Chapter 72 : Saving The Princess Is My Duty! (part 2)


I have to save Princess Marian! I can’t let Galle-chan down!
Think, Hanna! Think!

There must be a skill I can use among hundreds of blunt weapon skills I have!

Giant magic stone… Magic stone….

Wait a minute… I do have a perfect skill for this!

【Magic Stone Processing】!

This skill can change the shape of a magic stone and allow it to draw out more magical power.

I forgot about this skill because I never managed to make this skill work properly.

Whenever I use this skill on an ordinary magic stone, the stone always breaks into pieces.

Maybe ordinary magic stones can’t withstand the magical power contained in my hammer.

My blunt weapon level is over 100 million after all.

I should have learned how to adjust my power, not just strengthened my skills…

This giant magic stone is the finest magic stone in this country, so it can definitely withstand my power, but…

The damage from the Dragoon’s【Flare Ray】is just too much.

I’m not sure if I can fix it…

If I make a mistake and completely destroy the magic stone instead of fixing it, Princess Marian’s determination will be in vain, and the barrier that protects people will disappear.

Uhh… That would be really, really bad….

『Are you giving up?』(bear)

When I got cold feet, the blunt weapon god in my hammer looked up at me.

『You can do it! Believe in the blunt weapon in your heart!』(bear)

The bear is right.

‘A princess sacrificed herself to save all the people in her country’

Certainly, it may be a beautiful story.

However, I can’t accept such an ending!

Bad endings and bitter endings are shit!

A tale of adventurers must have a happy ending!

「ーーBlunt Weapon Skill :【Air Stakes】」(Hanna)

I made several transparent stakes in the air and climbed them to get on top of the giant magic stone.

「O, Oi, Hanna! What the hell are you doing up there!?」(Marian)

Princess Marian looked up at me with a surprised face.

「Huh? Isn’t it obvious!? I’m going to save a bad-mannered princess who wants to sacrifice herself and give her freedom!」(Hanna)

「Wh, What!? Don’t be stupid! I didn’t ask for that!」(Marian)

「Yeah, but I’m doing it of my own accord, so you have no right to stop me!」(Hanna)

All I need now is courageー


Insensitivity to fear of failure!

I took a deep breath and held my hammer tightly.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Magic Stone Processing】!」(Hanna)

Don don don don don don don don don!

I hit the two chunks of giant magic stone alternately with my hammer.

Sometimes I heard an unpleasant cracking sound.

If I don’t adjust my power properly, this giant magic stone will turn to dust.

Don don don don don don don don don!

However, I will never stop moving my hands until I fix it.

Boss once told me about the basics of making things.
“Once you start making something, don’t stop until it’s done. Even if it turns out to be a failure, don’t regret what you did. Only those who have passion can achieve success!”

With Boss’ words in mind, I kept hitting the giant magic stone.

After a while, I stopped hitting it and confirmed that the two chunks of giant magic stone had become one without any cracks on the surface.

「…I… did it…」(Hanna)

「….What just happened….?」(Marian)

Princess Marian was astonished, looking at the beautiful giant magic stone.

She slowly took her hands off the giant magic stone.

And even though Princess Marian was no longer touching it, the giant magic stone was still shining brightly.

Right after I jumped off the giant magic stone, Galle-chan jumped and hugged me.

「As I expected from Master! I love you so much!」(Galle)


Galle-chan, why are you so cute!?

You hugged Princess Marian earlier and made me jealous, but I forgive you now!

I stroked Galle-chan’s head.

「Unbelievable… Hanna-chin’s blunt weapon skill is really amazing. I’ve never seen a blacksmith who can fix a broken magic stone before.」(Slad)

Slad-san and the other party members were surprised at first, but then they looked at me with expressions of relief and gratitude.

「How’s that!? This is my Master’s blunt weapon power! She saved me with this power before!」(Galle)

For some reason, Galle-chan said that proudly with a smug face.

Princess Marian, who didn’t have to touch the giant magic stone any longer, walked away from the giant magic stone and approached me.

I was wondering if she would say something like, “You’re such a busybody!” or “I didn’t ask for your help!”

However, she made a gentle face that I had never seen from her before.

「Hanna… No, Hanna-sama, please forgive me for my rude attitude so far!」(Marian)

「P, Princess!?」(Hanna)

I was really surprised that the arrogant princess knelt before me and apologized to me.

Moreover, her manly tone has changed to a gentle tone. She sounded more like a princess now.

Her first person pronoun has also changed from I (俺 ore) to I (私 watashi).
*/ 俺 ore is usually used by men or tomboyish girls, while 私 watashi is more gentle and formal.

Come to think of it, she was pretending to be a bad-mannered princess so that she can hand over the throne to her younger brother, right?

So this is the real her, huh?

I’m glad that she is really a gentle and kind princess, but honestly, I feel a little uncomfortable with this sudden change.

「Hanna-sama, when I saw you doing a miracle, I was convinced that you are the hero of this kingdom… The person I have been waiting for for a long time!」(Marian)

Saying that, Princess Marian looked up at me with glittering eyes.

I don’t feel bad being praised, but for some reason, I have a bad feeling about this.

「Hanna-sama, please come to the royal capital with me and please give my corrup little brother a lesson for the sake of the kingdom!」(Marian)




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