Chapter 30 : Gravitation


「Eh? Are you sure you can do it? Hooー Show me what you can do then」

Surprisingly, Celine easily gave me permission.
She looked at me with an excited face.

「But, in case of emergency, can you protect me?」

「Of course, you can count on me!」

Celine stretched her chest, making her boobs sway.
I wondered if she did that on purpose.

Anyway, if it came to the worst case scenario, Celine would do something.

First, I softened the ground in front of me.

Because my life was at stake, I put in mana carefully to soften the ground properly
The ground didn’t look so different from before, but the soil should be very soft now.

Next, I raised my hand up and kneaded my mana to create a ‘weapon’.

I made it as big as possible so it wouldn’t miss the target and made it as thick as possible so it could definitely kill the target.

Celine saw the completed ‘weapon’ floating in the air and made an indescribable face, but I ignored her for now.

The preparation is complete.
All I have to do is to lure the goblins.

I picked up a pebble and threw it at the goblin.
It didn’t hit the goblin but it made the goblin notice me.

Gi? Gi gi giー!?

After noticing me, the goblin rushed toward me while swinging a wooden club around.
Immediately, the distance between me and the goblin shortened, but about five meters away, the goblin was buried in the ground that I had softened to its knees.


I quickly hardened the ground so that the goblin couldn’t escape.
And while the goblin was struggling, I moved the floating ‘weapon’ using the power of mana over the goblin.

Because there were almost no trees around, ‘it’ approached the goblin with almost no noise.
Suddenly, a big shadow covered the goblin, and it noticed there was something big over its head.
The goblin then looked up, but it was too late for it to do anything.


A 3 x 3 meters stone wall with 50 centimeters thickness crushed the goblin.
The goblin’s blood oozed out from the wall.

It made me want to shout “Caesarー!”
There was no blood bubble floating in the air though.

*/ Jojo reference. It was the scene when Caesar died. One of the famous scenes in Jojo. [Youtube]

Anyway, the “if the stone can’t reach the monster, you just have to lure the monster and drop the stone on it” tactic ended in great success.

「How’s that?」

I looked back at Celine and made a smug face.

「Hmm. How should I put it… What a brute force…」

Celine murmured with a dumbfounded face.

『What’s with that attack? You really have zero sense』

Nicola’s voice echoed in my head.

It seemed they both gave a thumbs down to my fighting method.

「I, I see…」

「Hey Mark, don’t ever use that on Luck’s little brother, okay?」

「No way I will use it on people! What do you think I am!?」

「Hmm, I don’t know. Some kind of Demon Lord reincarnation or something? Mufufu. Anyway, Mark, it’s your first monster you hunted, so you have to cut its right ear as the proof of subjugation」

「Ahh… That’s right. I have to cut its ear…」

Because of the feeling of satisfaction from defeating the goblin, I completely forgot about it.

But… I have to cut this goblin’s ear, huh… It would be difficult.

I released the mana on the stone wall and then it turned back into sand.
And after I removed some of the sand, the squeezed goblin’s dead body appeared.
Most of it was still hidden in the sand, but at this point, it was already the number one grotesque picture today.
Knowing that I was the one who did it, I felt bad a little.

After I removed the sand around the goblin’s head to find the position of the right ear, Celine told meー

「You should attack while minding about the right ear. Make it as easy as possible for yourself to cut it off. Well, you can ignore it if you are in danger」

I see. She was right.
I can’t use this method anymore then.

In the first place, it was troublesome to create such a big wall just to kill one goblin.
I thought I used mana too much just for a goblin.

Well, I also wanted to show off earlier.
But I didn’t really think that I would use this method regularly.

After looking for the position of the ear for a while, I finally found it. I cut the ear with a knife and then washed it with water magic before I gave it to Celine.

Hmm. It might be impossible for people who have zero grotesque resistance to do it.

Just before Celine put the ear in her leather bag, she suddenly remembered something.

「Oh, right. There are adventurers who keep their first proof of subjugation as a memento. You want it?」

「I don’t need such a disgusting thing!」

「Ahahahaha! I have a feeling you would say that. By the way, it’s about lunch time, so let’s take a break after move a little further」

Celine put the ear in her leather bag and started walking.



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  1. Has this guy never seen a movie? anyone with access to tv or the internet today has seen a firearm in action, and the name of the spell is stone bullet. STONE BULLET. bullet…. if the author had at least mentioned that he tried and even imagining a firearm it didn’t work would be better. well the story is interesting and the development too, I hope it continues to develop the world and the character like this.

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