Seventh Daughter 2-26 part 2


Chapter 2-26 : Visualizing The Magic Circle (part 2)


After confirming that it was Aria’s room, Mylia approached the window and carefully knocked on it twice.

Right after, Aria showed up and carefully opened the window so that Mylia could enter.

Mylia entered the room slowly and stared at Aria

(Whoaa…. Aria-san looks so cute with her hair down and that luxurious nightwear…!)

Aria put her index finger on her lips, telling Mylia not to make any noise, and then beckoned Mylia to get inside her curtain.

(Infiltration is successful! Alright, next… Soundproofing magic, activate!)

After activating her Soundproofing magic, Mylia took a deep breath and started talking like usual.

「Phew~ I managed to get here without anyone seeing me.」(Mylia)

「Mylia-san, is it really okay if we don’t lower our voices? Soundproofing magic is an advanced spell, you know?」(Aria)

Aria said that with a worried tone as she felt the flow of magical power from Soundproofing magic around her.

「Don’t worry. I’ve used it many times with Chloe onee-chan when we talk about secret things.」(Mylia)

「Is that so…? Alright, since your strict sister trusts you, I’ll also trust you then…」(Aria)

「Un. I’ll keep doing my best to gain your trust!」(Mylia)

「Ah, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t trust you. I trust you, but… all these Soundproofing magic, Teleportation magic, Levitation magic… It’s just hard to believe… You know what I mean?」(Aria)

「U, Umm… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel that way.」(Mylia)

「N-No, it’s fine.」(Aria)



The two fell silent in the tranquil, dark room. They felt kind of embarrassed meeting in secret at night like that.

「…By the way, the Rose Maria dormitory looks a little different from Aqua Sophia.」(Mylia)

Mylia spoke out her thoughts after seeing Aria’s bed, curtain, desk and dresser.

The furniture had rose patterns on it, giving an elegant vibe.

「The furniture in Aqua Sophia looks more simple.」(Mylia)

「Is that so?」(Aria)




They fell silent again.

Actually, Mylia and Aria were still not sure if it was okay to call each other “friend”.

Neither of them had any friends, so they couldn’t define the relationship between them, and as a result, an ambiguous atmosphere was created between them.

However, they were happy to see each other. They were happy to talk with each other. They were happy to spend time with each other.

But they didn’t know how to express such emotions.

Therefore, they were sometimes lost for words and didn’t know what to say.

Aria kept staring at Mylia, who was currently in a dress, while brushing her hair with her fingers over and over again, and after a few seconds of silence, she finally grabbed Mylia’s hand and guided her to her bed.

「M-Mylia-san, anyway, let’s sit on my bed… It’s a little embarrassing, but we can’t waste any more time.」(Aria)

「Un, you’re right.」(Mylia)

They both then sat side by side on Aria’s bed.

「Aria-san, can you use light magic?」(Mylia)

「I can.」(Aria)

「Alright. Please create a source of light. I’ll use darkness magic to cover the surrounding of your bed with darkness so that no one can notice your light.」(Mylia)


Aria nodded and took her wand from the table.

After Mylia covered the surroundings of the bed with darkness, Aria used light magic to create light on the tip of her wand.

After that, Mylia took out the Daemon’s Map from her magic bag.

「You said we might have to do something with magic to solve the mystery of this map, right? But I wonder what we should do exactly…」(Mylia)

「Umm… Mylia-san, can you see the flow of magical power from this map?」(Aria)

「Yes. I once used appraisal magic to examine it, but… the result wasn’t very good.」(Mylia)

「Actually, I can use appraisal magic a little. Can I see the map for a moment? I don’t know if I will be able to see the flow of its magical power though.」(Aria)

「Of course. Go ahead.」(Mylia)

Mylia handed over the Daemon’s Map to Aria.

Appraisal magic was actually in the second-grade curriculum, but Aria had studied it before she enrolled.

Aria focused her magical power in her eyes and stared at the blank parchment in her hands.

「This is…! I’m not the owner but I can see the magic circles floating on it…. But… They look so complicated….」(Aria)

Aria frowned as she tried to study the magic circles.

Mylia activated appraisal magic and stared at the map too.

(Ugh… These magic circles look so confusing like usual… I doubt we will learn anything even though we’re using appraisal magic…)

Appraisal magic was actually useful to find out about an object.

For example, when you used appraisal magic on an apple, it would tell you information such as, “Apple. Sweet. A kind of fruit.”

Improved appraisal magic would give you additional information such as, “Red Apple. Sugar content: Medium. Place of origin: Hamanulle. Distributed in the west.”

Appraisal magic could also be used on intangible things like a flow of magical power.

In this case, what was shown from the flow of magical power wasn’t information but a visual of several magic circles. However, they were too complicated for Mylia and Aria to understand.

(Umm… I think they look so complicated because these magic circles were combined with each other…. I wonder what will happen if I can get a clear visual of each of them like an X-ray image of human bones or something. I could use appraisal magic on them once I get a clear picture… Alright, I think I should try it.)

「Aria-san, can I have the map for a second?」(Mylia)

「Did you come up with something?」(Aria)

「Yes, I want to try something.」(Mylia)

Mylia imagined herself using an X-ray machine to see the magic circles more clearly, but she failed.

「Umm… Mylia-san?」(Aria)


Mylia was currently concentrating really hard, so Aria’s voice didn’t reach her.

(It doesn’t work….. What if I turn these magic circles into a three-dimensional hologram or something? Let’s see if I can do it…)

The science TV program she saw at the electronics shop in her previous life turned out to be useful.

Mylia stared at the magic circles while imagining them turning into a three-dimensional hologram model.

(Magical power conversionーー Hologram magic, activate!)

And thenー


A 3D hologram of the complicated magic circles appeared and floated above the Daemon’s Map.

The whole picture of the magic circles became clear after it was visualized as a blue holographic model.

「Yes! I did it!」(Mylia)

Aria was surprised to see such a strange sight in front of her.

「Mylia-san… What kind of magic is this…?」(Aria)

「I call it Hologram magic!」(Mylia)

「Holo… what…?」(Aria)

「Hologram. I tried to visualize these magic circles as clearly as possible.」(Mylia)

With a confused face, Aria tried to touch the hologram but she couldn’t. A 3D hologram is untouchable after all.

Mylia kept nodding, humming and groaning while staring at the hologram, trying to examine the magic circles. She then added her magical power a bit while stretching the hologram.

「Whoa…. This is so awesome….」(Aria)

Seeing the hologram get bigger, Aria became even more amazed.

Mylia just used magic that Aria had never heard or seen.

「Mylia-san, you’re truly a remarkable magician… I’m sure you will be a great magician who will leave your name in history in the future! I’m happy to be your frienー I mean, I’m happy I got to know you.」(Aria)

Aria admired Mylia even more.

She wanted to say that she was happy to be Mylia’s friend, but she was too shy to say it.

She could just stare at Mylia with envious yet respectful eyes.



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