Chapter 37 : He’s A Very Picture of Arrogance


I followed Galle-chan and entered a house that the supervisor was using.

「Dad. I took Hanna-san!」

「So late!」

The supervisor who was relaxing on the chair suddenly poured a glass of wine in his hand at Galle-chan’s face.

「How dare you make me wait! I already said do it quickly!」

「I, I’m sorry」

「W, What are you doing!?」

I tried to approach the supervisor, but Galle-chan pulled my clothes.

「No, it’s okay. It’s my fault chatting with everyone and taking so long」

Even when the red wine soaked her hair, Galle-chan still smiled.

She had a really strong heart.
Perhaps she was really an angel.

Compared to her daughter, what kind of father is this?
If Galle-chan was an angel, her father was a demon, no… a garbage. Yes. A garbage that doesn’t have value at all!

I’m super irritated right now, but I can’t just hit her father with my giant hammer in front of her eyes.

Patience… Patience…

「Hmph. So you are the cultist Medit old hag sent here, huh? It seems like you have tamed those lowly carpenters who use blunt instruments like you, but remember, here, you’re nothing but a lowly cultist. I’m the one who have absolute decision-making power here!」

…..Eh? Patience? What is ‘patience’? I don’t know the word ‘patience’.

I wonder if I can be satisfied even if I crush this man’s skull!

And suddenly, I remembered Medit-obasan’s words.

『Be careful of Wize. He is the supervisor of the construction of the bridge. He is also a sympathizer of Bazel Sortlarc』

I see.
He was a picture of arrogance just like the chairman.

「I’ve heard about you from Bazel-dono. You came to prove your innocence, huh. But it’s useless! It’s been decided for a long time that only evil people can use blunt weapons!」
*/ dono is honorifics for upper person or person who has a higher position.

「Heeー so it’s true that people who have similar character tend to get along together. Everything you said, everything you did, was just like the chairman」

「Right!? Hahaha! Because Bazel-dono and I are comrades who protect this country!」

Hm? Hmm? Hmmm…?
I said that as a sarcasm though.
But it seems he took it as a compliment…
Uhh… What a failure.

At a time like this, his insensitivity made me a little envious.

Eh? I’m generally insensitive, you say!? Say it again and I’ll hit you in the face!

「Dad is Wize Alseria. A noble aristocrat who has been awarded the earlship by King Gran」

With Galle-chan’s stereotype introduction as the background sound, the supervisor, Wize-san, turned around arrogantly.

No, wait wait!
Why did I call him “Wize-san” in my head!?
He doesn’t even deserve a “san”!
Right. Let’s just call him “baldy”.

Let’s repeat the narration then.


With Galle-chan’s stereotype introduction as the background sound, the baldy old man turned around arrogantly.


「And? Why did you call me here? Do you want to blame me for the broken bridge? But it couldn’t be helped, right? It happened before I came」

「Ahh. I don’t care anymore about that. You won’t be able to protect the bridge anyway!」

Huh? Don’t care anymore about the bridge?
How can he say that after he complained about the bridge to the carpenters last night?

「As far as I hear from the carpenters, it seems that you have a very high level of ability as a carpenter」

「Well… I guess? So you want me to help rebuild the bridge? If so, I’m helping already, I don’t need you to order me」

If he didn’t call me, I would have been helping by now.

However, his request was different.

「Forget about the bridge. Make this house more comfortable!」

「………….Say what?」

「Remodeling, you know? Remodeling! You can do it quickly, right? Do it for me!」

「It looks comfortable enough though」

The nearby town was about 30 minutes’ walk from Ludley Bridge.
In other words, the houses built around the bridge were temporary buildings built for the carpenters to sleep.
Of course, they built this man one too, and of course, the biggest and the most comfortable one.

The room I stayed in last night had gaps that let the cold wind pass through. The floor was also a bare floor. It wasn’t very comfortable. (Of course, I renovated it so I could sleep comfortably)

But, this man’s house was different.

The floor was made of wood and was covered with a high-class carpet from the royal capital.
The walls were made of sturdy bricks.
It even had a fireplace though it wasn’t used now.

It was already too luxurious for just a temporary house.


「Comfortable enough you said? Compared to my mansion, it’s far from comfortable! First of all, it’s not big enough. I want at least five more rooms and a bigger bath. And make a tall outlook tower for me to see the surroundings. I can scold slacking carpenters from above. Moreover, It feels good to look down on people from a high place! So? You can’t say no to me!」

I let out a big sigh.



He distorted his face as if he couldn’t believe it.

「I said NO. There’s no way I will help a self-centered person like you!」

「Self-centered? Well, of course! It’s natural that the world revolves around me!」

「Haahhh… It seems useless talking to you. I’m outta here」

I tried to get out of the house, but the bald old man shouted to stop me.

「Oi! Don’t you know who will judge whether you’re an evil god believer or not? You better listen to what I say!」

「Hahh? Say whatever you want. As long as I can protect the bridge, you don’t matter to me」

「Fool! That’s why I said it’s impossible! You saw that huge monster, right? That extremely huge tentacle! No matter what kind of bridge you build, that huge monster will destroy it easily!」

Perhaps, being the supervisor for this construction site seems to be just a forced job for him.

He didn’t care no matter how many times the bridge was destroyed.
He didn’t care whether it could be completed or not.
I thought he was doing his job with such a feeling.

However, because the country never gave up on rebuilding the bridge, he had no choice but to stay here for a long time.

Maybe that’s why he wanted me to remodel this house.
But… Hmph! As if I want to remodel this jerk’s house!

「The bridge we build next won’t be destroyed. I heard that you were always absent when the monsters came out. But this time, watch us. Even though you’re a rotten man, you’re still the supervisor of this site」

「Wait! I’m not done yet!」

「Sorry, but I’m done. Adios!」

After leaving the house, I tilted my head.


Suddenly, I remembered something.

Last night, he scolded the carpenters as if he didn’t see the Kraken.
So, how could he say “huge monster” and “huge tentacle” as if he saw it with his own eyes?

Something fishy here…

Perhaps I should investigate this…




Author :
Well, we got another irritating character, but please wait for a while if you wanna see he gets beaten.



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