Chapter 73 : A Naive Princess (part 1)


After we completed our mission, we headed for the surface.

「Hanna-chin, can you make a shortcut to the surface? The path will also be useful when the next person in charge of recreating the barrier comes thirty years later.」(Slad)

「Eh? Is it okay?」(Hanna)

「Yeah. Go ahead.」(Slad)

After I got Slad-san’s permission to mess up with the labyrinth, I made a staircase directly to the surface with my blunt weapon skill.

Honestly, I feel guilty for this.
Now that we can go back and forth to the 10th floor without fighting monsters, the underground labyrinth is no longer a place for an exciting adventure.

For me, an adventurer nerd, a labyrinth that has a straight path is just crap.

But, if possible, I hope the Evil God can be defeated soon so we don’t have to recreate the barrer thirty years later.

A long time ago, the Evil God, Dortos, made a contract to share his power with powerful demons and monsters.

The contract is effective as long as Dortos is alive.

He is now sleeping in the northern part of Demon Land, and even though he’s sleeping, demons and monsters can still use his power.

The Princess’ barrier is called【The Grace of the Evil God】,and has the power to invalidate the Evil God’s contract.

The stronger the contract monsters and demons have, the stronger the power of the barrier will affect them.

Therefore, the Four Heavenly Kings, who have the most power from the Evil God, will never be able to set foot in Human Land.
If they do, they will lose most of their power and become like me when I was starving to death because I had no money to buy food a couple of years ago.

Speaking of food, after we got to the surface, Princess Marian gave me money that was enough to buy a big cattle that has high-grade beef!

Why beef, you ask?
Of course, because I want to eat steak!

I’m not an aristocrat who can afford such luxurious food everyday, but I want to eat it once in a while.

Originally, I won’t get reward money since I didn’t receive this A-rank quest officially, but Princess Marian gave me her pocket money as gratitude.

I gladly accepted it without thinking.

I defeated a Dragoon and fixed the giant magic stone after all, so I will enjoy my steak to my heart’s content.

Thanks to my blunt weapon skill,【Meat Tenderizer】, and the mushroom Mira-san cultivates which could soften meat, the steak turned out so delicious that it melted our brains.

「Th, This is so freaking delicious….!」(Hanna)

「Kuuun! My mouth is filled with meat juice!」(Galle)

Galle-chan and I enjoyed the steak to get rid of tiredness from adventuring.

We instantly emptied our plates, but we can still eat more, so I asked Mira-san to bake more meat.

「So the Princess has returned to the royal capital?」(Mira)

While cooking meat in a frying pan heated by the magic stone of a flame monster, Mira-san asked me a question.

「Yes, she immediately went home right after she gave me money. It seems that not only is she being targeted by the Evil God’s army, but also by the aristocrats who support her younger brother, so she can’t be outside for a long time. We don’t know where the assassins will attack after all. She told me to go to the royal capital, but I won’t know what to do there unless I go there myself.」(Hanna)

She asked me to give her brother a lesson, but I don’t know exactly what to do.

She also told me to get to the royal capital in 10 days…

It takes about five days to get to the royal capital from Tiaret, so it seems like I can’t take my time and relax in this town too long.

Well, I can’t complain because I’m aiming for the rank up, but honestly, it’s such a pain in the butt…

「Hanna, please take me with you this time.」(Mira)

Said Mira-san as she put freshly baked meat on my plate.

「If I can’t hug you for more than a week, I will die of loneliness.」(Mira)

「Are you a rabbit or something!?」(Hanna)

*/TL : Rabbits can die of loneliness.

Mira-san sounded like she was just kidding, but when I saw her eyes, I could tell that she was dead serious even though she was expressionless.

I want Mira-san to stay in this town because I still don’t know what will happen in the royal capital.
I don’t want to put her in danger.

「Who will manage our store, then?」(Hanna)

「Galle-chan will.」(Mira)

「Eeeh!? I wanna go to the royal capital too!」(Galle)

「No. You just went on an adventure with Hanna. Next will be my turn.」(Mira)

「Buu! Buu! I won’t let you monopolize Master!」(Galle)

「Monopolize? But you monopolized her before me.」(Mira)

「Objection! There were so many things going on in the underground labyrinth! I couldn’t enjoy my time with Master even for a second!」(Galle)

「I don’t care.」(Mira)

Uhh…. If I don’t stop them, they will definitely fight again.

「Hold on! If we think about it calmly, Galle-chan, I can’t take you to the royal capital. It would be bad if the people there found out that you’re still alive, right?」(Hanna)

「Ah! Now that you mention it!」(Galle)

「How could you completely forget about that!? Princess Marian misunderstood me because she really thought that you were dead, you know?」(Hanna)

I don’t think people will find out if Galle-chan transforms into a dog, but I can’t bring a dog into the royal palace, can I?

「Then, Hanna, you will choose me, right?」(Mira)

Uhh, what is this?
Before I knew it, I had to choose one of them like a person who had to choose between their two girlfriends…

「But… I didn’t tell the Princess that I will bring a companion, so…」(Hanna)

I was trying to make an excuse so that Mira-san will stay here, but suddenlyー

「It’s okay. You can bring her along.」

ーI heard a familiar voice from the side.

I turned my face to the side andー

「P, Princess!?」(Hanna)

ーI saw Princess Marian, who was supposed to be on her way to the royal capital, sitting next to me.

「Hanna-sama, it’s a pleasure to see you again this soon.」(Marian)



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