Chapter 28 : Outside the Town


After we accepted the quest from the guild, finally, we were going to go out of town.

We walked back through the path when we went to the guild and headed to the South Gate near my home.

A man about 40 years old with a spear in his hand, stood near the gate.

「Oh. Boy and Missy from Peace on Journey Inn, and Celine. Hello there」

The man noticed us and greeted us.

His name is Brian.

We lived in this neighborhood so we knew him.

「I heard from your mother, Leona-san. You’re going outside, eh? Be careful, okay?」

Apparently Mom talked to him beforehand.

「Yes! We’re going!」

「Oji-chan, see you later~」

「It’s gonna be fine because I’m with them」

While waving, Celine walked through the gate and we followed her.

This is my first time stepping outside the town.


I let out an amazed voice unintentionally.

The grassland spread around.
The grassy road continued straight in front of us.
On the road I saw a carriage coming toward the town. Is it a peddler?

When I looked to the right side, I saw a forest in the distance.
Lang sometimes went to the forest to collect herbs with the sister. That must be that forest.

Anyway, I was overwhelmed by the endless scenery.
Sometimes I glanced out from inside the town, but this time was completely different.

And then I looked at the area around the outer wall of the town.
There were brick constructions and some areas that were surrounded by fences around the outer wall.
Is it a ranch?
It’s kind of relieving to see a human-made object after being overwhelmed by nature.

While I was looking at the buildings, Celine explained to me.

「There are also houses outside the wall. Lands on the inside are limited, but as you can see, there are a lot of vacant lands on the outside, and also the taxes are cheaper than the inside. But, you won’t get as much benefit as the inside」

I see.
Unlike the inside, they didn’t get protection.
That’s why they paid to post goblin subjugation quests to reduce the goblin population so that they, who lived along the other wall, and also their livestock could be safe from goblins.

「Alright, we’re going to look for goblins in the forest. But before that, Mark, can you show me your magic?」

「Okay. Which magic you wanna see?」

「You’re good at earth magic, right? Can you do attack magic like shooting rocks or something?」

Shooting rocks, huh.
I remembered seeing this kind of attack in a fantasy game.
If I’m not mistaken, it’s called “Stone Bullet”.

I stretched out my right arm forward and imagined a stone coming out of my palm and flying forward.

A stone about the size of a baby’s fist appeared from my palm and flew about 10 cm before it fell to the ground.


「Bwahahahaー! I was wondering what kind of child prodigy you are to be able to build a building with earth magic and make water enough to fill a bathtub with magic. But this is my first time seeing you doing magic like a normal child」

Of course, I’m still a child!
But I was a little irritated that she laughed at me like that.

I’ll try it again!

Alright. Imagine the stone flying further. Further. Further…

Then the stone that appeared from my palm flew about 5 meters to the front and then fell.
It seems that my mana didn’t reach any further than that.

『…….Maybe this is what “you have no sense” means. This time it’s better to watch how the professional works rather than practice yourself』

Nicola’s voice echoed in my head. She sighed in the end.

Alright, one more time!
I created a stone again but I grabbed the stone this time, and then I threw it.
It flew, drawing a parabola in the air and then fell after it traveled less than ten meters in the air.
…… I felt like a child could also throw a stone that far.

If only I could use stone bullet properly, I could kill a goblin with it.

「Hmm… I think it’s impossible to kill a goblin with it」

「Uhh… Yeah, I know」

「But for a 6-years-old child, it’s awesome, you know!」

Celine encouraged me while hitting my back.

Apparently, I’m not good at attack magic.
I couldn’t imagine the attack as good as when I did magic for everyday life.

「Leave aside Mark. Can Nicola use any magic?」

Nicola picked up a tree branch around there, held it forward and saidー

「Call me Priest Nicola! I can’t fight with magic, but with this magic wand, I can heal people!」

The heck is she talking about.
But it looked like she didn’t want to fight.

「……I, I see… Nicola is a priest, huh… wa, waa, awesome~」

Perhaps Celine thought Nicola was just pretending like playing house.

「Hmm. I was thinking to let you two do it if you can fight. But today, it seems it’s better if you two just watch me. Alright then, let’s go」

And we continued walking toward the forest that became the goblins’ habitat.

But, I never thought I was bad at attack magic.
I was a little shocked because I’ve been able to use magic really well until now.
Maybe it’s because in my previous life, I’ve never attacked people, so the image of attacking didn’t get through to my mana really well.

I was walking behind Celine when I was thinking like that.
And suddenly,
I felt like a soft object had been pressed against my forehead.
It was Celine’s butt.
It seemed that Celine had stopped when I was thinking.

「Hey, Mark. Don’t space out. It’s dangerous if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings. Look. There it is」

She was exactly right.
If her butt was a monster, I would be dead by now.

I looked in the direction Celine was pointing and saw something like a small child wandering around the forest entrance.

It had the height of a human child and was wearing a poor cloth.
It had no hair but a small horn was growing on its head.
And the skin was green.

I see.
So that’s a goblin, huh.



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