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Chapter 2-13 : Let’s Go To The Town Ⅰ (part 2)


When I got to Leonora-san’s store, I looked around the street in front of the store.

Un. This place is clean as usual.

I opened the door of the store and saw Leonora-san sitting at the counter.

「Welcoー Ah, Sarasa! As I thought, you survived!」(Leonora)

As soon as I entered the store, Leonora-san looked at me with a surprised face.

「Hello, Leonora-san, it’s been a while. Umm… What do you mean by “survived”?」(Sarasa)

「I heard from the Collectors who fled that your village was doomed.」(Leonora)

「…Ah, are you talking about the Hellfire Grizzlies’ attack?」(Sarasa)

There were many Collectors who ran away, so it’s natural that such rumors spread in this town.

「Yeah. They said that the village would get destroyed for sure, but I wasn’t that worried because I knew that you would stay and protect the village. You’re Ophelia-sama’s disciple after all!」(Leonora)

Leonora-san said she wasn’t worried, but she was still surprised when she saw me.

Did the news about us fighting back the Hellfire Grizzlies not reach this town…?

Wait a minute, so the people in this town have no idea that we’re safe?

Well, not many people know about our village. It’s just a small village after all.

Maybe people would know if Daruna-san came to purchase items for his general store after the incident.

「I’m happy that you trust me, but I’m not as insanely strong as my master, you know?」(Sarasa)

People trust Master because she is well-known as an excellent and strong alchemist, but I’m different.

If people were to expect something from me, I’m not confident I could live up to their expectations.

「Ahaha! But still, I know you’re strong. So… did you come to sell something today?」(Leonora)

「Yes… Hellfire Grizzly materials…」(Sarasa)

「Figures… How many bears attacked your village, by the way?」(Leonora)

「Umm, it was about twenty eight bears.」(Sarasa)

「That’s quite a lot… Did you kill all of them?」(Leonora)

Leonora-san asked me with an impressed face, but I immediately shook my head.

「No, no. I didn’t. I only killed eight of them. The villagers and the Collectors who chose to stay did their best to fight the remaining twenty bears.」(Sarasa)

「I see. But killing eight Hellfire Grizzlies by yourself is quite impressive! Well then, can you show me the materials?」(Leonora)

「Here. I’ve got fur, fire bladders, eyeballs,ーーー」(Sarasa)

I took out the materials and arranged them on the counter one by one.

Before I realized it, the top of the counter was almost completely covered with Hellfire Grizzly materials.

After that, Leonora-san began to inspect the materials.

「Hoho… Your skills at processing materials are excellent as usual. There’s nothing you can do about the damage to the fur since you people fought using swords, but the materials from the Hellfire Grizzlies that were in a frenzy state are valuable.」(Leonora)

Leonora-san then moved the materials to a different table and began to calculate the purchase price.

「They are very good materials and I definitely want to buy them all if possible, but…. If I do that, I will be penniless for sure, haha.」(Leonora)

「Well, you can just buy whichever you need. Ah, actually, I have something else. They are not as pricey as the Hellfire Grizzly materials, but please take a look.」(Sarasa)

While saying that, I took out the fangs of the Ice Fang Bats we hunted the other day and put them on the counter.

I have stored some of them in my workshop to be used for making a refrigerator and a freezer later, so the fangs that I put on the counter are all for sale.

I believe Andre-san and the others will start hunting Ice Fang Bats from now on, so there will be no problem even if I sell all of these fangs.

「Oh, Ice Fang Bats, huh? The market price for their fangs has risen recently so this is great! Moreover, they are all deep blue! I was troubled because there were not many Collectors selling these fangs even though they don’t need to be processed and are easy to carry.」(Leonora)

Leonora-san put on her gloves and quickly arranged the fangs on the counter according to how dark the color of the fangs were.

As expected from a veteran alchemist. She could tell the value of each fang just by looking at it for a millisecond.

I’m not competing with her, but in my case, I can tell without looking because I can feel the amount of magical power in each fang.

「Actually, I’ve heard from my Collector friends that these fangs were really cheap and not worth the effort. From their story, I could tell there was an alchemy store who manipulated the price of these fangs.」(Sarasa)

「…..Don’t tell me… Do you think that it was that guy’s doing?」(Leonora)

Saying that, Leonora-san looked at me with a serious face.

「I don’t know… besides, it’s true that the fangs that are not taken from aged bats are cheap. So I don’t know exactly what was going on, whether the Collectors didn’t know about that or the alchemist cheated the Collectors.」(Sarasa)

「You’re right… The fangs from the Ice Fang Bats that are under five years old aren’t worth much Hmm… Looks like there’s no point on thinking about it.」(Leonora)

After thinking for a moment, Leonora-san sighed and shook her head.

「Anyway, do you want to sell all these fangs too?」(Leonora)

「Yes. It will be hot soon, so I think these fangs will be useful goods and sell like hot cakes.」(Sarasa)

「Certainly they will sell, but I can’t afford to purchase all your materials with my current money, so if you purchase something from me too, it will be very helpful.」(Leonora)

「Let’s see….. I need materials for making Flexible Gloves, andーーー」(Sarasa)

Because Gray-san and his friends will most likely order Flexible Gloves in the future, I need to prepare the materials to make them.

But not only did I order them, I also ordered a considerable amount of materials needed for making artifacts and potions that were listed in the 4th and 5th volume of the Encyclopedia of Alchemy.

Without confirming the status of the stock and Leonora-san’s financial status, I made a list of items I needed on a piece of paper.

I wonder if all these items can fit in my bag…

No, this bag is an artifact made by Master, so I think they will fit just fine. Un.

After I finished writing the list of items, I gave it to Leonora-san.

She opened her eyes wide, reading the list of items with a surprised face.

Uhh, I hope she has all the items on the list…

Even though it only took me half a day, this town is really far from my village, so I want to buy all the things that I need while I’m here.



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