Chapter 29 : Goblin


「Alright. You two, watch me」

Celine took out a fifty centimeters stick from her waist.
The design was simple, and there was something like a jewel embedded in the tip.
Yes. It was a magic wand.
You still can use magic without it, but you can use magic more efficiently with it.
It was like an auxiliary tool to support your magic.

Celine grabbed the middle of the wand with her left hand and held it vertically like she was holding a bow.
And then, she moved her right hand as if she was drawing an arrow.

「Fire Arrowー!」

An arrow of fire appeared between both of her hands.

And when she released her right hand, the arrow of fire flew toward one of the goblins.

It hit the goblin that still didn’t notice us.
The goblin was blown off, rolled on the ground and then it stopped moving.

And without a break, Celine repeated it three more times.

Not long after, all four goblins that were standing there fell to the ground.

Fire magic is amazing!
I could only use fire magic to boil water though.

「Alright. Let’s see them」

I followed Celine nervously.

There were two goblins whose left chest was blown away and two goblins with a hole in their abdomen.
They seemed to have died instantly after being hit by the fire arrows.

「How do you feel? Do you feel like vomiting or feel dizzy?」

Celine asked while staring at my eyes.

「It’s not something that you want to look straight at, but I’m fine, I don’t feel like vomiting or something」

「That’s good. If you can’t stand something like this, you will have a hard time as an adventurer」

She was right. It would be hard to be an adventurer with zero grotesque resistance.

「Alright then. After this, we have to bring a proof of subjugation. Cut their right ears like this」

Celine grabbed the tip of the goblin’s right ear and cut it with a knife.


I let out a weird voice unintentionally because I felt weird in my ear when I saw she cut the ear.

「Basically, the proof of subjugating a monster is the right ear. The left ear won’t be a proof so be careful」

I see.
So that’s how you prove that you defeat the goblins.
It’s kinda troublesome.

If there was a goblin that had no right ear, we couldn’t get proof from it then.

While I was thinking like that, Celine looked at me after she put goblin’s right ear in her leather bag.


Celine tried to give me her knife.

I have to do it too?

No way.
Don’t let a 6-year-old child do that!
Or is it just my misunderstanding?

After seeing that I was frozen, Celine then handed the knife to Nicola.

Nicola received the knife without delay and cut the goblin’s ear as if she was cutting a carrot.

After that, Nicola handed the knife to me.

Uwaaー Nicola-san, so cool!

Nicola was able to do it, so if I can’t do it, I’ll be really lame here.

I received the knife and braced myself.

I grabbed the tip of the goblin’s ear and cut it at once.

I did it!
I cut itー!

Ah. The feeling of cutting the ear still remaining. It gave me goosebumps…

「Hmm. Nicola looks fine, but Mark, I think you should get used to it a little more」

「I, I’m also fine with it!」

I said that while sticking out the knife and the goblin’s right ear to Celine.

「Don’t push yourself too hard. But your life will be easier in the future if you get used to this kind of thing from a young age. So let’s hunt more and get used to it more~」

After receiving the ears from me and Nicola, Celine put them in her leather bag, stood up and then we walked into the forest.





After entering the forest, we didn’t encounter any goblin for a while.
It seemed to be a rare case that there were goblins at the forest entrance like earlier.
Well, otherwise, people wouldn’t be able to collect herbs in the forest.

Celine said that it seemed the goblins from earlier went out of the forest to attack livestock in the ranch outside the wall.
It was a coincidence, but I was glad that Celine killed them before they could attack the livestock.

It’s been 10 minutes since we walked in the forest.
Because we walked slowly while on alert, I didn’t think we went very deep into the forest, but now we started to see goblins here and there.
Now it’s time to hunt.

「Fire Arrowー!」

Celine released fire arrows and hit the goblins.

She repeated it again and again.

And the last goblin was the 20th goblin she killed.

After defeating them, we searched the surroundings for the remaining goblins, and after Celine decided that it was safe, the three of us approached the dead goblins and cut off their ears.

Celine appointed Nicola and I as the ear cutter.

Nicola looked fine and seemed to get used to it, so Celine wanted me to get used to it too.

Finally, after I cut ten goblins’ ears, I didn’t feel anything anymore. It’s strange when you get used to it.

However, it’s a little regrettable to end up just as an ear cutter.
I’m also a man!
Thanks to getting used to this kind of thing, I feel like I want to defeat at least one goblin.
And actually, I already came up with an idea how to kill the goblin.

After that, as we went through the forest for a while, we found a goblin wandering around in a place with few trees.
That goblin might be a good target for me.

I said to Celine before she tried to shoot a fire arrow.

「Celine, wait. I want to try to defeat that goblin」



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