Chapter 2-7 : Seed of Dreams


The voice of the stupid-looking mini-sized cow in Mylia’s pot echoed in the Rainbow Castle.

Mylia was shocked and frozen for a few seconds, but then she was dripping in cold sweat after noticing the gaze of the surrounding freshmen.

(W, W, W, Why in the world did the seed bloom into Mou Mou Paradise’s mascot character, Cow-kun!?)

『Mou, I can’t stooop!』(Cow-kun)

Cow-kun’s stupid, loud voice, that was too inappropriate to the place, echoed in every corner of the hall.

All the teachers, seniors, and freshmen at the venue stared at Mylia at once.

「A… Ahaha… Th, This is weird… I wonder if my seed was defective…」(Mylia)

Mylia laughed awkwardly and hid her pot in her robe.

(This is bad! Everyone is staring at me!)

The silver-haired pigtail girl, who was sitting next to Mylia, stared at Mylia with her mouth wide open.

『Mou, I can’t stoooop!』(Cow-kun)

Cow-kun kept shouting inside Mylia’s robe.

(Aaahh…! I have no idea what’s going on!)

She wanted to do something with magic, but she was so panicked that she couldn’t think of any good spells to use in this situation.

A female teacher nearby approached Mylia as she slammed her high heels to the ground angrily.

「You, the girl with purple hair, stop shouting while everyone is still praying!」(teacher)

Mylia nervously raised her head and looked up at the teacher’s face.

(Uwaa! She looks scary! This bad, I’m gonna get scolded!)

The female teacher, who seemed to be around 40 years old, was wearing a jet-black robe and a red scarf. She had an aquiline nose and sharp eyes. Her hair was black but her skin was pale.

Her appearance reminded Mylia of a cunning witch in a certain story book.

「…I-It wasn’t me… Actually… How should I say this… I-I think my seed was defective…」(Mylia)

『Mou, I can’t stooop!』(Cow-kun)

While Mylia was trying to explain, Cow-kun shouted again from inside Mylia’s robe.

The female teacher then looked at Mylia with cold eyes full of suspicion.

「A, Ahaha… Th, This is weird…」(Mylia)

「…Show me your pot.」(teacher)

「He, Here it is…」(Mylia)

Mylia gently took out the pot from her robe and gave it to the teacher.

Looking at the pot, the teacher was surprised and confused at the same time.

「Wh… What is this!? What did you do to the seed!?」(teacher)

「I-I didn’t do anything! I have no idea what’s going on! This cow bloomed when I prayed!」(Mylia)

Hearing the words, “A cow bloomed” from Mylia, all the students and teachers in the hall became more curious and focused their gaze on Mylia.

She already stood out because of the Dragon Slayer medal and the star badge on her chest, and now she stood out even more thanks to Cow-kun.

The female teacher looked at Cow-kun closely, inspecting it, and then glared at Mylia again.

「You used magic, didn’t you?」(teacher)

「Eh? No, I didn’t!」(Mylia)

「The Seeds of Dreams are synthetic magical seeds that bloom into either roses, crescent flowers, white lilies, or lavender. They will never bloom into a freaking cow! You must have used magic!」(teacher)

「No! I promise I didn’t use it! But when I was praying, actually… I thought about something else… 」(Mylia)

「No, I’m sure youー」(teacher)

The teacher swallowed her words as she saw the Dragon Slayer medal on Mylia’s chest.

「I see. You’re the rumored freshman, huh? Still, you have caused problems even before this ceremony is over. Stand up now and follow me to the teachers’ room.」(teacher)

Mylia’s face became pale.

She never thought that she would be scolded by a teacher on the first day she was at school.

As Mylia stood up from her seat, the surrounding freshmen were looking at her with expressions as if they were feeling sorry for her.

The silver-haired pigtail girl next to her was also looking at her with a sad face.

「Professor Caroline, hold on.」(school director)

At that moment, the school director suddenly appeared between Mylia, who was about to cry, and the female teacher.

「There’s a note in Daemon’s diary saying that the Seed of Dream has another gimmick.」(school director)

(Ah, rabbit school director! Please, help me!)

Both Mylia and the female teacher, Professor Caroline, didn’t expect that the school director would come to arbitrate.

As soon as she heard the masculine voice of the school director, Caroline stepped back.

Because the rabbit school director was only 120 cm tall, everyone naturally lowered their sights to look at him.

