Chapter 2-8 : The Girl Next To Mylia


Mylia started praying while holding her pot.

This time, she tried to be careful not to use magical power and not to think about anything unrelated to the ceremony.

(Hm? It’s starting to bloom… Oh, no… From the shape of the bud, it looks like a rose will bloom. Ughh… I hope it will be lavender…)

The stalk grew, and a bud formed at its tip, and after a moment, the bud began to vibrate as if something was putting pressure on it.

The bud was trying to read Mylia’s subconscious mind. It vibrated even more and started swaying from side to side.

(This is bad. I feel like it will be a rose… Perhaps I have to concentrate more on praying. Please be lavender… Please be Aqua Sophia… Please be lavender… Please be Aqua Sophia…! Pleaseー!)

Mylia imagined a lavender and a light blue ribbon that Chloe wore.

Lavender called Aqua Sophia was a special lavender that grew on the east coast of the Kingdom of Adrashelm near sandy beaches.

This was the only lavender with an aquamarine color in the entire kingdom.

Mylia grew up surrounded by lavender, and now she was hoping that she would be assigned to the Class with the symbol of lavender. Perhaps, it was Mylia’s fate.

「Ah! Mine is a rose!」
「Mine is a white lily! I’ll be in the White Lagoon!」(freshmen)

Popping sounds of buds blooming was heard along with girls’ chatter from the surroundings.

The remarkable point of Seeds of Dreams was that although there were four departments in this school, which were Magic, Knight, Commerce, and Industrial, the Seeds of Dreams could equally divide the students into four Classes for each department.

It had been tens of seconds since Mylia started praying seriously.

(ーーIt will bloom soon… I can feel it!)

The bud stopped vibrating and thenー

ーPon pon pon pon pon!

ーit made a somewhat satisfying sound several times.

Mylia nervously opened her eyes and saw several light blue lavender blooming in her pot.

While the surrounding freshmen only had one flower in their pot, Mylia had several of them. Moreover, they were all in full bloom.

The silver-haired pigtail girl next to Mylia looked at Mylia’s pot with a surprised face.

By the way, she got a rose in her pot.

「Yes! It’s lavender! Aqua Sophia!」(Mylia)

Mylia made a fist and rejoiced in a low voice.

Three-quarters of the seniors who had been watching Mylia sighed disappointedly, while the other quarter, who were wearing light blue ribbons, cheered happily, saying, “The Dragon Slayer-chan will be in Aqua Sophia!”.

For some reason, they were hoping that Mylia would join their Class. Perhaps because Mylia was famous and cute.

「Everyone, I hope your flowers have bloomed properly.」(teacher)

The teacher, who acted as the MC, grabbed the magical tool that seemed to be the microphone on the podium and started speaking.

(From now on, I’ll be in the same dormitory as Chloe onee-chan!)

With a sparkling smile on her face, Mylia faced forward and looked at the podium.

「After this, please follow the instructions of the seniors in your Class. Your ribbons will be placed on the desk in each dormitory. After putting on your ribbon, please gather at the dining room in the Upside Down Tower. The welcome party for new students will occur there.」(teacher)

After the teacher said that, the freshmen started making a fuss while clapping their hands.

They looked happy after knowing that there would be a party after this.

After all, in order to pass the difficult entrance exam, each and every one of them had gone through the hard and painful days of studying regardless of their families’ circumstances.

Therefore, they were really happy that there would be a party where they could relieve their stress.

The smiling faces of the freshmen and the beautiful blooming flowers in their hands made the Rainbow Castle look even more wonderful.

The rabbit school director was looking at the promising new students from the stage with a gentle smile.

(There’s a welcome party!? That’s great! I hope there will be a lot of delicious food to eat!)

Mylia couldn’t help but think about food after she heard the word “party”.

(Yakiniku is the best, but I also want to eat fried food. After all, I haven’t eaten any fried food since I reincarnated in this world…)


(Ahh~ Fries and chips would be great~…)

「Ahem! Ahem…!」(girl)

The girl next to Mylia looked alternately between Mylia and the pot of lavender flowers in Mylia’s hand while clearing her throat, hoping that Mylia would notice her.

However, Mylia kept thinking about food while hugging her pot and looking up at the beautiful stained glass of Rainbow Castle with a somewhat vacant look.

The girl then gave up on making Mylia notice her by blatantly clearing her throat and decided to poke her shoulder.

After feeling someone poking her shoulder, Mylia finally turned her face to the side and looked at the silver-haired pigtail girl who was looking at her with dissatisfied eyes.

(Wow… She’s so cute…!)

Mylia was surprised. She just realized that the girl that had been sitting next to her was pretty cute.

She had white and smooth-looking skin, a pretty and well-shaped face, jewel-like green eyes, and long silver pigtails that extended to the side of her waist.

(She’s wearing a robe just like me, so she must be in the Magic Department too, but… She looks more like a real magical girl than me! So cute! She’s like the main character of a magical girl anime!)

「U, Umm… Can I help you?」(Mylia)

The girl lifted her chin and looked straight at Mylia’s eyes.

「My name is Aria de la Ruzé Griffith, nice to meet you.」(Aria)

The girl introduced herself with a cute voice that sounded like a ringing bell.

(She… She introduced herself! Ahh~ It would be great if I could get along with this wonderful young lady!)

Mylia felt like she fell in love with the girl who called herself Aria at first sight.

At that moment, Mylia recalled her other goal which was as important as “All-you-can-eat yakiniku”, and that goal was “Make friends with cute girls”.

(Alright, I can’t afford to fail here. I have to introduce myself properly!)

「N-Nice to meet you! I-I’m Mylia de la Atfood!」(Mylia)

Mylia’s tongue slipped

She tried to introduce herself properly, but still, she couldn’t help but feel nervous in front of a cute girl.

(AaaAaaAAaaaaAー! I failed! This is so embarrassing!)

With a bright red face, Mylia nervously corrected herself.

「I-I mean… Atwood… Ahaha…!」(Mylia)



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    2. Mylia reminds me a lot of Mile from Average Abilities, both completely lack common sense and are ridiculously overpowered

  1. She’s never socialized with girls her age before, other than Chloe. Remember that in her previous life, all the girls alienated her?

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