Chapter 2-27 : Aria’s Thoughts


「These magic circles seem to overlap with each other. Perhaps if I do this…. Ah, there you go.」(Mylia)

When Mylia moved her right hand up and left hand down, the magic circles were displayed individually. There were five magic circles.

Mylia then moved her hand sideways to rotate the hologram.

「Aria-san, let’s examine these magic circles one after another and then connect them later. It seems like it will be a considerable amount of work, but first, can you use appraisal magic on the bottom magic circle?」(Mylia)

「Okay. Leave it to me.」(Aria)

「Let’s solve the mystery of this map quickly for your grandma!」(Mylia)

「Mylia-san… Thank you!」(Aria)

Aria nodded and smiled at Mylia.

Her smile was so charming that it made Mylia’s heart beat faster.


Mylia scratched her head, feeling a bit embarrassed.

「Alright, let’s start examining them.」(Mylia)

Aria nodded and casted her appraisal magic on the magic circles one after another while writing on her notebook with a quill.

「Say, Mylia-san, this may be unnecessary advice, but this… ‘Hologram’, was it? This spell is wonderful, but please never use it in front of the people from the Royal Magic Institute.」(Aria)

Listening to Aria’s advice, Mylia stopped thinking for a moment.

「Eh? Why?」(Mylia)

「Because they will definitely chase you twenty four hours a day, asking you to teach them your magic… The people there are too obsessed with magic after all…」(Aria)

(Chasing a girl twenty four hours a day!? Are they a group of stalkers or something!?)

「Okay. Thank you for the advice. I’ll remember it.」(Mylia)

「Please be careful if you see those people.」(Aria)


After that, they both were absorbed in examining the hologram until dawn.




A week had passed, and every night, Mylia came to Aria’s bed, and then they continued trying to solve the mystery of the Daemon’s Map using Hologram magic.

Because of that, both Mylia and Aria were always sleepy during class.

The two always sat next to each other in joint class, and it had become completely natural for them.

Tonight, Mylia snuck out of her dormitory room and came to Aria’s bed like usual.

While they were examining the hologram together, Aria turned her gaze toward Mylia with a face as if she wanted to complain about something.

「Mylia-san, during the joint class today…」(Aria)


「I can’t believe you pranked me with your Wassabi Spray spell! That was terrible!」(Aria)

Aria was angry because Mylia put a wasabi scent on her nose at the class.

「A-Are you still angry…? I’m sorry… By the way, it’s “wasabi”, not “wassabi”.」(Mylia)

「It doesn’t matter! …Everyone stared at me when I made a strange sneeze… That was so embarrassing, you know…」(Aria)

「I didn’t mean to prank you, really! I always do that to myself when I’m sleepy, and during the class you said you were sleepy, so…」(Mylia)

「Is that so? First of all, what in the world is wassabi? I have never smelled something like that!」(Aria)

For Mylia, it was perfect to shake off drowsiness, but apparently, it was too stimulating for Aria.

「Also, please stop using magic to draw a pair of eyes on your eyelids when you want to sleep in class… You will be in trouble if you get caught by that scary professor.」(Aria)

「O, Okay… I think it’s a good spell though…」(Mylia)

When Mylia couldn’t stand her drowsiness, she used magic to copy the image of her eyes and stick it on her eyelids, making it hard for other people to tell if she was sleeping or not.

By the way, this spell was inspired by a comedy show Mylia watched in her previous life.

She also used magic to make her body stay upright while sleeping, so she would look as if she stayed awake during class. However, if you looked at her closely, she would look like an eerily realistic doll.

During today’s joint class, Mylia used this trick to sleep. Aria tried to wake her up by poking her arm with a pen many times, but it couldn’t beat Mylia’s sleepiness.

Luckily, Mylia was able to sleep through the class without being caught by the professor, but it became the most frightening class for Aria.

(Aria-san… She is worried about me just like Chloe onee-chan… What a kind girl… Alright, I need to improve my magic in order to be able to sleep in class with 0% chance of being caught so that Aria-san can study without worrying about me!)

If Aria could read Mylia’s mind, she would surely say, “That’s not the lesson you’re supposed to learn from this!”

「A-Anyway, let’s get back to work. How is your progress in examining these magic circles?」(Mylia)

As she asked that, Mylia turned her gaze to Aria’s notebook.

「Umm… Honestly, there’s still a lot I don’t understand, but I found out that the second and the third magic circles are related to the curse when the user violates the rules, while the fourth and the fifth magic circles are related to the map itself.」(Aria)

「How about the first one?」(Mylia)

「Actually, there’s something interesting about it… Look. This part of the magic circle shows that you can inject magical power into it.」(Aria)

Aria pointed to the right edge of the hologram as she said that.

「Let me see… Hmm…」(Mylia)

「If you look closely, it’s marked with a double line. This is just my guess but… perhaps a magician other than the owner can inject their magical power into this map.」(Aria)

「Aa! You’re right! Aria-san, you’re truly a genius! I’ve learned how to read magic circles from my master but I didn’t even notice it. You’re amazing!」(Mylia)

「Th.. Thank you…」(Aria)

Aria’s face turned red as Mylia praised her.

