Chapter 2-28 : Mapping Magic


Before Mylia and Aria went to the courtyard, they decided to change into their school uniforms because it was hard to move with a dress.

Mylia teleported to her room and changed into her uniform while Aria did the same.

(Perhaps I should wear the robe Master gave me just in case.)

After changing into her uniform, Mylia put on the robe that had both physical and magical resistance enchantments.

She then put her light blue scarf in her hair and teleported back to Aria’s room.

Aria had already changed into her uniform and was waiting for Mylia.

「Thank you for waiting.」(Mylia)

「Are you ready?」(Aria)

「Un, let’s go.」(Mylia)

「I never thought I would use floating magic this soon. I wonder if I can do it.」(Aria)

「Don’t worry. You did pretty well during practice, right?」(Mylia)

Aria nodded with a slightly nervous look.

They went out through the window and floated in the air.

After Mylia gently closed the window, they flew down to the courtyard.

「The flowerbeds of the four-colored towers… This should be the place, but…」(Aria)

「Where is the door to the basement?」(Mylia)

「Are there any other hints?」(Aria)

「Wait a sec.」(Mylia)

Mylia took out the Daemon’s Map and spread it, and then Aria took out her wand and used light magic to create a dim light because it was hard to see the map in the darkness.

「Hmm… There’s no other hints… Oh, right!」(Mylia)

Mylia suddenly came up with something.

「I’ll try to find the exact location with magic.」(Mylia)


Aria nodded without saying anything, but she was actually kinda excited about what kind of magic Mylia would show her next.

(Convert my magical power into ultrasonic waves….. Sonar Magic, activate!)

Mylia spread her magical power through the school like a submarine sonar. She could detect the presence of people, monsters, things and magical power this way.

(Ughh… This school sure has a lot of magic tools… Come to think of it, I saw a lot of them in the school director’s room…)

In her head, she could see a large number of dots indicating the position of the things that were caught by her Sonar Magic.

Actually, she once used Sonar Magic when she entered the school, but she got a headache because she caught a lot of magical reactions at once.

(Ah, it looks like Chloe onee-chan is still awake… Is she studying…?)

Mylia looked up at the Aqua Sophia tower while wondering what Chloe was doing at this hour.

(Umm… Looks like I have to focus my Sonar Magic in this courtyard to increase its effectiveness…)

Mylia decreased the range of her Sonar Magic and caught a strong magical reaction near a flowerbed.

「Ah! Aria-san, looks like I found it!」(Mylia)


「Yeah, follow me!」(Mylia)

They moved to the east side of the courtyard and approached an Aqua Sophia flowerbed.

There was a statue of the Goddess Celis on the other side of the flower bed.

When the two approached the statue, the Daemon’s Map glowed dimly, and the statue quietly slid to the side, revealing a passage behind it.

Apparently, the conditions to open the secret door were met.

「What an elaborate gimmick…」(Aria)

Aria looked into the space that appeared in the place where the statue was with an amazed expression.

(Awesome! This is like a secret door in a fantasy movie!)

Mylia looked into the space and found out that it was a deep and steep passage.

The two then looked at each other with excited faces.

「Aria-san, are you ready?」(Mylia)

「Yes, let’s go.」(Aria)

「Alright, you can leave the lighting to me. Can you watch our surroundings? Please let me know if you notice something.」(Mylia)


After Mylia created a floating light ball, they proceeded into the secret passage.

The statue then returned to its original position without making any noises.




The passage was surrounded by damp air.

The sound of wind was coming from somewhere, so there seemed to be some ventilation.

「Hmm… This is probably a big maze built underground…」(Mylia)

「We can’t roam blindly then, or we will get lost for sure…」(Aria)

「Don’t worry, I’ll do something.」(Mylia)

(Mapping Magic, activate……. And then, Projector Magic, activate…)

Mylia spread her tremendous amount of magical power through the maze to build a map in her head, and then projected the map onto the wall from her forehead.

She could create those spells because of her strong imagination and knowledge from her previous life.

「Alright. Now we can figure out where to go.」(Mylia)

As she said that, she turned her head toward the ceiling and the floor to make sure that the projector was working.

「Ugh, I should have made the image come out from my palm instead of my forehead… Oh, well…」(Mylia)

「…Mylia-san, what kind of thing did you imagine and how did you convert your magical power to use this kind of magic…?」(Aria)

The curious Aria asked Mylia questions with a poker face. She was tired of being surprised by Mylia’s magic.

