Chapter 36 : The Incarnation of Cuteness


「I’ll draw a blueprint with this model as reference!」
「I’ll cut the tree and prepare wood materials!」
「I’ll gather the unbroken parts of the bridge that we can use!」

「Thank you everyone! I’m counting on you!」

They took the initiative and found their own role without anyone telling them.
What great teamwork.

Ahh. Somehow, my craftsmanship spirit was on fire.
Alright, let’s help with whatever I can do right now!

When I tried to stand upー
ーI felt something soft on my back.

「It looks like everyone is having fun. What are you guys doing by the way~」

「Eh…? Uwa!」

When I turned around, there was a girl behind me. She was as tall as I was.

She had short silver hair and smooth golden brown skin.
Her bright yellow eyes were shining in a friendly manner.

A girl, who had cuteness that makes you want to hug her tight, suddenly made a skinship with me.
Awawa! She made me nervous.

「Are you the genius carpenter girl who came to fix the bridge?」

I wanted to deny her and said that I was an adventurer, not a carpenter, but…
I couldn’t say it…

She stared at me with a cute innocent look, no way I can deny her!

Well, I think I’ll be a carpenter for now.

「H, Hello. My name’s Hanna Falsett. Who are you?」

「Me? I’m the daughter of the person who supervises the construction here~!」

「That means, you’re that balー that supervisor’s daughter?」

Oops, that was close. I was about to say “that baldy old man”.

「Yays! The name’s Galle Alseria! Sometimes I help the carpenters. Sometimes I just watch them. Nice to meet you~!」

Galle-chan stepped back from me, made a cute salute pose and blinked cutely.

Uwaa~ What is this cute creature!
She’s like a cute dog. I almost died from the cuteness.

Perhaps Galle-chan was one or two years younger than me.
Ahh~ I really want a little sister like her.

「Oh? Galle-chan! You’re full of energy as usual」

One of the carpenters approached Galle-chan and stroked her head.

「Yays~! Full of energy is my only strong point!」

「No, no. Not only full of energy but you also have a cute smile!」

「Ehehe~ Thank you!」

Being stroked by the carpenter, Galle-chan squinted comfortably.

Uw, waa~ I also want to stroke her head!

Because of such a desire, I opened and closed my hand unconsciously.

Another carpenter came while laughing.

「Gahahaha! Sensei, you must be surprised that such a cute girl is that bastard’s daughter. Galle-chan is the only healing in this construction site」

「Yes, I was surprised. I don’t like that grumpy old man, but I feel like I can forgive him a little just because he is the reason Galle-chan was born」

「I know that feeling. If Galle-chan wasn’t here, we would have already abandoned this construction site」

He was right. Galle-chan has a cuteness that makes people don’t want to leave her.

It’s no exaggeration to say that she has unworldly cuteness. She’s an angel! Yes, a cute angel!

When I was thinking like thatー

『Ohhー Such a nostalgic thing. Isn’t it a【Gross Eater】? 』
『You’re right. It’s been hundreds of years since I met one』


I heard the two bears, the god of blunt weapons, were talking to each other.

Gross eater?
Hmm. I wonder what they mean by that.

「Neeー Neeー By the way, what were you guys talking about?」

Galle-chan approached me and asked with a cute upward gaze.

Uhyuu~! She was so cute! It made me forget about what the bears said.

Unintentionally, I put my hand and stroked her head.

Uuooo~ Her silver hair is so smooth. It feels good!

……Wait… I’ve been excited by her cuteness since I saw her moments ago, and I feel like a pervert now…

Suuー Haaー
I took a deep breath to calm myself.

「Galle-chan. We’re discussing how to fix the bridge. Actually, I’m an adventurer, but I also help everyone rebuild the bridge as a carpenter. First of all, I have to protect the bridge, otherwise my job as an adventurer won’t end」

I made a sharp and cool look as I said that.

Well, I also want to look cool in front of a younger girl, you know?

「Hanna-san, you’re an adventurer!? Awesome! I admire an adventurer like you!」

「Eh!? Admire… me?」

Slowpoke. Lame. You suck. Everyone had been saying such things to me.
But after my blunt weapon level went up, I started to hear “You’re awesome”.
However, this was the first time someone said to me that they were admiring someone like me.
Moreover, the one who said that was a cute girl!

I’m glad I became an adventurer!

「But, before you help everyone, Dad wants to see you」

When I heard that, I lost my excitement instantly and made a serious face.

「That grumpy old man, huh…」

I wondered what business he has with me.

Uhh… I have a bad feeling about this…



Author :
Which ship are you guys shipping?
Mira x Hanna?
Roze x Hanna?
Hanna x Galle?
Or……. Cecil x Hanna!?


TL :
I ship Mira x Hanna. Obviously. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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