Chapter 2-1 : Audience Room


In the audience room of the Royal Palace in the center of the royal capital of the Kingdom of Adrashelm, Mylia knelt on the red carpet with a pale face.

Her fancy skirt and robe that she got from Titania made her look like a girl from a slightly wealthy family.

(Umm… Let’s see how I ended up like this… When we arrived in this royal capital, Amnesia-san said that she had to report something… but then she came back and said, “Mylia, you should come with me”… I wasn’t really sure why I had to come with her, but… Here I am now… Kneeling in front of the queen… I wonder what she wants from me…)

Mylia glanced up a little and saw The queen sitting on her throne.

She was wearing a thick red cloak and a luxurious, feminine dress.

She had a scepter in her hand, and of course, a crown on her head.

Her two-tone brown and gold long hair was entirely hanging behind her, so her well-proportioned body line could be seen.

Her eyes possessed the light peculiar to a ruler, and her eyebrows extended diagonally upward, emphasizing the strength of her will.

(Uhh… I feel like I should never make her upset… She looks like a person who seems to be strict with others and herself…)

Mylia was staring at the queen while guessing what kind of person she was.

「Mylia…. Myー liー aー… do you hear me…? Step forward, hurry…!」(Amnesia)

Amnesia, who stood behind Mylia, bent her body forward and whispered to Mylia with a tense expression on her face.

As she did that, her long, beautiful blonde hair swirled on the red carpet.

「U, Un…」(Mylia)

Mylia nodded awkwardly after being prompted by Amnesia.

(Ahh… I feel like I wanna teleport home now… Well, I won’t do that though.)

「What’s wrong, Mylia de la Atwood? Her Majesty told you to come forward!」(official)

A person who seemed to be an official shouted to Mylia.

「Y, Yes!」(Mylia)

Mylia tried to stand up quickly, but because she was on her knees, she staggered and almost fell.

「Awawa! I, I’m sorry…!」(Mylia)

She apologized and immediately straightened her back, trying to stand upright.

Looking at Mylia and her kinda cute behaviour, the queen glanced and smiled gently at her.

「You don’t have to be that nervous.」(queen)

The queen’s beautiful alto voice echoed in the hall.

That alone made Mylia straighten her back even more.

「I’m Kushana Germaine de la Ruzé Adrashelm.」(queen)

「N-Nice to meet you… I’m Mylia de la Atwood…」(Mylia)

Mylia lowered her head while saying that.

The queen nodded with a slightly pleased face.

「Mylia, I heard that you have defeated Zirnitra, the elder dragon. I have received one of Zirnitra’s claws from Amnesia as the proof of subjugation.」(queen)

Saying that, the queen looked at a neatly dressed maid, and then the maid brought Zirnitra’s claw on a silver tray and stood in front of the queen.

「The result of the appraisal said that there was no mistake that it was Zirnitra’s claw. According to Amnesia’s report, you defeated that dragon by yourself. Is it true?」(queen)

「Yes… I killed it with my magic.」(Mylia)

「I see.」(queen)

The people who seemed to be royal magicians and officials began to make a fuss.

「Such a little girl defeated that legendary dragon!?」
「She hasn’t even entered school!」
「If it’s really true, I want her to marry my son!」
「She looks just like a weak girl though…」(people)

They started saying whatever they wanted but none of them really believed that Mylia defeated Zirnitra.

(Is defeating a dragon that impressive? Surely it was kinda strong, but I think Master can kill it instantly in one hit… I think they’re just exaggerating…)

Mylia was confused.

She didn’t realize that there was a big gap between her common sense and normal people’s common sense.

She didn’t even know why she was called to the royal palace in the first place.

「Umm… Actually, I have that dragon’s corpse in my magic bag. Do you want to see it?」(Mylia)

While tilting her head cutely, Mylia made such a suggestion to the people around.

Immediately, everyone in the audience room stopped talking and looked at Mylia in unison.

They didn’t understand what Mylia was talking about.

The queen tapped her scapter with her palmed and asked Mylia.

