Chapter 2-14 : Let’s Go To The Town Ⅱ (part 1)


「Thank you, Sarasa. I think we have made a good deal with each other.」(Leonora)

「I think so too.」(Sarasa)

「By the way, do you want to stay at my place again today?」(Leonora)

After the exchange of money and materials was over, Leonora-san suggested that I stay at her place like last time, but I shook my head.

「No, I’m going home today. My goal is to come to this town and return in a day!」(Sarasa)

It’s still noon, so I think I can make it home before night.

After I said that while clasping my hand on my chest, Leonora-san looked at me in amazement.

「So you want a day trip, huh? Well, it’s not impossible considering the time you came to my store. You left your village this early morning, right?」(Leonora)

「Yup. And I ran all the way here without taking a break on the way.」(Sarasa)

「Seriously…? Hahh… If you’re that strong, I think you should become a knight rather than an alchemist. Moreover, you have a really good sword on your waist.」(Leonora)

As expected from Leonora-san. She has sharp eyes.

Ordinary people would think that it was just a normal sword, but she was different.

I took off the scabbard from my waist and put the sword together with the scabbard on the counter.

「Fufufu~ Do you want to see it~?」(Sarasa)

「What? Why do you look so happy?」(Leonora)

「You know what? I got this sword from my master!」(Sarasa)

「Really!? It’s Ophelia-sama’s sword!?」(Leonora)

After I said that, Leonora-san immediately picked up the sword and pulled it out.

「Whoaaa… There’s nothing fancy about this sword, but I can tell that this is a really great sword!」(Leonora)

Leonora-san shouted in admiration when she saw the blade of the sword.

The blade looked as shiny as new even though I used it a lot to practice.

「The sharpness of this blade is great, you know? I was able to chop off Hellfire Grizzlies’ heads so easily with this.」(Sarasa)

「Chopping off Hellfire Grizzlies’ heads, huh…? I could never do such a thing. I can’t even imagine myself fighting a Hellfire Grizzly with a sword. Normally, alchemists don’t fight with swords, you know?」(Leonora)

「Ah, most of the alchemists are good at using magic after all. Using a sword is just a secondary option.」(Sarasa)

By the way, when I was at school, I always got the highest score in sword-fighting tests because not many students were interested in learning how to use a sword.

Thanks to that, I always got prize money from that test back then.

「Hahh… There are also alchemists who can’t use magic or a sword, you know? Sarasa, you really know nothing about ordinary alchemists, don’t you?」(Leonora)

「Eh? What does that mean? Are you badmouthing me?」(Sarasa)

「I’m praising you! Forget about that. You’re going home after lunch, right? As a token of my gratitude for showing me Ophelia-sama’s sword, I’ll buy you lunch.」(Leonora)

While saying that, Leonora-san returned the sword to me.

I put it on my waist and nodded to her.

「Your words are still bothering me, but because you will buy me lunch, I’ll forget about it.」(Sarasa)

「Yeah, forget it, forget it~」(Leonora)

Leonora-san turned around and shouted to the back of the store.

「I’m going out for lunchー Can you please take care of the store for a whileー?」(Leonora)

「Okayー」(Leonora’s employee)

After hearing the reply from someone who seemed to be an employee from the back of the store, Leonora-san gently pushed my back, and then we left the store.


◇    ◇    ◇


I thought Leonora-san would take me to a dining hall, but she took me to a luxury restaurant.

The price of the food here was several times more expensive than Diral-san’s dining hall.

Normally, I would never enter this kind of restaurant.

However, this time Leonora-san will pay for my food!

Ahh~ today is a really great day!

I won’t hold back. I will order whatever I want!

I’m the type of a girl who can’t hold myself back when I see free stuff before my eyes after all!


After about an hour, my stomach was finally full.

As expected from a veteran alchemist.

Leonora-san didn’t seem to care when I kept ordering food.

She watched me eating, enjoying my expensive food to the fullest, while smiling at me.

I have some money, but I will never waste it to buy lunch in this kind of expensive restaurant.

I wonder how much money Leonora-san has…

「Sarasa, are you full?」(Leonora)

「Un! The dishes here are very delicious! Thank you very much, Leonora-san!」(Sarasa)

I ate without hesitation and without thinking about the price.

Uhh… I wonder how much money Leonora-san has to pay for my food…

「You’re welcome. I’m glad you like the food here. This is my favorite restaurant by the way. You might not have much money right now since you just started your store a while ago, but when you have a lot of money, you should reward yourself by eating at a place like this sometimes.」(Leonora)

「Ah, but when I have money, I want to donate some of it to the orphanage I used to live in, so I don’t think I can eat until I’m full in this kind of restaurant anytime soon.」(Sarasa)

「I see. So you are an orphan. But I think you shouldn’t donate too much. I think you should consult with the director of the orphanage about the amount of money you will donate.」(Leonora)

「But donating a lot of money isn’t a bad thing, right?」(Sarasa)

「Look. If the orphanage has too much money, it will become a place that is too comfortable for the children. Don’t you think the children would be spoiled if they grew up in a place like that?」(Leonora)

「Ahh… I get your idea… I see. You’re maybe right.」(Sarasa)

If the orphanage had too much money, the children would live more luxurious lives than most of the children in the royal capital.

If I were to live in such an environment, I wouldn’t have done my best studying.

I was able to try my hardest to study because I had a strong desire to live better in the future.

Moreover, if the children became spoiled because they were raised in a luxurious and comfortable environment, they would have a hard time when they leave the orphanage.

Living is not easy after all, especially when you have to struggle alone.



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  1. Mmm she’s starting to double dip into the dumb protag pond when evaluating her own strength… a little disappointing, but shes still cute.

    1. No she’s NOT. She’s just comparing herself to a higher standard, i.e. her Master. Maybe people like you like to compare yourselves with average or low standards, but over here, we compare ourselves with higher standards than are expected of normal people. Which is why even though the government tries to hinder us time and time again, we still always stay top of the grade and top of our companies. You compare yourself to something higher than you if you want to keep on improving. What’s disappointing is your attitude towards life.

    2. She evaluated her own strength very accurately if you ask me. She aimed to make it to South Strugg and back before nightfall and looks like she will at this rate if nothing goes wrong. What more accurate evaluation of one’s own strength can there be?

  2. I hate it when people who know nuts talk nonsense. Especially if they haven’t been reading carefully and properly or misinterpret what’s being said. Do you know that that’s the very cause of many wars throughout this world?

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