「So, does this mean that something will happen if someone other than the owner injects their magical power?」(Mylia)

「Most likely. But…」(Aria)


The two looked at each other. They were thinking the same thing.

「It has the rules implying you have to solve it by yourself, but then it turns out to have this kind of gimmick…」(Mylia)

「Really… I bet Daemon-sama was a person with a bad personality…」(Aria)

「Haha, you’re may be right.」(Mylia)

Aria then stared at the Daemon’s Map with a serious face for a second, and then looked at Mylia again.

「Mylia-san, should I give it a try? We may get a clue if I inject my magical power into this map.」(Aria)

「Yes, please. I hope it works.」(Mylia)


Aria held the Daemon’s Map with both hands as Mylia cut off her Hologram spell and watched over her.

Aria took a deep breath and slowly injected her magical power into the blank parchment in her hands, and then it shone for a moment.

「There was a reaction… Mylia-san, are there any changes to this map?」(Aria)

「Let’s see…..」(Mylia)

Mylia brought her face closer to Aria’s and looked into the Daemon’s Map.

She then noticed there were words that she had never seen before that had appeared on the lower part of the map.

『Two people. The owner and the assistant. They will find the door to the basement near the flowerbeds of the four-colored towers.』

「This is…!」(Mylia)

「The door to the basement…?」(Aria)

Mylia and Aria looked at each other with excited faces.

「Wait… Aria-san, you can see the words!?」(Mylia)

「Yes, but only this one sentence. I still can’t see the other words because of the rules.」(Aria)

「I see. Still, that’s awesome! Thanks to your insight, we can get closer to the truth of this map!」(Mylia)

Mylia was so happy. She pumped her fist as she said that.

Aria smiled looking at Mylia making such a comical pose.

「No, it’s also thanks to your awesome magic. Now I understand why no one has been able to solve the mystery of this map so far.」(Aria)

「No one will notice the gimmick with ordinary appraisal magic after all.」(Mylia)

「Daemon’s Map… I wonder what kind of mystery it’s hiding…」(Aria)

「It says, “The flowerbeds of the four-colored towers”, so it must be around the courtyard. Do you want to go there now? It’s past midnight so I guess no one will see us.」(Mylia)

「Yes, I want to go there.」(Aria)

When Aria nodded, Mylia suddenly remembered that Aria had been trying to maintain her good grades.

「Aa… But, are you sure…?」(Mylia)


「I mean… Leaving your dormitory at this hour is breaking the rules, so…」(Mylia)

Aria looked straight into Mylia’s eyes and smirked.

「Hmph. Nothing can stop me now. Not the rules. Not a scary professor! Let’s go, Mylia-san!」(Aria)

「Nice! That’s the spirit!」(Mylia)




-Meanwhile in the 4th floor of the Aqua Sophia dormitory-

Chloe, who was studying in her room, felt restless for some reason.

(Mylia… I hope she is not sleeping with her belly out again…)(Chloe)

While wondering, Chloe opened the window curtain and looked at the flowerbeds in the courtyard that were illuminated by the moonlight.

She was worried about her cute little sister who had been absorbed in solving the Daemon’s Map lately.

She wanted to go to the cafeteria and hold study sessions together with Mylia, but she couldn’t ask after seeing Mylia’s serious face when solving the map. Moreover, her mid-term exam was near, so she used most of her time to study.

(Mylia seems to be on good terms with Aria-san lately… I wonder if she will be okay… I don’t know what kind of person Aria-san is…)(Chloe)

Chloe combed her beautiful black hair and sighed lightly.

(But from what I’ve seen so far, Aria-san doesn’t seem to hate Mylia, unlike her older sister… I wonder what Aria-san thinks of Mylia… Mylia is a good girl. She is kind, has a lovely smile and smooth, fluffy hair. She is kinda clumsy, but that what makes her cute…)(Chloe)

Chloe’s cheeks loosened when she thought about how adorable her little sister was.

(There are rumors that Mylia is always with Aria-san… Aa-ahh… I’m so jealous… I wish I were a first year student of the Magic Department…)(Chloe)

Chloe imagined her and Mylia sitting next to each other in the same class.

(Mylia said she wanted to make a lot of friends, but I feel like Aria-san is her only friend so far… Was it because of Aria-san that it was difficult for people to approach Mylia? Hmm… Don’t worry, Mylia, your onee-chan will hang out with you more often once the exam is over.)(Chloe)

With that determination in mind, Chloe thought of continuing her studying, but when she was about to close the curtain, she saw a silhouette flying from the third floor of the Rose Maria tower.

(Hm? What is that? A person…? No, there are two of them….. Wait a minute… Those silhouettes…! Mylia and Aria-san!?)(Chloe)

Chloe was surprised. She immediately brought her face closer to the window.

The two silhouettes were flying down to the courtyard and disappeared into the darkness.

(There’s no doubt, those silhouettes are definitely them! This is already past midnight, what are those two doing!? Aahh… Mylia, you will get another punishment if you get caught!)(Chloe)

Chloe shouted inwardly.

She could no longer focus on her studying and ended up worrying all night.



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