「I’m sorry to interrupt the discussion between two ladies, but I have to say this. The Seeds of Dreams are magical seeds that will bloom into four kinds of flowers according to the prayers’ personalities, hobbies, preferences, and thoughts.」(school director)

「Yes, I know that.」(Caroline)

Professor Caroline reluctantly nodded to the school director.

「Then, do you know why they are called the Seeds of Dreams?」(school director)

「That’s…. I have no idea…」(Caroline)

「As the name suggests, because they can materialize your dreams into things.」(school director)

After he said that, the school director dexterously snapped his rabbit fingers and started explaining.

「This is a rare case, but if the prayer has an enormous amount of magical power, sometimes the seed will transform into their desired object. That’s why they are called the Seeds of Dreams. It is a typical item that the playful Daemon the Collector would create.」(school director)

As he said that the school director looked at Mylia and twitched his nose.

(He… He’s so cute…! Aaahh! I wanna hug him so badly! I would get scolded even more if I do that though…)

While being stared at by the cute rabbit in front of her, Mylia desperately fought back the urge to hug him.

「Miss Mylia.」(school director)


Suddenly being called by her name by the school director, Mylia spontaneously straightened her posture.

(How did he know my name…? Is it because I defeated Zirnitra?)

Mylia had no idea that everyone who read the article about her defeating Zirnitra knew her name.

「What were you thinking about when you were praying? I won’t be mad, so tell me honestly.」(school director)

The school director stared at Mylia with eyes full of curiosity.

However, Mylia didn’t know what to answer. She couldn’t say that the cow was the mascot character of Mou Mou Paradise restaurant in Japan.

After thinking for a moment, Mylia finally answered.

「U, Umm… When I was praying, somehow I imagined a cow eating salad with a fork… Ahaha…」(Mylia)

「…I see.」(school director)

The school director took Mylia’s pot from Caroline’s hand and observed it.

Certainly, Cow-kun, who stood on the pot, was holding a plate and a fork.

「Hmm… So it turned out like this, huh? Interesting.」(school director)

After observing Cow-kun, the school director turned to a person who seemed to be a teacher.

「Can you give me another pot?」(school director)


The teacher who seemed to be in charge of the Commerce Department immediately brought another pot with a Seed of Dream that hasn’t bloomed yet.

The school director received it with his soft rabbit hands and handed it to Mylia.

「Miss Mylia, you probably prayed while unconsciously injecting your magical power earlier, so please suppress your magical power this time and try praying again.」(school director)

「I see. Un, I will try it again!」(Mylia)

「Great.」(school director)

The school director smiled at Mylia.

(Hauu~ He’s so cute~… Woops! Focus, Mylia, focus!)

Mylia spontaneously smiled back at the cute rabbit in front of her.

「School Director, even though it was unintentional, it doesn’t change the fact that Mylia de la Atwood has ruined this sacred ceremony. I think we should confiscate one star badge from her as punishment.」(Caroline)

As she said that, Caroline glared at Mylia as if she had a grudge against her.

(What’s wrong with her? Did I do something wrong…?)

「Professor Caroline, there are no penalties for unintentional acts. This matter has already been settled. Do you understand?」(school director)


Mylia was relieved thanks to the school director.

She didn’t know how much value the star badges had, but she didn’t want to lose them.

「Well then, Miss Mylia, after this entrance ceremony is over, please come to my office.」(school director)

「Eh? To the school director’s office…?」(Mylia)

「Yes. I’ll be waiting for you there.」(school director)

「U, Understood…」(Mylia)

The freshmen around Mylia started whispering to each other, talking about Mylia who was called to the school director’s office on the first day of her enrollment.

The silver-haired pigtail girl next to Mylia somehow stomped the ground regretfully.

(Uuu… He got eyes on me even though I didn’t do anything wrong… I bet I’ll get scolded again… Ahh, Chloe onee-sama will definitely be worried if she finds out about this…)

At that same moment, Chloe was shocked, but not because Mylia made a fuss during the entrance ceremony, it was because she had received two thousand gold coins from the queen.

「Ladies with promising futures, now that this matter has been settled, please continue to pray to your pots again and see what Class you will be in!」(school director)

After the masculine voice of the school director echoed in the hall, all the freshmen continued to focus their consciousness to the pot in their hands.

「Well then, Miss Mylia, see you later.」(school director)

「I’m not as kind as the school director. Please remember that.」(Caroline)

The school director and Professor Caroline turned their backs and left.

The feeling of nervousness hadn’t disappeared but Mylia tried to focus on the new pot in her hands.



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  1. that teacher is lucky because this is a fluffy novel.
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