「Mylia, what do you mean by it’s in your magic bag?」(queen)

「W-Well, you see…」(Mylia)

Mylia frusteredly took out her magic bag from her pocket.

「There is the corpse of the dragon in this bag, Your Majesty.」(Mylia)

「It’s inside that small bag…?」(queen)


「Can you take it out here?」(queen)

Mylia looked around the audience room.

(Let’s see… the dragon was about 30 meters, right? This room is quite big, so… I think it’s possible. It’ll be troublesome if the blood drips and stains the floor, so maybe I should use gravity magic to make it float.)

「It’s really big, but I think this room can hold it.」(Mylia)

「Take it out.」(queen)

Right after the queen gave Mylia permission, a woman who seemed to be a royal magician, stepped forward.

「Your Majesty, I don’t think it’s a good idea. We don’t know what’s exactly inside that child’s bag.」(magician)

「No. It will be fine. Step back.」(queen)

「…..As you will.」(magician)

The female royal magician stepped back without persuading the queen any further.

She had short bob-cut hair and wore rimless glasses.

She was wearing a military uniform under her robe, which proved that she was a royal magician.

(Is she a queen’s Guard?)

「Mylia, take it out.」(queen)

「Yes, ma’am!」(Mylia)

Mylia made a salute gesture like a soldier and began to open her magic bag.

「Mylia…! Hey, Mylia…! Do you seriously want to take out that giant corpse here…!? I don’t think it’s a good idea…!」(Amnesia)

Meanwhile, Amnesia tried to tell Mylia to stop with a small voice, but unfortunately, it didn’t reach Mylia’s ears.

Mylia stepped back a little and stuck her magic bag forward.

(Magic Bag-chan, take out Zirnitra-chan’s corpse! And…… Magical circulation… Gravity magic, activate!)

The corpse of Zirnitra popped out from Mylia’s magic bag and floated in the air.

Thanks to Mylia’s gravity magic, the blood from its neck that had been cut with the wind blade didn’t drop on the floor.


Suddenly, the audience room became quiet.

People were quietly looking at the large dragon’s corpse with amazed faces.

Everyone could tell that the dead Zirnitra, that was floating in the air, had a very sad and regrettable end by looking at the expression on its severed head.

The magic stones that were buried in Zirnitra’s scales were reflecting the light of the chandelier, making the room a little brighter.

(Umm…. Can someone say something…?)

It took about 3 minutes for everyone to get back to their senses.



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  1. The story is really good, but kinda dissappointed with the cliche that japan author always use in their novel, they pictured the mc is smart, first in her school, but cant even grasp a little of common sense after 4 years in there, and always acts coward n stupid eventhough the mc is OP 😏

    1. You forget the one who taught her don’t have common sense it’s her fault… It might be elves are really good at magic..

    2. also magic doesn’t exist on earth and the only magician that she ever met said that her magic is half baked and is also completely disconnected from common sense. She never was taught what is normal and always was told that she is very talented but isn’t a full fledged mage yet. She sees her master as the standard for a full fledged magician without realizing that she is stronger than her master who is already basically unparalleled.

  2. It’s beyond strange because it is plot protection. The MC clearly knows to be secretive as well as not be too flashy since she was hiding her power level from not only her family, but also from the villagers. The MC also practiced stealth to hide from others. So the MC acting OOC is just the author using one of those tropes/cliche things to startle the readers.

  3. Wrong. Think about it. You used to live on Earth in the modern era. Now you suddenly live in this totally new magical fantasy world in the medieval era. You have only lived with your old consciousness for just under 4 years. You’ve never been allowed outside the village. You’re basically a frog that lives in a well when it comes to general knowledge and common sense about this new world. I bet you wouldn’t do any different. It’s realistic. It makes sense that she doesn’t know. Also, common sense-chan just died.

    1. It doesn’t matter even though she’s really smart and knowledgeable. It not knowledge about the new world, so it doesn’t help her common sense. Lack of exposure is the cause. Plus she’s only got a super powerful elven mage even by elven standards as her benchmark.

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