「Umm… It’s a little difficult to explain so… can we talk about it later?」(Mylia)

「Ah, you’re right. We should focus on this maze.」(Aria)

Aria changed her mood and looked at the reflection of the map on the wall.

「The center part of this maze looks suspicious…」(Aria)

「Yeah. I could feel a magical reaction from the center somehow.」(Mylia)

「I see. The key to solving the mystery of Daemon’s Map seems to be in that place.」(Aria)

「Most likely. Let’s go. There may be traps so let’s be careful.」(Mylia)


「Do you want me to keep projecting the map?」(Mylia)

Mylia looked at Aria as she asked.

The light of the projector coming from her forehead was quite dazzling, so Aria squinted her eyes as she replied.

「Y-Yes, please. The map looks complicated, so it will take time to memorize it.」(Aria)


Mylia then enthusiastically took a step forward, and suddenlyー


The sound of a switch was heard. Apparently, Mylia stepped on a hidden switch, and right after, something that looked like a basketball was fired toward Mylia from the wall.


Aria grabbed her wand and tried to save Mylia, but she was too slow.

However, when the ball almost hit Mylia’s faceー

Nyaaaa! (meow)

ーMylia’s Cat Auto Defense Magic activated. A magic circle appeared in front of Mylia all of a sudden, and then a cat came out from it.


The moment Mylia realized what was happening, the cat punched the ball to protect Mylia.

The ball then hit the wall, exploded and splattered something like purple paint all over the wall.

The cat and the magic circle in front of Mylia disappeared right after.

「Uwahh… I was scared for a second…」(Mylia)

「That cat… Is that the defensive spell that you used when you fought Zirnitra…?」(Aria)

「Yep. It will activate automatically when I’m in danger.」(Mylia)

「That’s amazing…」(Aria)

Aria looked alternately at Mylia and the purple paint on the wall with an amazed face.

She was trying not to be surprised, but this one got her.

It made her curious how much magical power Mylia had to be able to use that kind of defensive magic continuously.

「Is that paint…? It looks like it won’t come off for weeks if it gets on you. What a vicious trap. We should proceed with caution.」(Mylia)

Mylia crouched and looked around to make sure there were no more traps nearby.

While she was doing that, the light of the projector on her forehead made her look like a miner with a helmet flashlight.

「Mylia-san….. No. Never mind…..」(Aria)

Aria looked worried for some reason.

She was imagining if the Kingdom Magic Institute, the powerful aristocrats, and the Adventurer Union found out about Mylia. That would be a big commotion.

She now understood why Chloe was so worried about Mylia.

By the way, Aria had no idea that Mylia was already on the list of Queen Kushana’s favorite people.

「…It’s hard to proceed with all the traps… Mylia-san, can you do something with your magic?」(Aria)

「Hmm… Let’s see…… Ah, that’s right!」(Mylia)

「Oh? Do you come up with something?」(Aria)

「Yes. All these traps are probably constructed with magic tools, so….. Sonar Magic : Marker Version, activate!」(Mylia)

Mylia used Sonar Magic once again to find out the traps’ locations and then marked them with red-colored marks. As a result, Many glowing red marks appeared on the walls, floor and ceiling.

「Now that we know where the traps are, we can proceed safely! Let’s move on!」(Mylia)

「O, Okay…」(Aria)

Aria somehow felt sorry for Daemon the Collector who put a lot of effort into creating this maze.



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  1. The daughter should have helped her father with the hunting. Chloe alao hated her father but she but she helped till she enrolled into the academy.

    1. Are you an idiot? That selfish father only wants to use her as a hunting tool. And no person is a tool or object. Helping pick lavenders is completely different from being nothing but a hunting tool. Plus if you even read this novel properly, the father only found out about it AFTER she passed the entrance exam. Plus, who the hell wants to hunt monsters on a daily basis other than that numbskull muscle brain and you? Why don’t you practice what you preach before you expect others to do as you think. Which is totally dumb, by the way. Because if she had helped hunt monsters beforehand, her whole family and territory would have found out about her ability and she would never have been able to get out of there. Use your brains for once.

    2. The translator put in a lot of effort to translate this novel properly. At least read the whole story properly.

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