Chapter 35 : Helping to Rebuild the Bridge?


「Excuse me, guys. Let me pass」

A short man who was about thirty years old, pushed away the carpenters and approached me.

Even though he was short, he had splendid arm muscles.
He must be a carpenter too.

「You. Aren’t you the girl who was involved in building a church in Tiaret?」

「Eh? Do you know?」

「I knew it. I heard about you from my senior, Kurtz」

Kurtz is Boss’s name.

I hope Boss didn’t tell him weird stories about me.

「Everyone, listen to me! The lady here is a genius carpenter who has blunt weapon level over 100 million. A genius like her will only be born once in 10,000 years. She was the one who shortened the completion of the church by 10 years. Hanna Falsett great sensei!」

「Really!? This girl isー Ahem. This lady is that legendary carpenter!?」
「So she’s the person who abandoned all her wealth and honor to become an adventurer for the sake of people like us!?」

Wait wait waaaaitー!
Isn’t that too exaggerated!?
10 years you said!? I only shortened it by 4 years!
Wealth and honor you said? I was penniless, you know!?
And what’s with that ‘legendary carpenter’!?

「S, So… We will be building the bridge together with such a great person!?」
「It’ll be an easy victory!」
「I’m excited about what kind of amazing bridge will be built!」

The carpenters were depressed a while ago, but now they were full of energy.

I hate to ruin the hype, but I have to resolve this misunderstanding…

「U, Umm. Everyone. Actually I just came to protect the bridge from monsters, not to rebuild it. And I’m not legendary or anything」

「Sensei. You’re good at being modest, eh? Hahaha!」

「No. It wasn’t humility or anything like that」

「Yo,! Legendary carpenter! Hyuu hyuu~」
「Great sensei!」
「The most famous carpenter!」

It’s useless. They didn’t even listen to me.

I thought I have to start with helping them rebuild the bridge after all.

Haahh… I wonder where my reward for doing carpentry will come from…






The next morning.

「And? What are we gonna do next?」

The carpenters gathered by the river.
They crossed their arms and groaned.

This was the fourth time the bridge had been destroyed.
They had strengthened the bridge but could still be destroyed by the monster.
It seemed they were stuck, didn’t know what to do anymore.

「Maybe Hanna-sensei can build a very strong bridge even if using the same design」

「No. I don’t think it will be enough」

Well, I can build a stronger bridge, but still, I doubt it can withstand that huge tentacle attack from Kraken.

「Sensei, do you have any good ideas?」

「Hmm… let’s see…」

A bridge that never breaks, huh…
What an interesting challenge.

I learned various building structures from Boss, so it’s not that I don’t have any idea.

The width of the Slane River was about 100 steps.
Thanks to the Kraken attack yesterday, about 30 steps of the bridge collapsed.

I think the quickest way is to repair the bridge from the middle where it’s broken, while making the best use of the remaining parts.

Around the bridge, a large amount of stone materials, wood materials, and metal fittings were piled up.

Hm hm… If I do this and do that, and then that… Hmm, I feel like I can do it.

「I can’t draw a blueprint, so I’ll make a small model. Can I get some wood you don’t need?」

「Of course, sensei. Oi you, bring sensei some wood!」

「Yes sir!」

After waiting for a while, the younger carpenter who was ordered, brought a log that was cut into a short piece.

「You fool! Why do you bring a log that isn’t processed at all!? Do you want to make sensei to make a model from a raw log, huh!?」

The one who manages this construction site was Boss’s junior. He was the boss here.

He scolded the young carpenter who brought a log to me.

「I’m sorry boss. But, sensei, if you tell me the size, I’ll cut it for you」

「No, no. It’s okay like this」

「Eh? Well, if sensei says so…」

While being watched by the curious carpenters, I hit the log placed on the ground with my small hammer.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Wood Molding】」

Then, the log was separated into pieces and transformed into wood materials with perfect size.


The carpenters were magnificently surprised.
It was kinda rewarding to see a good reaction like this.

Now, all I have to do is to construct the wood materials.

I also borrowed some other materials for the models.
And it didn’t take long until the model of the bridge was completed.

「Uwooー Sensei, you’re really skillful at this」
「How can you make something like this with just using a hammer…?」
「What a godlike skill…」

The carpenters were amazed.
But there was one who kept his cool. It was the boss.
He took a closer look at my model.

「It’s really amazing. But… If we use wooden structures, I’m worried that Kraken will come out again and destroy the bridge easily like before」

「Yes, normally, you will think like that. But… Fu, fu, fu~ There’s a special mechanism in this design」

Then, I used the model to show them the “secret” of this bridge design.


The carpenters cheered and applauded.

「If it’s not destroyed by the first attack, then I’ll have a chance to defeat the monster. My true job is an adventurer after all!」

「Yeah, this design might work…!」
「This is interesting! Let’s do it!」

The carpenters’ motivation increased, and they stood up all at once.


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