー no, Robilya was a caring cousin for Jasmine.

「Ahh, what a beautiful lady.」
「She looks so pure and innocent. It makes me want to protect her.」
「That elegant blue dress suits well with her lavender hair.」
「Judging from her looks, I bet she has a humble personality.」(men)

The gorgeous appearance of Jasmine was so attractive to the men surrounding Robin.

Of course, Robin didn’t like it at all.

「Fufu. She is indeed so pretty, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have much of a chest.」(Robin)

Saying that, Robin squished her breasts with her arms, trying to show that hers were larger than Jasmine’s, but the men, who were focusing their gazes on Jasmine, didn’t notice what Robin was doing.

When Jasmine reached the center of the venue, she elegantly bowed to the man in a black tuxedo. He was the manager of the Lapis Lazuli Garden who currently acted as the MC of the party.

「Miss Jasmine, welcome to the party!」(mc)

「Thank you.」(Jasmine)

She then stood up next to him, facing the guests.

「Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Jasmine is the fourth daughter of the Atwood Family and the older sister of Baron Mylia and Baronet Chloe.」(mc)

Jasmine looked even more nervous when the manager started his speech and talked about her.

She just got her eyes fixed a few days ago, and now she was facing so many people. She could see clearly that they were all looking at her, so it was only natural that she was nervous.

(Hang in there, Jasmine onee-sama!)

The manager suddenly spread his arms exaggeratedly and started to speak louder.

「Miss Jasmine was born in the poor Atwood Family, but she is lucky because she has two caring little sisters, Baron Mylia and Baronet Chloe. They are on good terms with each other and always help each other. These sisters have a bond that can never be broken!」(mc)


Robin lied about her relationship with Mylia and Jasmine, telling people that she was on good terms with them and always took care of them.

She was pissed that the MC didn’t mention her at all.

「Miss Jasmine was in the Atwood Territory a few days ago, but because Baron Mylia was worried about her, she went to the Atwood Territory and took Miss Jasmine to the royal capital in just a day! Yes, in only one day! No one can go to the Atwood Territory and return to the royal capital that fast except our Lady Dragon Slayer! It’s not impossible with her amazing, amazing magic talent! No wonder she could defeat two strong elder dragons!」(mc)

After the MC said that, the guests started to applaud Mylia.

By the way, the ones who started the wave of applause were Duke Griffith, Aria, and the people surrounding them.

「That’s very impressive!」
「Normally, it takes us one or two months by horse from the royal capital.」
「That’s Lady Dragon Slayer for you!」
「What an amazing little magician!」(guests)

Mylia stood up, put her hand on the back of her head, and bowed repeatedly at the people.

「Ehehe, thank you… Thank you, thank you…」(Mylia)

(Uhh, it’s a bit embarrassing… It’s all that MC’s fault! I should have told him not to make any statements that would make people focus their attention on me…)

While thinking that, Mylia glanced in the direction where Duke Griffith was sitting and saw Aria smile at her.

(Well, I guess I’ll forgive the MC because thanks to him making that statement, I can see Aria-san’s lovely smile~)

Every problem won’t be a problem for Mylia as long as she can see a cute girl smiling.

Meanwhile, Robin glanced at Mylia with a spiteful gaze, but she didn’t notice it. Even if she noticed it, she would ignore it for sure.

「A couple of days after Miss Jasmine arrived at the royal capital, she was officially adopted by Baron Mylia! That means she is now under the protection of Lady Dragon Slayer! A little sister adopting her older sister is quite unusual, but I think it’s lovely!」(MC)

After the MC announced that, the venue started getting noisy.

The people looked so surprised by that news, especially the ones who wanted to get along with Mylia.

But of course, the one who was most surprised was Robin.

「Huuhh!? That pipsqueak adopted Jasmine!?」(Robin)

Robin said that out loud before she realized it.

Now that Mylia had adopted Jasmine, no one could marry Jasmine without Mylia’s permission. Moreover, Robin no longer had a chance to marry Jasmine’s future husband as a concubine and take him away from her as planned.

Robin’s plans were starting to crumble.

「Did she just say ‘pipsqueak’?」
「Miss Robilya is close to them, right? But why does she look like she doesn’t know anything about it?」
「Yeah, that’s kinda weird.」(men)

Seeing Robin’s confused face, the men surrounding Robin started whispering to each other.

However, Robin could hear them. She immediately made an excuse again.

「E, Everyone, please don’t get it wrong. It’s just a misunderstanding. It looks like Mylia and Jasmine wanted to surprise me so they kept it a secret from me. Oohoho~ What cute little cousins~」(Robin)

Robin laughed, trying to cover up her lies, but the men began to have doubts.

She thought that everything would be going as she planned. She thought that everything was under her control. She thought that she would get what she wanted by taking advantage of her little sisters. But no. All this time, she was the one who was dancing in Mylia’s palm.

Robin couldn’t hold her anger when she found out that Mylia and Chloe had been working together to plan all this behind her back.

She looked down, gritted her teeth as hard as she could, and muttered in a low voice but full of anger.

「Myliaaa…… Chloeee…… Those little bitcheeesss….!!!!」(Robin)



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  1. Why are they trying to make Robin sound like a liar, shes tried so hard for them over the years by making that jam for them.

    1. I feel like this comment sums up mental illness better than any old definition found in a dictionary possibly could.

      1. I mean, I hope so… But i have seen even crazier people who were actually that crazy before. My faith in humanity is at near-zero at this point. These past few years have REALLY showed more of the worst humanity has to offer as opposed to the best we have to offer. I literally try to look up good news about things and no matter how much i search, i keep finding piles of more bad news instead. Maybe it is satire. But until this guy admits it, i am not trusting him to have a sane perception of the obviously shit character of Robin.

    2. Is easy, it’s because this a fluffy novel. Robin attitude is not good for our fluffy.

      You say her helping them making jem but you forget to say also her use money more than the jem her make.

      It’s also true that her not lied but it’s also true her never say true.

      It’s like you want to say the person who been deceived is the one wrong.. I hate this quote.

  2. The mylia aria ship is sailing smoothly so cute, and I want to see Jasmine’s dress too darn it, lol plus those men who went to robin don’t deserve to see jasmine

  3. You know, i had been thinking of this for a while. But i think i might as well just put it out there (even though i think it is obvious to us all by this point for a while now): I am pretty sure Robin has Malignant Narcissism. It is a bit more complicated, but essentially, Malignant Narcissism is an incredibly dangerous combination of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder (Antisocial Personality Disorder is more commonly known by the terms Sociopathy and/or Psychopathy.)

    And one does not have to be a serial murderer if they are a sociopath or a psychopath. A lot of sociopaths are just compulsive liars with a lack of empathy, which can lead to them being a d**k or a non-violent criminal, but they are not necessarily destined to become a new Ted Bundy.

    Given how cruel Robin is and how swollen her ego is, to astronomical height, along with her attention-seeking and manipulative nature. Plus her impulsive behavior. she pretty much fits all signs of Sociopathy as well as Narcissism, the combination of which is called Malignant Narcissism.

    But my rambling aside, even if y’all did not know the actual terms, I am pretty sure we are all already aware of Robin having those incredibly toxic personality traits.

  4. This whole ruse is way more complicated than it needs to be when she can just use magic to broadcast Robin’s voice at full blast to everyone without her realizing people can hear her.

    1. This whole situation is being done for two reasons. One, get rid of Robin. Two, utterly embarrass Robin and her ego is the best way possible

      1. Robin is entirely capable of doing that to herself. Everything out of her mouth incriminates her if anyone actually listened to her.

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